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South Sudan: Fighting Resumes In Upper Nile As President Kiir Goes To Implement His 28 States

Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats (photo supplied)
Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats (photo supplied)

Dec 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Despite the return of SPLM/SPLA-IO advanced team to Juba, South Sudan’s warring factions under president Salva Kiir and the First Vice President Designate, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, fought at 6:30Am of 24th December, 2015 in Upper Nile state.

According to the opposition spokesman, Col. Willam Gatjiath Deng, government forces crossed to West Bank and attacked the rebels’ position in Chollo Kingdom.

This morning around 6:30 AM, South Sudan forces crossed the river from Malakal to West bank and attacked our defensive position in Makal chollo, the North of malakal town.” Said Col. William Gatjiath Deng, the spokesperson of SPLA in Opposition.

Gatjaith explained that their forces tactically withdrawn from West Bank to avoid confrontations with the government forces, allegedly, in line with the recently signed peace agreement.

“Our forces have to make tactical withdrawal to avoid further confrontation with the government as the two parties are in talks in Juba to find a solution in ending the civil war that rages in the country for the last 2 years.” Gatjiath said.

According to Col. Gatjiath of SPLM/SPLA the former caretaker governor of Upper Nile, Lt Gen.Chol Thon, was behind of this attack.

“Since Monday in this week, he had been mobilizing the anti peace group and some commanders from SPLA/Juba faction to attack our position” Gatjiath said.

SPLA in Opposition calls on Salva Kiir government to unite their forces and begins implementing the recently signed peace agreement.

“We are calling on Juba government to have unity of command of its forces and embark on the spirit of peace. Juba seems to be dragging its feet towards the implementation of this Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA). Juba must appreciate this new dawn of CPA and therefore it has to celebrate a language of peace, love and unity among South Sudanese.” Col. Gatjiath said.

In other reports, despite the arrival of SPLM/SPLA advanced team to Juba and pledged commitments to implement the peace agreement, President Salva Kiir removed his long-time governors and replaced them with 28 new states’ governors across the country.

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goweng Torbaar December 24, 2015 at 8:56 pm

Kiir kuethpiny do hear only gun not voices. It is always a big problem when Dr.Riak (literate) facing Salva Kuethpiny (illiterate) and mad man who always a blood sucker. Dear Kiir Kuethpiny how long are you going to drink the blood of South Sudanese people?

AMEN December 24, 2015 at 10:16 pm

goweng Torbaar, you will die blaming your president Slava Kiir mayardit for nothing, Kiir is for peace if you don,t know but Nuer rebels of riek machar are full of false telling wrong information to the public. peace is the only way for you to come back from the bush as you were already defeated by Mathiang Ayoor, Gelweng and Butkubeny.

Iual deng December 24, 2015 at 11:47 pm

These people are not look for peace even if the whole world advise them to accept the peace for seek of suffering innocent civilians. It seems to me the leadership in Juba does not care about any thing so we have a problem in our country and we implore the whole world to supply us with weapons to eradicate this dictatorship system in south sudan because no matter what pressure they get from outside world will never deter them therefore the only thing will deter them is language of bullet.

UncleD December 25, 2015 at 12:06 am

This man is really full of surprises and has shown behind any reasonable doubt that he is an enemy number one of the South Sudanese people he is claiming to be leading, even a mad person would have waited at least one more month to see if the current efforts to try to implement the August’s Peace Agreement would work or not. To his blind supporters, relatives or cronies, do you really know the number of innocence lives that will be lose in the coming days/months as a result of this useless idea of the so-called 28 States? Do you think the likes of David Yau Yau would go quietly and accept to come to Juba when he knows he will be confine there with nothing but a monthly salaries? The concept of sovereignty or independent state has becomes a joke in the case of South Sudan, I didn’t want to believe Ngundeng’s prediction which says there will be a big fight where he will supposedly be captured or killed, I don’t wish another big fight to happened again but the way things are currently heading in South Sudan will sadly comes down to that!!!

khot malieth December 25, 2015 at 1:42 am

Mr.Torbar, the problem is not Salva Kiir but his army chief of staff, Mr. Malong and his Dinka Councils of Evils who have publicly rejected the peace by doing all means to sabotage it . They think that you ( rebels) if you do not accept our current systems in our controlled-Dinka government , do not come : but if you come, don’t make noise by saying change the constitution . In their own small brains, they thought that they had defeated the Nuer rebels without acknowledging the Ugandan troops , the Sudanese rebels fighting on their side but I do not blame them for having that attitude toward the Nuer because we the Nuer are the victims but still we want peace to return to our country. To those Nuer who want to live under slavery of Dinka tribal government, don’t complain too much and deal with it . The real changes will come when we will defeat those coward Dinkas in war front and acknowledge their defeat, but sadly we are going to revenge for our brothers and sisters who were murdered by Dinka militias in Juba.

KOCH GATKUOTH December 25, 2015 at 6:26 am

of course goweng Torbar this man is the most foolish illiterate man in south sudan.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 25, 2015 at 10:28 am

I told you the jenge do not love peace for a specific reason. With peace in the country, there will be not more killing, no more looting, no more land grabbing, no more rapping. I tell you, the jenge are not familiar with the world mordern system of rule calls democracy. They are familiar with dinkacracy or autotcracy.

For us, this is not something new as long as we do know about all their evil secret agendsas. It is too late for them, we have decided to move on with the massive refoms needed in this country and no body can stop us.

miyar December 25, 2015 at 4:58 pm

We don’t work according to rebels wishes but wishes of people south sudan

goweng Torbaar December 25, 2015 at 7:06 pm

To all who think that the problem is JCE or Malong Nyanawan, i disagree with you guys because Kiir has a power to dissolve what so called JCE and can dismiss what so called Malong Nyanawan if it does not desire him but because of his illiteracy, he could not identify good from wrong.

Ngundeng predicted that there will be no peace agreement signed to be mentioned to restore peace but Kiir Tikyual will be captured or Killed alive in Juba. THIS IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN ARROUND FEBRUARY TO MATCH 2016 PERIOD. No way to avoid it as you can see all the steps taken by Juba government and economic skyrocketing of prices while the world is silent. ”Ken gaat kuol (Dinka and Nuer) ba mutdien guath e bi ke thief reec” i will lift the sword between children of Kuol, they will have nominator.

goweng Torbaar December 25, 2015 at 7:08 pm

I mean they (Dinka and Nuer) will have no mediator!!!!!


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