An Accused of First Degree Murder Confessed He Was Paid By The Wife Of His Victim

Juba, South Sudan

Adelina John, the wife whose husband was murdered leaves Juba High Court, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Adelina John, the wife whose husband was murdered leaves Juba High Court, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

Nov 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Confessing in the courtroom, Karlo William, a 39 year old who was charged of first degree murder of a Malakia trading centre businessman, said he committed the crime because the deceased’s wife asked him to do so.

Karlo, who is now sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Atef Zam, on Wednesday took the stand against the man’s widow, Adelina John.

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He said the woman was unhappy in her marriage and was fed up with her late husband, Atef Zam, which he believes led to his death.

“The 31-year-old woman was unhappy in her marriage and fed up with her husband, whom she suspected of having an affair,” he said.

Press stated that she was also upset because her husband transferred her land titles into his name.

Karlo told the High Court however Adelina denies she wanted her husband murdered.

She said Karlo was telling lies, which her advocate said was evident from the various conflicting statements he had made regarding the killing.

Karlo testified that the woman was like a sister to him and they were very close.

She told him that her husband was giving her problems and she also feared her husband’s mistress could bewitch her.

He said he referred Adelina to a Gurei residential area, where she asked for a spell to be cast on her husband. The hope was that he would die in something like a car crash.

Karlo said Adelina approached him a few days later and said this would take too long.

“She suggested that I shoot her husband. I felt bad for her situation, but I told her I don’t have a gun. She said she will make a plan.” Karlo said in his confession

He testified that a day before the killing, Adelina handed him a gun. She also promised him fifteen thousand South Sudanese pounds only (SSP15, 000) if he did the job.

Karlo said he was supposed to go to work the following day and by then he had not yet decided whether he was going to kill the husband. He then phoned her, but on hearing how upset and depressed she was, he decided to go ahead.

“I just told myself I was going to do a job.” Karlo said.

He went to the hardware shop the man owned and saw him standing outside with some of his employees.

Karlo said he told the man he had some quotations for work for him and that they had to drive to a place where they could view the building material, not knowing that the stranger was luring him to place where his life would end.

They stopped at a spot, where Karlo said he had to fetch one of his employees. This was the destination.

At the time, Karlo was sitting behind Atef, who was driving the car. As soon as the car decelerated, Karlo started shooting at his victim before attempting to flee the scene.

“I fired the first shot from where I was sitting behind him. I then fired the second shot while running away.” Karlo confessed.

Karlo did not run for too long before nearby residents took the law into their hands.

The brave community members apprehended the gunman and severely assaulted him before handing him over to local police.

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