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Re: Petition to UN Agencies, INGOs, Diplomatic Missions and etc. by Peter and the group.

Dear Peter Agou Kuot Agou and the Group,

By T.T. Shaka

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September 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I carefully read and digested your concerns in the above article. I am not writing to open a dialogue or confrontation with you and your group but to put my views on it to you and our young nation.

It is always mature to let people know your dislikes so that they can streamline ideas before things become toxic. However, your view points are full of rage, resentment and warnings that could stir some section or sections of our population that could come on board without understanding the core of the problem. It has been my thinking always, if we want to educate our people, we should avoid emotional articles.

I am not sure in the meantime who you are warning. Whether it is the Greater Equatorians or that to whom the petition was addressed. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be right. I will tell you a couple of things to support my points. Unless one is new to our society, he/she would have not noticed experienced the following:

  1. I am not sure who denies and who accepts that since 2005, government jobs from the President to Murasila belonged to particular section of the population.
  2. Equatorians became like the vultures or the hyenas that have to go for left-over carcasses and these happened to be jobs with NGOs.
  3. Remember, jobs with NGOs are either professional or technical. They are purely out of merits but not hand-picking.
  4. Wherever the Equatorians work, they are development agents but not occupants of land. May be if you don’t see it this way. A policy can be designed to allow any Equatorian who goes to work in Upper Nile and Bhar el Ghazal regions has to be recruited as an expatriate until we know each other’s values as the servants of the land.
  5. NGO jobs are more concern with supporting the needy and this is what the Equatorians are employed to do. If this is true, Mr. Peter, your anger is misdirected. You should have been angry to the government of South Sudan for having created wounds of inequality in the country. I guess you can see that you and I are all victims of this inequality.
  6. Do know that any Equatorian working in any part of South Sudan is not robbing anyone. He/she works to earn his/her living and to support fellow country man and woman. Your singling your anger on them will not be good for the future of the nation we want to build. Words like “our next action is at our fingertip “are certainly not good to hear. Do you really know what it will do to our fragile nation? It will interrupt the good jobs the NGOs and Equatorians are doing. Mark me if you think I am wrong.

Mr. Peter and the group. I do understand your frustrations especially when it comes to taking care of family member which you can’t do without a job. However, I suggest you don’t transfer your anger to innocent fellow countryman. Let’s work to find a formula to allow peace and growth.

I bat Mr. Peter, I am better too to Jieng , Nuer , shiluk and Equatorians in the government but not everybody in Upper Nile and Bhar el Ghazal or Greater Equatoria. The country belongs to your generation Mr. Peter. Don’t mess it up with any wrong thinking and steps taken. Let every word you say out counts. Some elders in South Sudan have confused us enough for their own gains. It is time we think well and positively before acting. Let’s emulate what we hear and see from the Western countries that experienced what we are going through long time ago.

I hope you would take my brotherly advice seriously.

The author can be reached for comments at gabriel.daniel@aol.com

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wani francis September 23, 2015 at 2:03 am

thank you Gabriel, what you are expressing is extremely correct these how we as youth of south Sudan should at least think other than confusing our self with tribalism acts that is reducing the country to zero ,to me it completely luck of sense to start creating statements like “our next action is at our fingertip “to a particular tribe or group of people . to me am now seeing a sign of deep rooted genocide which will explode at any time against a particular group of people like what happen in Rwanda ,brothers and sisters let be one we should not enter into segregation amount our selves instead let come together as one and work together to built a good country that will respect
1 Human right
2 Equality
3 love for every citizen of southsudan and neighboring country
4 stop Tribalism
5 Respect to every citizen ,let remove the slogan Born to Rule out of our hearts we will be free of hatred amount each other

Elijah Samuel September 23, 2015 at 5:23 am

Yes, Shaka, You are right! The NGO etc work are by qualifications, they are not there to distribute work like food aids you get in refugees or IDP camps. If you have a degree or Doctorates, and the experiences, and willing to go in dangerous areas, then you get the Job. There is no denying even before the deadly and unfortunate Black December 2013, the greater upper nile was unsafe. You have always killed each other. Why are you lying and denying the white army Vs Murle war? Why are you denying George Arthor et al? What about the terrible Dinka government massacre of our Nuer People in greater upper nile using national resursces to fight their traditional tribal enemies.

Was this not all true. So blame the Dinka government for lack of Job. The government os to provide or give the environment for Job makers so that you have Job. If you don’t have Job, don’t balme it on Equatorians. You find it easy to blame other but not your Kiir that makes you a tribal and useless for South Sudan. If you talk of Fingers, we all have fingers and blood flowing through it! Forget about Equatorians being Cowards, We started the War of independence and fought it for 17 years and indeed the last battle was fought in Equatoria and Survived because of Equatorians while you were busy fighting each other! You will regret your words!

Goweng Torbaar September 23, 2015 at 10:45 am

”NGO work is by qualification” Are you telling your reader that Nuer, Shuluk, Dinka etc are illiterate? You are totally wrong, Equatoria got those jobs because Other tribes were busy fighting Khartoum while their educated were mobilizing fund then you equatoria got this oppotunity to work with NGOs and become managers and Human resources. If those mentioned positions are by qualifications then what about cleaners, helpers and cooks down into counties of Greater upper Nile, is it by qualification too? If government. It is clear that you can get a job through whom you know not what you have including NGOs.

Son of Equatoria September 24, 2015 at 3:46 am

Mr. Goweng,
I have moved in many places you are barking about but all cleaners and most cooks are indigenous. I am sure that even you yourself don’t eat the food cooked by your wife. Most of your people take their families to big hotels around for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Where do you get that money to spend on the hotel food?

You should write a proposal and submit to the Government of Self – Service (GoSS) or NGOs to set up vocational institution for Catering to educate most of your women how to cook. My Fiance is from your place in fact from your home village and she cooks a very delicious food because I have orientated her lifestyle.

Can you tell us whether you are working or not, and if yes, how did you get the job? You people like being fixed or appointed to a position.

You are just a lazy nincompoop

Son of Equatoria September 24, 2015 at 1:40 am

Dear T.T Shaka,
I must drop a line to appreciate your views concerning this baseless threats on the Sons and Daughters of the Greater Equatoria. And I would like to urge all the concerned party to be alert.

People like Peter Agou Kuot Agou and his group don’t want peace in this young nation.

Now, can Peter Agou Kuot Agou and his group tell us any corruption issues caused by the Sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria working in those areas he mentioned? Can he also tell us your views bad and good about the services being rendered by Equatorians in your areas?

Be peace lovers and watchout!

Far jalna September 24, 2015 at 4:51 am

It is very unfortunate for young South Sudanese who are the cream of the new nation to speak loosely without a conscious reasoning. The notion that Equatorians are coward is a misleading concept. Let the so called “Next Action is in our finger tips” happen. We shall face the music equally. If you fail to get job, you need to be patient, the next turn will be yours. Stop descending your frustrations on people who have nothing to do with your woes. Kede try and see what will happen! You are likely to end your precious life in it. We got your statement right Only patiently waiting THE SO CALLED ACTION. You will be taught a lesson going down deep books of history.

GatNor September 24, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Far Jalna. You started by giving a sort of a great advice and then you got vex and started gushing out vicious threats at those your wisdom s’posed reach. I think you lost your chain of thought there budd.

AMEN September 24, 2015 at 10:04 am

Infact, NGO and UN Agency always employed Qualified persons as most of the EQUATORIANS are working in NGO and UN Agency doesnot mean that they are qualified than other citizen in south sudan it is their chance to work there. but as the Bible say that; say the true and the true will set you free. the Government of South Sudan cannot employ all his citizen in Government institution as the ELIJAH SAMUEL had said it is total wrong and misleading information.On other hand the Government of South Sudan is not Government of Dinka is for all South sudanese if you didnot get work today from Government you will get work tomorrow. I actually agree with GOWENG during the war in sudan all Equatorian they were in UGANDA in Refugee camps. when the peace came in 2005 they came back to south sudan saying that they were Educated they want to take all jobs from NGO and Government as well.
Mr.ELIJAH SAMUEL you are useless man with no vision,President KIIR MAYARDIT was selected to be President of South Sudan by all south Sudanese included you and he will be changed by all south sudanese not only one,two,tribes will change him.you can even see war in south sudan it is because of one to two tribes who want to change him by use of force which caused the lives of innocent citizen.
Praying God for peace to back to south sudan is the only way to the development and getting better Jobs from the Government not just saying DINKA,EQUATORIANS,NUER and others tribes

Eastern September 24, 2015 at 10:35 am

Dear Equatorians,

I have noticed that both dinka and Nuers detest Equatorians employed by NGOs working in their areas, they would prefer Kenyans, Ugandans and other foreigners to Equatorians – I experienced this first hand! There is a lot of degrading meted out on Equatorians, including calling them nyam nyam by both dinkas and nuers in their difficult-to-live in villages.

When GoSS was set up, both the Dinkas and nuers brushed the Equatorians aside claiming that they did not participate in ‘liberating’ the country. These two tribes occupied most government jobs. Where some job technicalities was needed, they bought foreigners, mostly from Kenya or Uganda to do the needful – Equatorians were considered outsiders in the government of their own country!

To earn living, most Equatorians, including me, took to NGO job. Most Equatorian were posted to work in hard-to-reach areas of South Sudan ( mainly nuer and dinka villages) to go and serve as health care workers, teachers, etc while the real owners of these villages were busy doing nothing in Juba under the pretext that they were government workers. Government workers my foot!

We saw these kind of dinka hatred of Equatorians in Aweirial recently when ‘youth’ went on rampage destroying NGO property that they don’t employ the locals. How can you be employed by when you don’t have what it takes to deliver on the job? Continue taking pride in your low quality cows until the Kingdom comes!!!!

As time goes, I see politicians will be inciting their area ‘youths’ to strike on Equatorians, folks be on the lookout!

Goweng Torbaar September 25, 2015 at 2:23 am


Federalism mean to make development in your area. When did Equatoria completed development in their area and can now go to other states for technical jobs? I hope we needs to say the truth. Nyam-Nyam occupy both NGOs and Governments Jobs because of one reason or another. I don’t hate them to work in my area but priority should be given to sons and daughter of that area. It is my first time to hear Equaroria debating a lot, maybe it is some thing concerning food because many people are being bushered by Kiir regime in all Equatoria land and no body want to talk about. In Government they have Eliah Lomoro, Mboto Mamur, Wani Igga at the top leadership of the government more than Nuer and Shuluk but they ignore this too. What position do they want for Equatoria to acknowledge that they are employed in Government?

Eastern September 25, 2015 at 11:26 am


You are a myopic village folk; I wish I shouldn’t reply to you!

What’s wrong with you here? We are not talking about ‘occupying’ government jobs here. We are talking about getting employed to do what one is able to do it. I don’t care about any government job in South Sudan since those jobs are for people of your calibre with very low intellect!

I am talking about the qualified Equatorians employed by international organisation working in your villages as health workers, etc things which you are way unqualified to do. Continue to take part in cattle raids for that’s what you grew learning and practising.

Get off this discussion for you don’t have anything to offer to South Sudan apart from fanning harate, you village idiot!!!!

Ding Dong September 25, 2015 at 4:04 am

Dear all,
what you wrote here are all nonsense. be united and wait for a common enemy. sing songs of togetherness not Dinka, equatorians, nuers. if you still have the gas to fight, go and liberate Abyei.

Morliel September 25, 2015 at 4:22 am

Confused Youth of South Sudanese.

Goweng Torbaar September 25, 2015 at 11:42 pm


You grow up in Uganda eating Matoko while Nuer were busy fighting Dinka and Arab for Self determination and Dinka were busy Fighting Nuer and Arab for New Sudan. Now you want to claim that Equatoria are more Educated then Nuer and Dinka, you are wrong. Nuer has learned a lot in Ethiopia they have many Master Degree and PH degree more then any tribe in South Sudan. If your people who are HR in UN and NGOs took people through qualification, then there is no problem on that but who knows since they are the only people there? Second how can you travel from Equatoria land to Nuer land in order to be cleaner and cooks under Humanitarian? I know if we allow you to do all these jobs even my father Luak will be cleaned by Equatoria if i give her/he good payment? I wonder when i heard that UNHCR transported enumerators from Juba to Maban and WFP employ enumerators to go to Nuer Land, you know what, they never write those names correctly. This is one of my complain not hate to Equatoria as a tribe but people in the system. When we talk of some thing to be corrected, it does not mean that we hate those tribe. I personally have many Equatoria friends more then Nuer but this could not prevent me to tell the truth

Katitu September 27, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Dear ,
Am real sad to expressed my concern on your letter but just to let u know that what equatorian are doing is to serves Ur nation as u people claimed it as private propriety owned by dinka government, we as equatoria didnot complained one time about the dominance of the government jobs by only one tribe from all sectors.looking at all the ambassadors KIIR GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCED ALL ARE DINKA WITH NO VISSION AND DIRECTION where are we heading to by sending someone who can represent the country but preaching tribalism

Please check these below

Ambassadors all Dinkas
Governement employees in all the ministries all Dinkas
Police on partol all Dinka
Military on a rescue mission all Dinkas
National secutity all Dinaks
Custom service men all Dinkas

look at the above are u not feeling ashamed

okeny william November 4, 2015 at 12:18 am

i think all what you people are talking about are rubbish. you better watch out and try to do productive things other than uttering warnings of no background. if you are not employed, wait for the post which will fit you. jobs are not by merits of tribes or regions but by qualification.


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