Killers of Ugandan pastor accused of being witch doctor arrested

Slain Ugandan pastor Bunia Margaret killed by South Sudanese refugees in Uganda last week (Photo credit: Uganda Police Forces)
Slain Ugandan pastor Bunia Margaret killed by South Sudanese refugees in Uganda last week (Photo credit: Uganda Police Forces)

August 15th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Two South Sudanese refugees who killed a Ugandan pastor accused of being a witchcraft in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda last week has been arrested by the Ugandan police, according to West Nile regional spokesperson Josephine Angucia.

The criminals were arrested An intelligence led operation was conducted  on Friday 10th/08/2018 by the Uganda Police.

Last week, South Sudanese refugees killed a Ugandan witchcraft who claimed peace will never come to South Sudan as “written in the Bible.”

The Adjumani district Police Commander Maundo Jackson said the woman had been accused of claiming to be a preacher when she was actually practicing witchcraft according to South Sudanese refugees confirming that the woman as results was stoned to death.

“The deceased pastor, Margret, went to preach the word of God at the refugee camps of Adjumani district and she got a big congregation. According to witnesses this didn’t go well with other pastors at the refugee camps,” Angucia said.

The two South Sudanese refugees are arrested along with a Ugandan national according to the police spokesperson pointing out that suspects are being hunted by the government and will be arrested as well.

“Whoever participated in this should know that at the rightful time he or she will be arrested and prosecuted before the law because this not accepted by the law of Uganda,” she stressed.

According to the Uganda police, the pastor had gone to the refugee camp of Adjumani district to preach the word of God and got a big congregation. According to witnesses, this attracted jealousness from other pastors who wrote memoranda labeling the deceased to be a witch doctor hence attracting a big congregation using witchcraft.

They mobilised the block (camp) leaders and residents into a secret meetings hence leading to the murder of the deceased by mob action.

By the time Police was alerted, they rushed to the scene only to find her dead body lying at Block E, Pagirinya Settlement camp, Adjumani district.

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denis August 15, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Please thank you for your contribution but always try to do proof reading of your stories to avoid the pitfall of a grammatically tasteless story. e.g witchcraft is not a person but is a practice by a witch.


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