Group of Dinka officials joins Malong, accuse Kiir of annihilating their community

South Sudan United Front Logo (photo courtesy)
South Sudan United Front Logo (photo courtesy)

June 9th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A group of Dinka officials previously loyal to the country’s President, Salva Kiir, a Dinka native, have declared their decision to join the South Sudan United Front (SSUF) under the leadership of the country’s former SPLA Chief of General Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

In a statement extended to the Nyamilepedia, the group led by Hon. Chaguor Adong Manyang and Capt. John Mayik Bath Geng said they regret their late respond to join Malong’s SSUF movement.

“We are totally dismayed by our past decision to join your movement which is the only political movement that will pluck out all South Sudanese in Kiir engineered crisis . Your abilities to manage and contain any unmanageable crisis had already been exposed and therefore, our earlier delays are totally regrettable,” the group said in the letter dated 28 May 2018 and addressed to the SSUF Chairman.

The Group said they have been deceived by the ruling SPLM party and had to contribute to the then guerrilla movement hoping for what the SPLM have promised them in order to win the war between the South Sudanese and the regime in Khartoum by the time.

“We Luanyjang Community members are disappointed and deceived by the current SPLM led government that we had contributed all things that made this party win the war against Khartoum regime ranging from our women, youth, cows and cereals but this contribution has been blatantly swept under the carpet by visionless Salva Kiir. Since the onset of the peace to Southern Sudan up to independence, President Salva Kiir had never appointed any Luanyjang son or daughter to any political posts of which you bear witness to this act,” the group said.

They accused President Salva Kiir of planning to annihilate the Luanyjang sub-community which is the only Dinka Padang section in Bahr Al-Ghazal region.

“He has been in front-line appointing people who have massive records of wanton’s killings in Luanyjang area. This is annihilation planned by Kiir to eliminate the only Padang section in Bahr Al-Ghazal region and comrade Lewis Anei Madut Kuendit can testify this to you more than us. The appointment of deadhead Anthony Bol Madut is unwelcome to our community, but purposely meant to wipe out the remaining Luanyjang in their God-given territories,” the statement further said.

The group said they have decided to work together with Malong’s opposition group in order to force the governor of Tonj state Anthony Bol Madut to disarm Luanyjang youths which will let them fight themselves.

“At last Luanyjang community decided that we work in coordination with you under cover in South Sudan hereby doing the following: Forcing governor Anthony Bol Madut to disarm Luanyjang youth which  they will resist automatically leading them to fight the disarmament forces which will be fertile ground for our policies,” the statement added.

The officials are led by Hon. Chaguor Adong Manyang and Captain John Mayik Bath Geng and includes Makuei Aguer Adel and Kuel Akec Ayii, Yai Them.

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Beek June 9, 2018 at 2:04 pm

They will go back to the same government soon. Actually who is going to fight for them? Get over.


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