Audio: SPLM-IO rally in Egypt almost called off, official blames absence of will to attend

Head of the SPLM-IO District Chapter of Ain Shams, Haithem Marol Deng Speaking to the Nyamilepedia on Saturday, September 22nd 2018 (Photo credit, Tor Madira Machier for the Nyamilepedia)

September 23rd 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A SPLM-IO rally in the Egyptian capital Cairo was almost called off after targeted individuals failed to show up at the rally that was meant to celebrate the signing of the peace agreement last week.

The rally, which was only attended by few individuals was conducted on Saturday evening and was organized by the SPLM-IO district Chapter of Ain Shams, a  Cairo district forming one of the largest South Sudanese communities in the norther African country.

The guest of honor, Yohanis Musa Puok returned home after learning that the Patron of the day, who is the SPLM-IO Coordinator in Egypt did not show up at the rally, several sources have told the Nyamilepedia.

Asked in an exclusive interview with the Nyamilepedia, the SPLM-IO Chapter District Haithem Marol Deng said lack of commitment and personal differences in the movement’s heirachy in Egypt was to blame for the absence of the targeted people.

“First of all I would like to say that the main reason people failed to show up for the celebration is that there is weakness in the SPLM-IO structures in Egypt which is the results of the lack of believe for the SPLM-IO principles, the constitution, and the internal regulations of the SPLM-IO,” Marol said.

Her said some people appointed to the SPLM-IO leadership in Egypt lacks capacity to conduct public and political work as written in the SPLM-IO constitution.

“Even the people appointed to the positions in the SPLM-IO in Egypt are not appointed based on their capacity and merit which later results into personal differences for those who do not know anything about the SPLM-IO constitution,” he said.

Marol said he is optimistic that the agreement will hold water as the parties are committed to achieving peace in the country accusing the South Sudanese government of trading the war for money.

Download the Audio here, SPLM-IO District Chapter Chairman Haithem Marol Deng


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