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UN Representative calls on South Sudan to listen to the voice of the people

Nov 04, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking during the National Dialogue in South Sudan capital, Juba, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General David shearer urged the South Sudanese leaders to listen to the voice of their people.

Special Representative of the Secretary General, David Shearer, addressing the United Nations in New York(Photo credit: supplied)
Special Representative of the Secretary General, David Shearer, addressing the United Nations in New York(Photo credit: supplied)

Shearer said that the people of South Sudan have expressed many grievances they are facing individually and also collectively. 

He said that these people have spoken sayign that they wanted to participate in National Dialogue to see if the government represents all of them equally.

He appreciates that the national dialogue gave them a platform to speak freely.

The UN special representative said that South Sudan is looking for a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Shearer regrets that “very soon” that South Sudan will become democratic and leaders will need the people they are neglecting today to elect them to offices.

“We should remind ourselves, and the politicians that are here today, that they should listen to the people because, in a few short years, we will have general elections here and the people will decide who their leaders are going to be for the future,” David shearer said.

Shearer added that, “this National Dialogue is an opportunity for peace and rebuilding of South Sudan.”

The UN Special Representative can’t be any prouder that the country has enjoyed peace and seen many progresses since 2017.

“From 2016 until today, we have seen some considerable change. I have been here since the beginning of 2017 and, since that time, we have seen the ceasefire in place for three years and still holding, a peace agreement for over two years and, since beginning of this year, a revitalized transitional government that is functioning and moving forward. It is progress and we all should be collectively very proud of what has been achieved.” Shearer said.

He said he always felt that there is a risk that the National Dialogue has a final conference and produces a report that might sit in a corner and not be read again adding that there is a need to be true to the people, their thoughts, and the opinions they have shared with the National Dialogue to make sure their aspirations go forward.

Shearer sees the national dialogue as an opportunity to understand the importance of the freedom of expression.

“I think that one thing that the National Dialogue has brought is an understanding that freedom of expression is important. It is the foundation on which the country depends and an important step forward for the future“he said.

“So, the challenge for this conference to address is, how do we take those voices forward? How do we take those hopes forward? Where do we go from here?” shearer added.

Shearer said he is pleased that the United Nations through UNMISS and UNDP has been able to support the National Dialogue which has gone on to achieve great things.

He also thanked the steering committee for organizing the conference.

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