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SPLM-IG blames SPLM-IO for failing to sign counties deal

Sep 27, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s political parties that are currently attempting to renegotiate the revitalized peace agreement in the capital Juba have again hit another deadlock on the counties.

 South Sudan's Interior Minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec(Photo| Credit: supplied)
South Sudan’s Interior Minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec(Photo| Credit: supplied)

Addressing the media on Friday, the Minister of Interior, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec, who is also the chairperson for the committee on the allocation of State portfolios, said the SPLM-IO delegation walked out without signing the new counties deal.

According to Hon. Akec, the parties have agreed pretty much on allocation of all the portfolios at the state level except for the local government in 11 counties.

“The parties have agreed to allocate all the portfolios at States level to the respective parties…except for the local government where only 11 counties are at stake,” Paul Mayom Akec said on Friday.

South Sudan officially runs on 79 Counties, however, the SPLM-IG of president Kiir insists that some counties should not be allocated based on R-ARCISS responsibility sharing ratio.

“This translates into 14 counties that have not been allocated. The parties yesterday agreed and signed those areas in which had a deadlock,” Akec continued.

Hon Akec blames the SPLA-IO for failing to sign the new deal on counties saying that they went for further consultations on matters that were irrelevant.

“It is evident and very clear that SPLM- IO chose to go for further consultation on mater that is not related to what has been agreed,”  Mayom claimed.

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