‘We Need Justice For Our Daughter’ Parent says

JUBA, South Sudan.

Teenage South Sudanese girls speaking-out in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via Al jazeera)
Teenage South Sudanese girls speaking-out in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via Al jazeera)

Sept 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Khemisa’s brutal murder on a busy street in Lologo – Kator residential area may have left her father Sebit Ali emotionally battered and bruised, but it hasn’t made him lose his sense of right and wrong.

His resolve was on display when residents of his Lologo West area locality went about showing intimate photo of the accused killer, William Johnny, with several other women.

The crowd was trying to show Mr. Simon Latiu as a man who “changes girlfriends as frequently as he changes his clothes”, but William tries to stop them.

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“Have some heart for the women in those pictures. They are married and have children. Their reputation will be maligned,” Mr. Latiu tells youth.

Mr. Latiu’s concerns for the other women arise from the way the media has discussed his daughter’s murder. “William with Latiu photo showed and tried to downplay the murder. How does their friendship that apparently ended last year reduce the gruesomeness of the murder,” questions the angry father.

Will keep her safe; Mr. Latiu believes this was done at the behest of Simon’s father, a retired Malakia Police station. He refuses to believe news reports of Simon’s father claiming he had disowned his son some years ago.

Khemisa’s brother Musa says the family now fears retaliation from Simon’s family once the media attention shifts. That, he says, has made the family determined to ferociously protect Khemisa’s cousin sister, who was a witness to the brutal murder.

The woman was accompanying Khemisa to school when the attack took place. She had tried to dial the police, but was pushed away by the killer, causing her phone to fall.

“She is in a state of shock and has not eaten anything since the incident. She has been suffering from fever and is too scared to go to work,” says Musa.

The woman fears that she will be attacked too. “Some friends of Simon in Lologo residential area had been updating him about Khemisa’s movements for months. She believes they will target her now to eliminate the witness,” says another uncle, Jamal.

Mother blames herself; Meanwhile, Khemisa’s mother, Rama Yassir, who has barely spoken or eaten anything since the murder, only keeps repeating that she erred by “compromising” with Simon’s parents after they begged for forgiveness on behalf of their son around five months ago.

In May, Simon had accosted Khemisa near the Kator Catholic Church tried to attack her with a beer bottle. “I should have pressed for my daughter to go ahead. I never believed Simon could turn out to be a killer. I am responsible for my daughter’s death,” says Rama.

For justice; Khemisa’s father says his daughter had wanted to become a nurse and had been pestering him to arrange her admission into a nursing course. “I had promised to save money for her course by next year. That money I will use for the legal battle to ensure justice for my daughter,” says Mr. Latiu.

She is in a state of shock and has not eaten anything since the incident. She believes Simon’s friends will target her now to eliminate the witness. Family says they will do anything to keep victim’s cousin-sister, a witness to the murder, safe.

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