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South Sudan army accused of leading offensives on SPLA-IO training center in Maban, Upper Nile State

Dec 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia)  —  Reports from South Sudan’s Upper Nile State allege that South Sudan’s army, the faction that is loyal to president Kiir, is conducting offensives in the war ravaged Upper Nile State.

A contingent of SPLA-IG in a contested area in South Sudan's oil rich Unity State(Photo: file)
A contingent of SPLA-IG in a contested area in South Sudan’s oil rich Upper State(Photo: file)

According to SPLA-IO sources in Upper Nile State, South Sudan People Defense Force has attacked a training center in the Upper Nile’s Maban county.

Reporting on behalf of the SPLA-IO, Lt. Col Chuol Deng Thon, said their position was attacked at Dingji training center which is located near the oil fields in Upper Nile State,

“The South Sudan Defense Forces renewed a large-scale attack on our forces in IO today at 3 pm according to the African time at the Dingji training center for the joint forces located between Maban and Adariel in the Upper Nile oil state,” Lt. Col Chuol Deng Thon said.

“But our forces were able to repel these violations and attacks by the regime forces, and now our forces in the opposition are in full control of the Dengji training center after the regime forces reported a number of losses,” Deng added.

A different IO source also claimed that this was not just one attack but multiple attacks on their position in Maban count.

“The SSPDF forces attacked SPLA I-O position in Maban county. This marked the 6th operational attack on our forces in today early morning the government forces again went aggressively and attacked I-O forces” Another source claimed.

Despite, both sources claim that the SPLA-IO remains in control of their position.

This would be the first time Maban is attacked within the last three months, however, the two rival forces have fought several times in Morota of Kajo-Keji county where SPLA-IO maintains control of their training garrison.

Upper Nile is one of the contested states in South Sudan where president Kiir has refused to appoint a governor on the basis that the candidate nominated by the SPLM/A-IO, Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony, could provoke situations if he appoints him as the governor.

At the time of this report, the SSPDF was yet to return our calls.

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