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An Open Letter To Hon. Bona Panek Biar, Appointed Governor Of Twic State

Dear Hon. Bona Panek Biar,

Subject: Condemnation of your recent unilateral gubernatorial decisions and actively working against sound conflict mitigation efforts in Twic State

“Justice as Fairness” – John Rawls

By Bol Nyuol Bol,

March 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The leadership and members of Amuol Community in Diaspora are utterly dismayed and disappointed by the news of your recent unilateral acts of defiance and disregard to Amuol constituencies’ constitutional right to willfully choose their representatives. Be rightfully informed that we are not surprised at all by your actions, as they are a true manifestation of your long espoused sectional and narcissist politics. We are fully aware of your intentions regardless of the miserable efforts exerted to try to disguise such dubious Machiavellianism.

We condemn in the strongest terms possible your cunning and duplicitous actions below as they are unfair, unjust, divisive to the core, counterproductive and laden with incompetence to say the least;

  1. Unilateral formation of the Twic State Cabinet prior to the conference without the consultations and participation of all the constituencies of Twic State instead of focusing your efforts on creating a platform for a genuine and inclusive dialogue through Twic Conference
  2. Unilateral appointment of the members of Amuol constituencies into the Twic State Transitional Legislative Assembly without the consent, consultation and involvement of the would be governed people of Amuol despite their clear and loud demand not to be included in your government until when the issues of conflict are resolved.
  3. Threats of you and your government bewitching the people of Amuol in a broad day light for resisting your divisive old school politics instigated and masterly crafted by non-other than the faceless men whom you blindly represent and have become a puppet to as a means of appeasing them to continue to guarantee your political survival
  4. Your explicit application, deployment and display of divide and rule strategies through the conspicuously manipulative and treacherous politics of narcissism to the dignified and peace loving people of Twic State whose sacrifices and nationalistic contributions to South Sudan’s birth are unmatched.
  5. Active interference, distortion and usurpation of the powers and roles of the known traditional leaders of Twic who historically led their people with zeal, velour and honor, and seeking to replace or promote your stooges and boot lickers as alternatives.
  6. Wide spread corruption through the monetary bribery, nepotism, and meritless appointments of cronies to influence and hold at ransom people’s views and position on the illegal and mid-night transfer of Twic’s capital.
This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA, Information and Media Office.(Photo: vis G)
This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA, Information and Media Office.(Photo: vis G)

Hon. Governor, the above few points are just but a soft reminder and a wakeup call for you to come back to your senses and be the unifying leader that we the people of Twic have always presumed you are. We strongly urge you to grab this constructive criticism, reflect and reform now, and be the neutral champion of our collective aspirations and dreams or risk a full blown opposition from the majority of Twic whom you have taken for granted as we rightly speak. Perhaps you need to conduct your own research and inform your own self on what it means to be an impartial spectator in conflicts and a leader of the democratic people in the era of 21st Century. Nobody has ever dictated his/her will on the citizenry of Twic and succeeds, try it and I can assure, you will be a miserable statistic and history soon!! Alas reform!

Hon. Governor, the fact that you hastily formed both the Twic State Cabinet and Transitional Legislative assembly just before the much hyped Twic Conference set by yourself for 16th March is called a ‘bad faith’ in politics; By doing so, you have prematurely pre-empted and decided the outcomes of the conference, can you now tell us why the people of Twic should still go ahead with such poorly planned and ill-intended conference? You and your cronies must be taking the intelligence and the value of the people of Twic for a penniless grant!

Nonetheless the people of Twic we know will not allow such malicious intentions to eventuate on their watch, to the chagrin of the conspiring lots!

Hon. Panek, We can’t suggest to you a better lesson than the decision reached by President Kiir and his cabinet recently not to form the partial transitional government in the Republic of South Sudan until when and after the arrival of Kiir’s arch enemy and rival, Dr. Riek to Juba. This is a serious moral lesson to you on what leaders do to create and achieve peace and tranquility amongst the governed.

In conclusion, your actions since your appointment have evidently heightened and exacerbated the disagreement over the relocation of Twic Capital from Turalei to Mayen Abun. And as hopeless as the chances of a constructive solution coming out of your government is, we are still giving you the benefit of doubt and time will tell if we were right or wrong! But your recent chain of poor decisions is surely not the way to a start a promising new state!

Lastly, we wholeheartedly thank our peace loving people back in Twic for continuing to resist and stand up on their feet peacefully in the face of tyranny, obvious divide and rule, bribery and manipulative strategies, all instigated by old school outdated vengeance seeking and miserable politicians whose last remaining wish is to leave some sort of a legacy within their sections of the state, not knowing they are leaving behind a very dangerous precedent.

Thank you,

Signed on behalf of the leadership and Members of Amuol Community in Diaspora:

  1. Bol Nyuol Bol, Chairman, Amuol Cummunity Association in Australia Email: b.nyuol@hotmail.com
  2. Garang Yaac Arop, Chairman, Amuol Community Association in USA Email: malithgarangmayar@yahoo.com, jimmygyaac@yahoo.com
  3. Atem Malou Deng, Chairman, Amuol Community Association in Canada Telephone: +1403]903-3447

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Yac Nyuol March 3, 2016 at 12:31 am

Nyuol Madut stop posting under fake name ya coward.

Beek March 3, 2016 at 12:25 pm

That is not a picture of Bona Paniek Biar. Thanks,it is me who is going to write to him about abusive language.Myself is apart of Amuol,but i was not born there,but Amuol had been abused by individuals like John Garang and his few cronies. Their lives was full of aggressive without any reason and lying to neighbors. My neighbors are my people. Those have walked out from their homes to abuse others and abused their positions.

Beek March 3, 2016 at 12:40 pm

Most SPLM’s doctors where mad and they didn’t about people or peace because they were aware that majority of population don’t like them anymore ,but nobody care so long the got money to pay other weakest SPLM members.They were afraid of losing power because of their ages,but they were the one who delayed themselves.

Yac Nyuol March 3, 2016 at 7:46 pm

A mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake ya Nyuol Madut. Why is the Twi East Community of South Sudan-USA picture being displayed instead of Twic Mayardit???

Beek March 4, 2016 at 12:47 am

I think Garang Yaac Arop shouldn’t have add his name,while his father had almost destroyed his entire families. Secret of SPLM is still not discovered. Hilter had poisoned his entire.

Beek March 4, 2016 at 12:07 am

Even they had TERRORIZED themselves and took stupid innocents with them. Showoff itself is like a mental illness,i don’t know what they were doing with families .relatives and close friends when they took the same airplane with their enemy. Try to fly separate because you never know.

Beek March 4, 2016 at 2:59 am

Our people shouldn’t abandoned their own people when they become ministers because politic is politic,you surrender your position to them when there is some wrong about you or they dismiss you because many qualified are looking for the same position. Politics itself is like a doorstep,you get in and get out very quick.
I had lived with that guy for years and later he denied us because he became defence minister even they gave fake phone numbers where nobody can hold them. South Sudan was full with Fake Networks and that was John Garang,his cronies and now Dr.Riek Machar. SPLM whether alive or dead have to understand that the so-called SPIRITUALITY is a earmark to them. Let them keep dreaming about miracle and misery.


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