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Rival SPLA Forces Fight in Kapoeta, Villages Burned Down Amid Speculation of Sexual Violence

A picture showing SPLA soldiers in Kapoeta town(Photo: File)
A picture showing SPLA soldiers in Kapoeta town(Photo: File)

July 5, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s warring parties who are implementing an overdue loose deal in Juba have fought for the last two days in Kapoeta of Eastern Equatoria.

In addition to the ongoing tension in Juba, fighting in Kapoeta of Kapoeta south county has left many casualties and destruction of lives and property.

According to the military spokesman of SPLA in Opposition, Col. Willaim Gatjiath Deng, the fighting in Eastern Equatoria has seen many turkuls burned down and women and young girls rapped by the soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir.

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Gatjiath said the SPLA-IG troops attacked their position yesterday at Loronyo in Eastern Equatoria and continued this morning.

“They have been attacked the SPLA-IO base at Loronyo in Kapoeta yesterday and even today, they burn down the villages , rapes women and Girls and looting the civilians, properties and they also threaten and ordering them to show them were the SPLA-IO bases are located in the area.” Gatjiath said.

The opposition spokesman is confident that the troops are ordered by some authorities in Juba to jeopardize the implementation of the Compromised Peace Agreement, a report that has not been responded to by the SPLA of Salva Kiir.

“It has becomes very clear that SPLA-IG forces are being ordered by their high authorities to disrupt, intimidate and jeopardize the implementation of the Agreement since they have known that JMEC and Troika plus other peace facilitator become toothless, but I don’t know who could be blame if things turn worst?” He said.

Gatjiath pledged that the SPLM/A-IO are for peace and are not prepared to return the country back to war.

“It is not at all our interest as the SPLA-IO leadership to take this country back war because the the entire people of South Sudan are thirsty to have engulfed the real peace in the country. But SPLA-IG breaking the peace now in a day light and their behavior of inculcating such practices becomes hereditary and will never be controlled because it is a real plans being put in place.” IO spokesman said.

The SPLA in Opposition are calling on the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), the Joint Military Monitoring Commission(JMMC) and Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM) to stop dragging their feet on the implementation of the Peace Agreement and act fast before the country slipped back to war.

At the time of this writing, SPLA on Salva Kiir’s side were yet to respond to the reports.

Council of Ministers Call for Establishment of Cantonment Areas

South Sudan’s council fo ministers of the Transitional Government have agreed to established of cantonment areas in Equatoria and calls on the JMCC to identify areas in Equatoria.

“What is new in the security arrangement is that the Council of Ministers has brought a letter in the last two days to establish cantonment areas in Equatoria,” said Koang.

The council agreed more than 2 weeks to establishment of cantonment areas in Greater Equatoria and Greater Bhar el ghazal, however, very little been done so far.

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Kiir Riak Bai July 5, 2016 at 11:20 pm

the country is being led by weak, and ineffective leaders, particularly the president himself. he is aware of” Congo” right now, the way the west has destroy and exploiting it.

How long can we be lead by such weak tribals and weak leaders who don’t see the future of their children?
south Sudanese must wake up against them, and use the theory of Karl Marx.


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