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The dual character of president Museveni in South Sudan conflict.

By Makneth Aciek

Museveni and his wife attends South Sudan independent day celebration in July 2014(Photo: file)
Museveni and his wife attends South Sudan independent day celebration in July 2014(Photo: file)

June 21, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– As South Sudan is rifting itself apart with war, the blame(s) will always be on president kiir and his spin doctor, president Museveni of Uganda. Through their comedy of errors, it is not difficult to notice that, what had been about them is a mixture of folly and crime; one blinded by ignorance and another warped by interest. These men had been an obstacle to South Sudan progress after the demise of Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the founder of South Sudan.

President Museveni motive in South Sudan since the beginning had been to deprive the nation of stability. He is fully aware of president kiir lack of ideological inclination; he is also aware that president kiir national vision is extremely narrow and primitive. Unlike late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, president Kiir’s political steps are spasmodic and full sophomoric errors and that’s why Museveni had been using him for Uganda advantage.

Through his advice; violent and all kind of follies are blended with all sort of crimes and is unapologetically using president Kiir’s ignorance to continue hacking South Sudan national purse. In this manner, he has cut up South Sudan into syndicates and parceled it out for his advantages.

Museveni political lines in South Sudan since the eruption of war in 2013 had always been a series of zigzags. He claims this was one today and says  other thing tomorrow. His level of political consistency in regard to South Sudan had been devastating. He never find it awkward to deny today what he pronounced few days ago.

His involvement in South Sudan affairs is solely motivated by his desire of keeping the country as NRM “rent paying system”. In president Museveni’s imaginations, the best way for Uganda to benefit out of South Sudan is to keep up the quarrel among the SPLM cadres and cultivate prejudices among south Sudanese citizens based on sectarianism.

President Museveni knows very well South Sudanese are neither knaves nor fools when it come to their right; they can disgust at those who impose upon them undesirable things.

With this knowledge in hand, Museveni has created the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies in person of Salva Kiir Mayardit to keep South Sudan in state of wars and confusion. He deliberately used this tyrant to deprive mighty SPLM of unity of purpose.

By 2012, South Sudan Cabinet was emptied of men of integrity and replaced by Unknow men who just arrived from the camp of South Sudan former enemies in khartoum.

Through Museveni advices, president kiir continued to act on impulses without perspective. Activist were murdered, others sliding into death in the silence of dungeon and many more seeking refuge in neighboring countries. In 2012 toward 2013, South Sudan was conquered by president Museveni’s plots.

The government was taken by bad guys who have bad words in the mouths and nothing in the heads; and as a consequence, Juba became a den of plunderers and the nation was floating along the river of death.

As tensions were escalating, the SPLM leaders together with Dr. Riek Machar called for dialogue within the ruling party to normalize things; but president kiir barely applied the ugly politic drawn from Museveni horrid advice. Instead of addressing the problems the party and country facing, president did the dumbest.

Dr. Riek Machar ideological differences with Dr. Garang de Mabior during the war of liberation were dragged  into play by president kiir ; distorted, exaggerated and displayed into public opinion in manner that would be capable of undermining elements of South Sudan stability and national unity.

Despite the warning from church leaders and elders never to measure the current problem by the yardstick of 1991, he was adamant; he heavily relied on president Museveni and continued carrying out his plan of purging the dissenting voices within the SPLM party.

In December 2013, president Museveni had succeeded in laying axe to the root of South Sudan stability. The war broke out, many were arrested and charged with treason they didn’t acted.

With all that is illustrated, it’s important for one to ask oneself why is president Museveni now working so hard on the process of SPLM unification….. President Museveni unlike Salva kiir is aware that political forecasts are not like those of astronomy, they are always conditional; they contain options and alternatives.

Museveni has realized that the prejudice he sown in December 2013 and July 2016  is wearing away, he is now sowing the seed of new inveteracy. Let not forget, president Museveni is among the regional bureaucrats who exiled Dr. Riek Machar; in fact, it was through his advice that measures were taken to isolated Dr. Machar from South Sudan political life.

This call for unification of SPLM as the only way for restoring peace in South Sudan is a folly in its true shape because the current disputes and crises are not longer within the bounds of SPLM discussion. The aspects of contradictions of 2013 conflict and this conflict are not longer the same. This president Museveni’s idea of looking for the coexistence of opposites within a single entity is a meditated object of distraction. It will soon turned out to be a stupid mistake that need to be mocked.

President Museveni should use his position in the region to devise means of resuscitating the ARCISS because the agreement point out the mode by which the unification of the SPLM should be done.

What is expected of Museveni call for unification of SPLM in Entebbe will not in any way help south Sudanese realized peace; it will end up in Salva Kiir’s advantage- the attempt to govern the country by force and fraud.

Museveni had been busy spreading a sort of lethargy over the region, from which he shows no disposition to sincerely help find solution to South Sudan problem. His attitude is not based on the score of manners through which conflict are resolved. It is now apparent that president Museveni had been blinded by the interest that he now behave like a bad medical doctor who chases after the symptoms and ignores functional and organic disturbances.

Museveni needs to be reminded that south Sudanese are aware of his dual character of fueling conflict in the region youngest nation; it was him who gutted SPLM of it meaning and unity; it was him who created the clumsy dictator in whose hands South Sudanese live a nondescript lifestyles.

President Museveni should be aware that his times of slyness in South Sudan politics are over. Even if he twist himself into idol of another shape, he can still be identified.

It is not longer hidden from south Sudanese that he has a strong hand on the issues that got South Sudan into this mess; and through his popularity of statistical errors, SPLM under the leader of Salva kiir has become a sort of disconnected atom, continually repelling members away.

All in all south Sudanese are not longer interested in SPLM unity. SPLM has been a catastrophe and the leadership of Salva kiir had been a pain and deceit. The sacrifices and cults of the independent dream had been cruel and hopelessly flawed.

South Sudanese are sore at dictators and their sense of oppressions and equally menaced by the action of narrowing the political space. The best thing they expect from Museveni is not unification of SPLM; it is initiation of new political process that would be inclusive and acceptable to all parties.

Makneth Aciek is a south Sudanese and can be reached via wenmakneth@yahoo.com

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were sam June 24, 2017 at 9:40 am

Usual useless rhetorical epitomes of those who cause trouble home, steal SS resources and become economic refugees abroad. Always blaming M7 in dreams and wishes. Sit down and sort the mess in your country, no body Will clean your black shit, but yourselves. Stop plundering your little resources in endless wars, killing women and children, then blame M7 and Uganda. Some of you idiots need to be hanged after very quick trials. You rape, murder, steal, maim. Are you human beings or animals? Tosh.


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