Bol accused the youth of Murle ethnic tribes to have stolen 364 cattle from his village cattle camp at the time of peace.
Bor Youthd accused the youth of Murle ethnic tribes to have stolen 364 cattle from his village cattle camp at the time of peace.

October 30, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The recently attacked community of Dinka Bor in Jonglei state, who claimed the attack was carried out by Murle raiders, un-confirmed claim Murle community denied, has mobilized it’s youth with heavy backing from South Sudan’s national army, the SPLA, to attack Murle community in Pibor state (GPAA).

An eye witness who preferred anonymity leaked the information about the confidentially done mobilization of Dinka Bor youth and SPLA to Nyamilepedia today. He said, the youth from Bor villages have gathered themselves with some tribal units of SPLA and are now moving toward Gumuruk County of Pibor state.

‘It’s very clear that the Dinka Bor youth and some tribalised SPLA units are on their way to Kubaal Boma of Manyabol payam, Gumuruk County, Pibor state. Their targets are the villages of Kubaal Boma, Iriith Boma and other neighbors’, Said the source.

The Murle community in Kubaal are said to be on a very high alert to mingle with the “would” be attackers from SPLA and Dinka Bor. One of the area’s local chiefs told our editorial Team that they have heard the mobilization and the coming of SPLA and Dinka Bor youths.

The chief, who spoke in Murle language, was translated to be saying ‘Kubaal boys’ are ready to defend the women, children and the land of Murle from any aggression.

‘We have heard their mobilization and coming, “logos o kubaal” (Kubaal boys) are ready to defend the children, women and the land of Murle in general from any aggression. Be it the SPLA, be it the Dinka Bor, coming to make more orphans, widows and loot Murle property again, we will mingle with them,’ Quoted the chief.

He denied his community has attacked Bor, and accused SPLA of always taking side with Dinka Bor. He said, he is not surprised to hear SPLA is coming alongside Bor Youth. He said the SPLA is a national army by name and in it we see Kuol Manyang, minister of defense, Malual Ayom, deputy chief of staff for administration, Philip Aguer Panyang, SPLA spokesman, Malak Ayuen etc.

‘ I am not surprised, it is Kuol Manyang, Malual Ayom, Philip Aguer, Malak Ayuen who are coming alongside their youths. The SPLA is just a national army by name inside it’s all Bor’. Stressed the chief.

South Sudan national army, SPLA, recently announced the death of seven (7) soldiers, including one junior commander killed in the attack. SPLA’s spokesman, colonel Philip Aguer, who hails from Dinka Bor confirmed the news.

That could be the reason why SPLA is openly on move with youth to attack Murle. A sources in Bor Town says the Jonglei state’s deputy governor, Hon. Baba Midan Konyi, who is from Murle was seen giving financial supports to the mobilized Bor youth in Town before they left.


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Tol October 31, 2015 at 6:03 am

There is no mobilization of youth from Bor to fight Murles whatsoever.

If there is any need for calling them to a duty,it would have been done stealthily to the point where that informant could have not got any information of a planned attacks on Murles which it leaked to the press on condition of anonymity.

Prominent SPLM leaders named to be behind the alleged mobilised youth of Bor stand proud to be governing the entire nation of South Sudan and their alleged siding with youth of Bor is a ludicrous joke not to be laughed upon.

There is no doubt that, this is just beating on a thick dark bush to dispel doubts of their insecurities that maybe hiding from it unseen.

United Naath October 31, 2015 at 7:43 pm

You can disagree about accussation, but it is some that can happen at nay time. Who doesn’t know dinka bor are unpredictiable.

I like to say just no more manipulation by you (dinka) every tribe in south sudan has known all of whereever you may be residing around the world. And, not only south sudan ppeople,but also the whole world.

Dinka tribe has been deceiving the world as if they were the victim of 1991 incident. Now every one aware of deception in which dinka has been spreading to most countries in the world. however, people start to ask themselve if the people of south sudan called dinka tribe has been teklling the fact to the world. There’s evident that nuer had killed or massicrare dinka bor in 1991.

all tdinka are known by world for thier attitude toward the world.


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