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African Countries at UN Security Council Back UN Sanctions on South Sudan as Vote Begins on Draft Resolution

UN Security Council seating, New York.
UN Security Council seating, New York.

August 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – African countries with seats at the UN Security Council have reportedly backed international calls to place UN sanctions on South Sudan if a peace agreement is not reached soon as voting on a sanctions draft resolution is reportedly about to begin at the UN Headquarters.

The United States have already placed a draft at the Security Council and members are due to vote on the draft which would authorize widespread sanctions on South Sudanese parties who fail to comply with the IGAD mediated South Sudan Peace Agreement signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday this week.

According to sources at the Security Council, a draft resolutions on arms embargo has been submitted by the US after closed doors meeting with senior UN officials at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The proposed sanctions would include a worldwide Travel ban and Asset freeze on senior officials including leaders of any parties that rejects the peace and resorts to war. It would also include a global Arms embargo over South Sudan.

African Countries are said to have grown frustrations by the lack of will by the South Sudanese leaders to accept peace agreement and also due to lack of commitment to respect several ceasefire agreements.

These African nations are believed to have thrown their weight behind the UN resolution.

The African countries are said to be backing any further actions to place sanctions on those seen to be obstacles to peace and inciting war in South Sudan.

“We had the Deputy Secretary General set out the situation, how much progress had been made, … the government has not signed the agreement. The Americans have circulated a resolution. Experts are meeting to look at that resolution now,” UK Deputy Permanent Representative Peter Wilson told reporters at the UN Headquarters.

According to the draft resolution submitted by the US and distributed on Wednesday, the sanctions will become effective automatically as of September 1, if South Sudanese President Salva Kiir refuses to sign a peace agreement with the rebels and a ceasefire regime fails to come into force.

However South Sudan’s Foreign Minister Benjamin Marial said any sanctions will not achieve peace but only create more problems.

“We need to remove obstacles obstructing peace not create new ones,” Benjamin Marial said

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Editorial Team

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Goweng Torbaar August 20, 2015 at 10:38 am

Hey Benjamin Marial, just sign that peace if you are not creating another problem. You start to kill journalist and expect world to keep silence?

Truth August 20, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Sanctions is the way forward since government is mobilising their agents and civilians to say no for peace in Addis

Ghol Chot August 20, 2015 at 3:21 pm

Many South Sudanese people are just making too much noises that Salva Kiir should sign that rubbish being crafted in hotels, brothels and bars of Adis Ababa, but they do not know the greatest sinister game and scheme being played here on our country and our people by the most evilest of all evil people in the world and our own region.

Before the Sudan independence from Britain in 1955, Southern Sudan were given a chance to remain autonomous, but the Southern Sudan chiefs including my own uncle opted that Southern Sudan would be better off with the so-called arabs of the North Sudan, see what happened even before Sudan independence in 1956? We all know it. The war broke out in Nzara and Torit in 1947 that lasted until 1972 for Southern Sudan autonomy, which was abrogated by Jaffer Neimeri ten years later and another war broke out in 1983.

Fellows, open your damn eyes and see. Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom are the new South Sudan chiefs who signed out our hard won independence to the NEW WORLD ORDER experiment that is being experimented in our country by some evil people with some SINISTER PROJECT on our country and our people.

Be warned fellows, follow the Nuers at your own risk. Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom do not viscerally understand what they just signed and are asking Salva Kiir to do the same, but that is not going to happen under the sun as long as we are still here. Salva Kiir must not even go back to that damn ethiopia again.

Our country is being slyly re-united with the people with hate to death, the so-called cloned arabs of North Sudan by the likes of Pagan Amuom, Riek Machar and the so-called troika countries of the US, the UK and Norway, but this is not going to happen even in million years fellows.Let the greatest charlatan called Barrack Obama barks his damn sanctions, travel bans, asset freezes to even Salva Kiir, but his evil project in our country is long since been spotted and it is not going to fly in our country as far as we are concerned.

His Riek Machar puppet/stooge is not even welcomed back to South Sudan let alone being allowed to have anything closer to power in our country.

chuol m nyuot August 20, 2015 at 10:48 pm

my friend, its seem as that you don’t feel or know about how we have been torn apart by the
killing of our people.

John G R Malual September 17, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Ghol Cot; you talk nonsense my friend. You are politically naïve, knowing not what to say about today’s political turmoil in South Sudan. Do you really remember that those you try to take wrong were the ones who gave birth to our country, (I refer to the members of International community-The Troika, US, UN, and like) S. Sudan from Sudan? We could not have liberated this country on our own. Do not tell me; “Had it not been for the split in Dr. Garang’s SPLM/A, or claim we could have done this and that, …” This is rubbish. Our struggle was founded by greedy people for power, which persists even today in the person of Kiir Mayardit and thugs -the so-called JCE. Believe it or not, Khartoum Peace Agreement was the ultimate road map of peace for the independent South Sudan. Personally, I have never, in my life time, heard of a government crying and organizing demonstrations against peace, except in this country, led by tribalists. The most shameful part of the story was that, only Dinka- dominated states came out shamelessly against freedom of the vulnerable masses. If one were to critically analyze it, what could s/he concludes in this scenario? Personally, I (and I hope many will agree with me), concluded that Dinkas think this country belongs to them- and that without them no politics could ever exist. That is day dreaming of fools in the jungle! Remember, Both Diew was the champion of self-determination during the colonial days– in 1940s. Fools are trying to snatch history from the rightful pioneers, like Abel Kol and Benson Kuany Latjor- the heroes who spearheaded the Akobo mutiny in 1975, which was the beginning of Anya-nya Two– the only political movement that gave birth to the then SPLM/A in 1983. Today the young boys and girls are barking like dogs in frustration for what they could not really comprehend. They will never want to know because their elderly. who are supposed to teach their youngsters are so ashamed to tell the reality and facts on the hard won struggle of our country. Now with Freedom Fighters’ initiatives and integrity, all South Sudanese (even the dead) will enjoy the true history of their struggle, without prejudice! May Almighty God bless all readers of this comment!!!


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