Peace deal needs political will to prosper: joint statement

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September 23rd 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – United Kingdoms aid agencies said on Friday that the recently signed revitalized peace agreement needs a political will from the signatories to prosper to fully end the ongoing civil war in the young African country.

In a joint statement issued in Friday to mark the International Day of Peace, the British aid agencies said securing a long-term peace in the young African country require more formal agreement but did not specify whether the signed one will be ineffective.

“While  it  is  vital  to  secure  an  agreement  to  end  armed  conflict,  there  needs  to  be  political  will  to  engage  positively in  the  support  of  peace.  Securing  long-term  peace  in  South  Sudan  requires  more  than  a  formal  agreement,” the statement partly read.

The statement said a long-term peace deal would only be possible when the grievances at the grass root and the root causes of the ongoing conflict in the country are addressed.

“Ultimately  any  signed  agreement  can  only  deliver  lasting  peace  if  it  is  supported  and  connected  with  long-term transformational  changes  at  the  community  level,  which  address  grievances  fueling  conflict  and  the  causes  of disaffection and disenfranchisement,” the statement said.

The humanitarian organizations reiterated their commitment to standing in solidarity with the people of South Sudan, particularly women and children who are still bearing the brunt of the conflict stressing that lasting and sustainable peace is the top priority for the civil population in the country.

“Peace  is  the  first  and  foremost  priority  to  our  partners  and  the  communities  we  work  with  in  South  Sudan.  We want  to  reiterate  our  solidarity  with  South Sudanese  women,  men,  boys  and  girls  who  bear  the  brunt  of  the devastating  conflict  which  broke  out  in  December  2013,” the statement further said adding that “We  are  gravely  concerned  about  the  continuation  of violence  which  has  forced  more  than  4.3  million  people  to  flee  their  homes.”

They further deplored the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country in which over 2.4 million children in South Sudan are out of school and thousands others risk being deprived of their rights to education if the situation continues. the partners called on South Sudan warring principals to treat the implementation of the agreement as a priority.

“The  conflict  has  led  to  7  million people  in  South  Sudan  requiring  humanitarian  assistance.  Up  to  2.4  million  children  are  out  of  school  in  the country – the highest proportion of out of school children in the world,” it said.

“In  the  wake  of  the  signing  of  the  peace  agreement  last  week,  all  sides  need  to  immediately  stop  all  hostile  and violent  action.  The  implementation  of  the  peace  agreement  should  be  a  key  priority  for  all  parties  and  any  other interests should be put aside,” the statement concluded.

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