Government Forces Laid Ambushes and Killed Civilians In Kajo-Keji County

A hut were civilians tired with ropes and burned inside by government soldiers in Yei River County(Photo: supplied)
A hut were civilians tired with ropes and burned inside by government soldiers in Yei River County(Photo: supplied)

Jan 27, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Within the last one week, things have gone from bad to worst in Kajo-Keji County. Fighting between the government forces and SPLA-IO has intensified in villages around Kajo-Keji but to surprise of local residents, Salva Kiir forces and tribal militias are blamed for killing civilians even in their hiding places.

Requesting the Christian community in Juba for prayers for his stranded family, James, a resident of Kaji-Keji who recently visited his home town found himself helpless as war drags on; women are being raped, tortured and burned beyond recognition by government soldiers yet those who are trying to escape the conflict to neighboring Uganda cannot do so because all roads to Gulu are blocked by government soldiers.

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James’ family and many other families remain stranded between the warring factions as SPLA-IO threatens to intensify its military campaigns against SPLA-IG.

Read the full letter below —–

Dear Friends,

The security situation has change drastically in Kajo-Keji County. I just wanted to request for your prayers. There were lot of confrontations between the rebels and the Government forces in villages just less than a Kilometre from Romogi where Kajo-Keji Christian College is located. The College currently is close due to this insurgence until when things normalises in Kajo-Keji.

The situation started changing last Sunday, the government forces laid an ambush to the rebels which resulted in the killing of 6 people 5 of whom were civilians, according to eye witnesses the 5 civilians were killed in cold blood by government soldiers.

A woman was killed in her place of hiding behind her house, the government soldiers came to where she was hiding, they found her, raped her and killed her and burnt her body beyond recognition.

One of the person killed was a crippled man who was just found sitting in his house he did not believe that they could kill him, when the soldiers found him they shot him on the head twice. Two of the victims were mentally retarded one was drunk he was found lying down in his compound the soldiers sprayed bullets all over his body two young boys were just running from the gunshots and they were fired at and both of them died. this incident caused panic all over and people started relocating their homes to refugee camps massively.

what still disturbs my mind is that all these atrocities are being committed by the government soldiers who are supposed to be protecting the local people. On Tuesday night, there was an attack in the police station by the rebels, two people were killed in this attack. This incident further worsened the situation. It was rumoured that the rebels warned all people to vacate as they were preparing for a serious offensive.

As a result I was told by my wife that the whole population has deserted. Almost everyone is going to the camp as of yesterday I was told the roads were full of people crossing the boarders to the refugee camps.

My family is still in Kajo-Keji because when I visited them in witness for the first incident I thought things were going to improve. I had wanted to relocate them to Gulu (Uganda) but last Tuesday morning all the roads were closed by the government soldiers preventing people from crossing to Uganda so I had to leave the family because I was carrying for my exam. I am really stressed even as I write my exams, I seek your prayers for me and my family. My wife is trying her best to cross to Uganda may be this evening or tomorrow.



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Azinya Gabriel January 28, 2017 at 9:37 am

Its an beliverble. How can a young presdent behavis like that, to me that one needs ICC to follow salva kirii within febuary 2017. Thanks let GOD protect south sudan AMEN. (am a ugandan)

Wed Jube February 10, 2017 at 9:28 am

War must stop,we need peace,real peace,not in pieceses.


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