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The Proposed National Dialogue between Acceptance vs Refusal

By Dr. Henry Jembi


December 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– An initiative was made by Caesar (I) and an invitation was sent out to Armed groups, Opposition groups, Political Parties, Civil societies, Religious and others

The scenario goes:

i. Caesar (I):

I am calling you my rival and political parties and oppositions groups for a national Dialogue to consolidate peace in our country and to bring our people together.

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ii. Armed group (1):

Do we really need to dialogue with the government that has been fighting us and doesn’t want peace by violating the recent agreement?

iii. Armed group (2):

The initiative is good but the only problem is that this government is not sincere at all and not to be trusty.

iv. Armed group (3):

What is the guarantee? We have seen our comrades went inside but again they disagreed and fought and our comrades left the city once again.

v. Political group (1):

This is an excellent initiative from Caesar I for sure we will participate without hesitation.

vi. Political group (2):

What has gone wrong with Caesar (I) he always contradicting himself, always causing problems, and always trying to play with our consciences? I don’t think this is the right time for such initiative because families are still grieving, mourning and lamenting their family members… I think it should be postponed for sometimes in future to give when the condition becomes conducive.

vii. Political group (3):

Definitely, this is an illusion, deception, surveillance, and reconnaissance of the government, we know it very well and we understand how it thinks, it’s trying now to hunter us like before. As for us, we will never ever waste our time by participating in the trickery and fail initiative.

viii. Civil society (1):

Wow, this is what we have been expecting and waiting for ages from our president. At last, he has awoken from his long sleep, thank God for remembering us and for his life, may you give him more life, health, and wisdom so that he can continue to help us. From now onward, we are going to have unity and peace in our country South Sudan.

ix. Civil society (2):

National Dialogue! National Dialogue! National Dialogue! Excuse me, can I ask a question? What does a national dialogue mean? Hmm! It means dialogue national. And what does a dialogue national mean? Oh, oh! It means the same. The same what? The same SPLM/SPLA. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand you. You will not because I even don’t know what does it mean? Oh, oh.

x. Civil society (3):

This is a golden chance to allow us to finish writing all the cases human violations and sure all the criminals into the court for the crimes they have committed against the innocents civilizes, we will not exempt and favor any one of them. They must all face the court and they must all be punished for their iniquities and corruptions. We must mobilize the citizens to support us against those criminals and even the government itself, we must write reports about its crimes and human violations and send the reports to all the media houses and the International Agencies. This is our time and our chance to get our rights and freedom.

xi. Religious group (1):

Brothers and sister in the Lord, time has come for us to listen to one another, time has come for us to accept one another, time has come for to uproot the Devil from our midst and it’s high time that the children of the same father and mother to reconcile, to contrite, to pardon and to forget what the Satan had implanted into our minds and hearts while we were in darkness and very weak. I guess now we have realized and understood that we had gone astray and off the path of righteousness and sanctity, due to our selfish perspectives, material focus, moral and spiritual emptiness. So, in Jesus’ name reconcile, in Jesus’ name love one another and in Jesus’ name keep your faith and have courage. Amen.

xii. Religious group (2):

We all know that God created man in his own image and likeness so that maintain his image and likeness in us by loving him, serving him and respect him as well as loving one another, serving one another and liking one another as his children. Unfortunately, we deformed, distorted and damaged God image in us because of our disobedience. However, He also gave his laws, ordinances and regulations especially the Ten Commandments as a binding covenant between Him and us. Unfortunately, we too have disgraced and spoiled those decrees deliberately. As such, what do you expect God to react and reward you? No way out except reprimand, damnation, punishment and conviction. Those of you who took part in looting citizens properties are reprimand by God, those of you who took part in killing innocent’s citizens must be ready for damnations, those of you who took part in corruption must be convicted severely, those of you who instigated a tribe against a tribe or caused tribal conflict must be punished without mercy and those of you who are still carrying or planning for more genocides, Jesus is watching them closely, he knows the time of your meeting, he knows your agendas, he knows your evil schemes against your country’s men. You will never ever escape from his Day (The Day of the Lord).

xiii. Religious group (3):

You will not find any people who believe in Allah and the last Day having affection for the ones who contravene Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsmen. Oh! Lord give them peace, Lord give them faith, Lord give them light, Lord give them understanding, give them wisdom, give them the spirit of brotherhood, the spirit of sisterhood, the spirit of life, the spirit of governance and the spirit of a nation.

xiv. Others:
As for us, let them do what they want to do we don’t care about their politics and leadership. They are all idiotic; we just do mind our businesses and jobs, those of them who want to become Ministers or working with the government. If they want to go to hell let them go who cares, we don’t waste our time and we even don’t have time for that big and malicious nonsense of Caesar I.

xv. Caesar I:

a. I am asking you, the people of South Sudan to forgive me for any mistakes I might have committed.

b. I pledge to all of you fellow citizens: that, as the New Year dawns on us, I will leave no stone unturned in the search for peace, reconciliation, and unity in our great country.

c. I call upon those still carrying arms to stop destroying their own homes and their own country and join the Process of National Dialogue.

d. I also call upon our national army and all the security organs to uphold their constitutional mandate and protect all the citizens and their properties.

e. I promise that no grievances will be left unaddressed in this process. We can achieve great things together if we talk and discuss our issues peacefully.

f. I also call upon those propagating hate speeches in the social media, international, and local forums to stop tearing their country and communities apart.

g. We are bound together as one people, one nation and we cannot allow our political and social disappointments to destroy our unity.

h. My government will take serious measures against those found to be broadcasting ethnic hatred and refuse to renounce violence and join a peaceful dialogue.

i. Finally, fellow citizens, I call upon all of you to stop any propaganda against the international community, especially the American people and the United Nations.

xvi. Armed group (1):

The two first points seem spiritual, but we don’t care about spirituality and forgiveness they are related to Christianity and Chrisms. We are the armed group we don’t forgive our enemies. We must fight them and kill them at the spot until we win the war because they do likewise to us when we meet at the battlefields. Does he really know the meaning of forgiveness since he fought twice in 2013 and in 2016? If he knew, he would have fought for the second time.

xvii. Armed group (2):

As for us, the first two points are OK with us since we are Christian we can forgive him, but we want to know exactly why does he call for the forgiveness? And how can we forgive him? And what would be the reparations? In Christianity to forgive and forgiveness is a process, not just words the first step is repentance where you tell openly and surely your mistakes, crimes and inequities humbly and ready for the reparation honestly. Otherwise, we will not forgive him; let him find others to do that for him and not him alone, but others who were with him in the same fate and doom.

xviii. Armed group (3):

The initiative is not in a place, heaven and earth are near for us to forgive our rivals and at the same time, there is forgiveness militarism and liberation movement. He is our rival; we have to fight him until the end. Knowing that he and his group have caused a lot of damage to our country and our people are now divided because of him and them, so they have paid the price of the system of their governance. We will not lay down our arms but uphold to it till the last breath in our lives, no dialogue with the carnages, bloodshed, and butcheries of our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. The only way you have to surrender the power and leave or else meet us at the battlefields.

xix. Political group (1):

We will forgive him and them, we will forgive everybody, we will work with him and them, we will work with everybody, we will love him and them, we will love everybody, and we will not hesitate to lay our hands on his hands and others for our common goal as South Sudanese. That is a noble call and initiative; we know he was going to come out with an extraordinary project to build our newborn nation South Sudan truly Africa. We love you Caesar I, we respect you very much, and you are the true and unique leader and president of our young nation. Long live John Garang II; long live your call, long live your initiative and long South Sudan during you reign.

xx. Political group (2):

This man is now changing he is coming out with new ideas, I think we can support him and his thoughts. What do you think my friend Juba Na Bari? You are right my friend Atbara Na Bari. What do we do then in order for us to help him with his tremendous ideas? In my opinion, we need to approach him so that we discuss with him how we could magnify and enlarge these assumptions. You know, let’s go and praise him and glorify him for this talented call and initiative. We will say to him that… Your Excellency, your ideas are brilliants, you are talented and gifted by God because these thoughts which you have shown are Angelic in nature and revealed to you by heaven itself. However, we are going to help you and support you meet your desire as the President of the Republic of South Sudan. You just authorize us and we will be at your feet all the time. Wow, this is politics of today.

xxi. Political group (3):

This is madness and psychosis, we were not born to forgive our enemies, we will not forgive them whatsoever, doom to him and to them, let him go to hell, let them go to hell. We are politicians, we knew what we are saying and what we are doing, we were born like that and we have been practicing politics before he could be born. Then who is he to call us for his already failed and dead initiative, let him go to school if he had time to educate himself first then come and talk us about what he has learned. You have destroyed our families, communities, and the country and now you want to justify yourself by asking for forgiveness and pardon. No pardon for you and we will absolve you whatsoever you do for us.

xxii. Civil society (1):

Bera Bera for Women Advocate, we really need peace in our country, enough war, and fighting. Since Caesar I, has called us to forgive him, we will forgive him despite what he had done. He was not the first to do that we all did the same sometime in the past and we did not ask for forgiveness. Who has committed sins in his or her life? I think we all did, it’s not shameful to forgive instead its courageous manner and behavior. To forgive is not an easy task, but we have to since it is part of the moral and spiritual rule and life. We need to do it prudently; otherwise, it might not bring change and transformation in our lives, communities, and the country at large. Let’s forgive him for what he might have committed against the Nuer ethnicity and the rest of South Sudanese communities.

xxiii. Civil society (2):

Oh, oh, I don’t think I get the meaning of this call and imitative so far. I must go to Ustaz Kator Alhj Na Mundari; he is a great teacher for sure he knows the meaning. Hello Mr. Na Mundari, I have come to you urgently because since last week I have been trying to understand the meaning of the National Dialogue, but I totally failed to get from Juba Na Bari. Can you tell? First of all, if you are not thoughtless, was Juba Na Bari a person you could go to? You are thoughtless and you went to a thoughtless person what would happen? Nothing, you should come to me right ways from where you had gone to him. Ok, now listen carefully, National Dialogue means all the meetings that took place in the Republic of Sudan under the NCP before the separation of South Sudan. Do you understand Na Juba2? Oh oh, my mommy, my daddy, my teacher, who is thoughtless now you or me? My teacher, Na Kator, I think you need to find out the correct answer for my simple question about the meaning of the National Dialogue. See you in the class.

xxiv. Civil society (3):

Mr. Right, is the report ready? Yes, Boss, it is ready and when are we going to present it? Just make ready and we will wait till the starting of the National Dialogue then we will present it in detail and categorically. Mr. Crime, can you summarize the report to me right now? Of course Boss here is the clue … it goes as follow:  Crimes against humanity: murder, extermination, torture, rape, persecutions on political grounds as well as inhuman and degrading treatment were committed against civilians in various parts of South Sudan’ and that they were committed in a widespread or systematic manner.
In terms of organization and specific targeting, it held that ‘[r]roadblocks or checkpoints were established all around Juba and house to house searches were undertaken by security forces. During this operation, male Nuers were targeted, identified, killed on the spot or gathered in one place and killed.’

xxv. Religious group (1):

This is now our duties, tasks, and responsibilities we are going to proclaim it loudly, energetically and frankly. Jesus the Lord never favors any person who had misunderstood his call and vocation. While he was on the cross between the two thieves, he declared openly that forgiveness if for those who repent sincerely and with a full will. I as your bishop is calling you to forgive one another as Jesus had forgiven our sins by dying on the cross, he had redeemed us from our guilt, we too must forgive wholeheartedly our brother and sisters who have committed sins against us so that we can enter the Kingdom of heaven where the houses are prepared for us. Each has a house up there waiting for him or her, so please don’t miss that Holy place where there is no hunger, no thirst, no sickness and no enmity, but we will be united children of the same father. Wish good luck and Merry Christ.

xxvi. Religious group (2):

If you don’t forgive, God will not forgive you. If you forgive, God will forgive, the forgiveness is mutual. In this sense, is Caesar I going to forgive those whom he had killed their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and other family members or what? Are those who whom their father, mothers, brothers, sisters and members of their family were killed are ready to forgive Caesar I or what?  My brothers and sisters forgiveness id not just words to be uttered and articulated by us as we like, but we have to mean it. In this regard, those of you or us who happened to be part of the crimes committed against South Sudanese in general, have to face the truth of their deeds and actions courageously. In order for our families and communities to regain their nature and maintain their definite and status, the criminals must be prosecuted. And loving God and beloved Jesus will provide and bestow their graces and blessings upon us all. Amen.

xxvii. Religious group (3):

Brethren, no love for free, no faith for free, and no hope for free we all must work very hard to attain our salvation. Anger may lead us to commit sins and crimes, laziness may lead to steal and kill, but if we work by our own strengths, nothing wrong come across our path, but only things which are pure, thing which are noble, thing which are joyous, things which are pleasing, things which are holy and thing which are parsing to God.  So, let’s fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ our hope faith and love who came to this world in order to raise us up from our wicked nature to his supernatural one. Jesus is our friend, our guide, our leader, our light and our salt. He is the Good News that we need in our daily life and the life to come. Without Jesus in the midst and around the corner, the thing would have turned upside down with/in our lives, career, and everything. His name must be glorified now and forever.

xxviii.    Others:

Though we are liberal and free, yet we are Southern Sudanese, our domestic crises affect us all no one is excluded. If they don’t affect me personally, they affect my brothers, sister, uncles, aunts and…for this reason we care and concern too.  The suffering national, the agonies are widely spread, those who died were our relatives, countrymen and sons and daughters of Southern Sudan.  The dead doesn’t know your social status, economic status, intellectual status and whatever status. Although we are not politicians and we don’t care about politics, but suffering and dead care about whom we are by reminding us that one day we are going to die too.  Some of our brother and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandfather and grandmothers all died due to a wrong system and governance in the country. At last, what should we do in order to avoid the same incidents in future? I think all should be involved in shaping, building, planning, and defending the nation without looking into our minor details such as geographical or historical, political or economic, social or cultural, spiritual or nonspiritual, civilized or uncivilized and rich or poor, we should all embraced one another based on equal rights and freedom.

The End

God bless you all

You can reach the author of this article at henryjembi@hotmail.com

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