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BREAKING: “No Agreement We Will Reach With the Opposition Groups in Addis Ababa” South Sudan Government Remarks


Gordon Buay Malek and members of government delegation during the opening week of the 2nd phase of the HLRF in Addis Ababa, Feb 2018(Photo: file)
Gordon Buay Malek and members of government delegation during the opening week of the 2nd phase of the HLRF in Addis Ababa, Feb 2018(Photo: file)

Feb 19th, 2019(Nyamilepedia) —– Speaking on behave of the government, South Sudan representative in Washington, Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek, regrets that his government will not reach any agreement with the opposition groups in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia despite regional and international efforts to return peace to South Sudan.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia immediately after the second phase of the High Level Revitalization Forum(HLRF) was adjourned in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Amb. Buay said no agreement will be reached with the opposition groups adding that the rebels are demanding renegotiation of the peace agreement.

“There is no agreement we will reach with the opposition groups in Addis Ababa. The opposition groups’ position is a renegotiation of the agreement by introducing new things like a position of a Prime Minister and so forth.” Amb. Buay said.

“The position of the TGoNU is the revitalization of ARCISS. What the opposition groups presented is totally opposite to the agenda and the principles of Revitalization Forum as outlined by IGAD heads of state last year.” He continued.

According to Gordon Buay, the demands the Opposition groups raised were similar to demands the Hamas would raise against the Israeli Government which is equivalent to say that the Oppositions’ demands are impossible to be met.

“Based on the position expressed by the opposition groups here in Addis, the whole process is like Israeli Government talking to Hamas. There is no agreement Israeli Government can reach with Hamas, an organization which does not recognize the existence of Jews State in the first place.”  Gordon Buay explains.

Like other government officials, Buay regrets that the oppositions do not only not recognize his government but also wants President Kiir to step aside to give peace a chance.

“Is it part of Revitalization Forum for the opposition groups to call for President Kiir either to step down or exit after the interim period? There are individuals within opposition groups who think that they can achieve regime change via Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa.” Buay continued.

“Unless the opposition groups accept that revitalization of ARCISS does not mean renegotiation, then, we are wasting our time in Addis.” he added.

Gordon Buay is a South Sudan assistant ambassador to the United States, he spoke to us through his mobile office in Washington.

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Stephen Dak February 20, 2018 at 7:03 am

Yes, dear, it is unfortunate that people say such a thing. You think those guys are Hamas, are you not actual of Hamas leader you pretend that you are on the right side of equation. Who are you if they are then? What is your base of believe that you are right? Yes,some would see themselves as righteous which I totally get, without clear root of knowing the past and where they are going. What do you know about tomorrow events? For sure you see none rather today physical sight, how could you be so convinced about this when you do not event know you will survive tomorrow punishments. Yes, such a claim always disappoint me for the sake of knowledge and understanding. Only someone who has foreseeable future would say things like this with insight. Do I know where we are going with this in South Sudan, or as human family? Absolutely, I do it is the base of my reasoning it in that. You disappoint me by trying to disappoint others.


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