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Bor community condemn “unhonorable” burial of former Presidential Advisor

Al-Tahir Bior's funurel in Juba presided over by President Salva Kiir, in Juba South Sudan.
Al-Tahir Bior’s funurel in Juba presided over by President Salva Kiir, in Juba South Sudan.

14, February 2017 (Nyamilepedia) — The Bor community members have blast President Salva Kiir for what they called “unhonorable” Funeral and burial accorded to the late Presidential Advisor Al-Tahir Bior who passed away last weekend.

Late Al-Tahir Bior who was Presidential Advisor on Islam was hurriedly buried over the weekend in what the government said was in accordance with Islamic traditions as the body is not allowed to stay overnight.

However members of the Bor community have faulted the government of President Salva Kiir of not giving the late Presidential advisor and former SPLA fight a honorable funeral usually reserved for senior members of the government and elders of community.

Community members say Bior was hurried wrapped in a  clothed and rush for burial to an unmarked burial site in the outskirts of Juba.

A student at Juba University expressed anger at the way the government handled the funeral.

“This is not the way to bury our heroes…they just dumped his body at an unmarked bush and not even a proper cemetery, where is the honor?” said James Makuei a student at Juba University.

Another Bor influential official said the Bor community have been exploited for too long by some individuals within the government and that it was time to say enough is enough.

“We lost two generals last week to this senseless war and now the Presidential Advisor had a heart attack, why always us the Bor community paying the price?…the burial accorded to our elder late Al-Tahir Bior was a total disrespect to Bor community by this government” said Makeer a youth from Bor

Most community members say the burial was unhonorable and not inline with good practice for a honorable funeral usually accorded to senior government officials, members called on the government to show respect for those who have served president Kiir, they say the government of Salva Kiir cannot survive without support of Bor but they are not being treated in the way they deserved.

“..this burial of our hero Tahir Bior was total dumping, is not good for our image as,…but how long we should to continue to be used to pay for mistakes of others who want powers….., we have been the most victim of this senseless war and this is how we are paid back? an official from Bor named Mading Ajak asked

Al-Tahir Bior died of heart attacked at his home in Juba last weekend. The late who hails from Dinka Bor was appointed Presidential Adviser on Religious Affairs and the Secretary General of the Islamic Council of South Sudan

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Son of Nuer February 14, 2017 at 5:47 am

Sorry to Bor community, shame on you

GatNor February 20, 2017 at 6:55 am

Your community contributed heavily in keeping this monstrous gov alive and thriving. Its good that you experience some of its negative affect. What is puzzling me is why would your community is taking it personal when this monstrous gov of Kiir is tearing apart all communities. What make your community the exception..oh perhaps because you help it thrives on other communities. Shameful and bizarre double standard.

Bala February 22, 2017 at 6:22 am

People deserve proper burials as a traditional sign of respect even if they aren’t prominent figures in their societies. Anyone should have expected the burial of the deceased to have a big crowd turnout, mosque service,live television coverage, state of the art coffin concealing the corpse being carried on shoulders by well dressed military officers, accompanied by friends and family members sobbing tears, plenty of roses, including some bunches being laid or toss on to the grave by the President, politicians, and friends as well as 21 guns slut, and white doves being released into the air. The man should have been burried in the same cemetery as those of Garang or burried in his hometown if that was the wish of Bor people. The man is ones of the heroes and ought to have been accorded a spectacular burial custom. I am only a South Sudanese young man and already talking like a funeral expert, although I have never directed one. No doubt a funeral like what I have described might have just been an ideal, although I haven’t conducted any research or have knowledge of how Bor people do their funerals according to their culture,since everyy tribe is slightly different.


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