Taban Deng Gai’s Abusing Power and Taking Advantage of Little Guy for an Endless Goal

By Santino Aniek,

Stephen Taban Deng Gai, 'First Vice President'(Photo: File)
Stephen Taban Deng Gai, ‘First Vice President'(Photo: File)

March 26, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Taban Deng Gai’s long career of abusing power for an endless goal and taking advantage of little guy does not just started, but since he observed power in the 1980s. Those who know Taban, in which myself is included, would agree that this long career abusing power and taking advantage of little guy did not just started overnight, nonetheless, since when Taban was Itang’s administrator. In fact, the majority of the South Sudanese are aware of the grimy details of Taban’s infamously governing when he became the Governor of Unity State. As one might expect, Taban claims to represent the interests of the citizenry of this country, as he became the Vice President of South Sudan. But his governing record reveals a man with a penchant for tyrannizing the little guy and abusing power for his endless goal.

In today’s clannish politics, Ruweng people do not doubt that Taban will do everything he can to achieve his pathetic goal, but his pathetic objective including Wath Danluel will not be achieve during our generation’s time. As always the case, those who are trying to control people like Taban are like those who decried the breakdown of “the one faith” Catholicism in the emergence of Protestant Christians decades ago. It is very important to bring to the public attention that the abusing of power and the marginalization of our people by Taban and his likes as much as we could so the people of this country would understand what we have been dealing with all these years. Looking at the progress we were making in the absence of Taban will not preceded if the government of South Sudan allowed him to operate freely. Now, it seems blindingly obvious to me that the government of South Sudan need not only to offer a position to people like Taban, but different solutions to solve our chronic problem should include resources and land to satisfy these people needs. With that being said, I do not know about the rest of the South Sudanese, but I’m getting sick and tired of these people like Taban taking advantage of the little guy and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Subsequently, we woke up Thursday morning, still grieving with an emptiness that, unfortunately Ruweng people have come to know far too well that Governor Theji Da Adwad Deng has resigned from his Party SPLM in Opposition due to the fact that Taban has started bullying him about the piece of land he occupied in Ruweng State since 2005. Nevertheless, Ruweng people have waked up that morning wondering what will it take to end this ugly scourge of Taban’s marginalization and taking advantage of little guy all these years without jeopardizing the peace agreement. However, marginalization and taking advantage of little guy in South Sudan is entrenched in the fabric of those who are faithful to the government and it is become a weapon used often by people like Taban to wear down their opponent. More importantly, once we became pseudo free, we no longer served a purpose and so the time for action for Ruweng people is now if Taban attempt to replace Governor Adwad. As a result, Ruweng people must come together and combat the marginalization and bullying of our people once and for all. As we are aware of the situation, we cannot remain silent because Taban will never ever stop until we act quickly. People like Taban have to learn once and for all that every single human being is a human being like him and Nhialic of Ruweng has given has us that land, which it cannot be taken away from us until all Ruweng people have stopped breathing.

Given the situation in South Sudan, it is true that marginalization has become a culture and it is just another form of colonization that has been used to marginalized communities across South Sudan. People like Taban think that if marginalization is used wisely, it might actually work in certain a situation, but let me assure you all including Taban himself it will never work in Ruweng State. Incorporating marginalization into daily life is what has helped escalate senseless war in South Sudan few years ago. And so how we get past this era and start to look at people as human being instead of bunch something known to them, I cannot tell you, but what I can tell you is this, people like Taban cannot take advantage of our people because his boss Riek Machar has tried twice and failed. Therefore, I have no idea how to change the way people take advantage of little guy, but surely, we will change the way Taban think soon if he is still advancing his pathetic agenda. I will say having leaders in our country that have an attitude of revenge does not help anything it is the Taban will never help in the peace process. Thoughtful as usual, we are certainly not without our own problems in Ruweng State, but so far, we have managed to stay reasonably civil with each other. While our people have, on rare occasion stepped over the line, for the most part conflicts are resolved peacefully and our people do a good job to lived in peace with our neighbors. It is disheartening as a Ruweng citizen, to see the turmoil that seems to pervade other part of our country at the moment. While we have some important differences, we are much more alike than unlike and seeing this animosity among our people is troubling.

In fact, the problem we are dealing with is not just the politicians like Taban in Juba, but the really problem is the South Sudanese people who emotionally jump on bandwagons and fail to critically analyze the person they supporting like Taban. It seems to me that most of Taban’s supporters are following him based solely on the fact that he is going to reward them with jobs in the government.  His appeal is simply that he is perceived as colorful individual that has commitment to anything life.  Yet, for most of his governing career, Taban has betrayed the very people from whom he is now trying to convince them to achieve his pathetic goal for him.  His views appear more in line with Adolf Hitler of Germany. Taban’s supporters purposely overlook his criminal records, dereliction of power, and unabashed pandering. It is well know that Taban’s views change with the political climate. However, this is fragment of a problem, but the problem is the people who are supporting him. They completely dismiss the lack of moral and ethical integrity displayed in Taban’s world. These people supporting Taban are the same people who supported Riek Machar twice. We all know the history of South Sudan and the injustices and marginalization our people starting with Ruweng people. Nevertheless, this is our country, our people in Ruweng State put their blood, sweat and tears to liberate this country and we have lost half of our population by fighting Khartoum regime. Ultimately, part of this resignation is shocking because Taban is known for abusing power and bullying.

Finally, any attempt to remove Governor Theji Da Adwad Deng from the governorship post will allowing our full operations to liberate our selves from this too long mistreatment and to allow normality to return to the land of peace loving people. Though, I don’t agree to use the war to achieve the end goal, but war happens when people like ours are neglected and their graveness are being ignored all the time. Furthermore, these exercises are also a way of depending and liberating ourselves from this long suffering that will never expire until our people rise against this status quo. As the fact indicate, we will give this peace a chance to materialize, but on the other hand, we will not take a break until our people are no longer worried about the threat of Taban in Ruweng of the world. More importantly, this is a reminder to all friends of Ruweng people, be inform that if Governor Adwad is being remove, we are capable to do unthinkable and we will also be talking to any body in the entire world including the number one enemy of South Sudan Omer El Bashir to help us to achieve our end goal. It is not secrete because we have been suffering for too long and we cannot leave this suffering and threat to our children. The entire people of South Sudan have no idea what the hell is going on in Ruweng State, it is good if people has a leader that care about them, but our people in Ruweng State now a day cannot seriously think they are completely under the care of this government where Taban is a Vice President. There is probably a lot more too it, I’m not a politician, but repeating Pathou my birth place’s mistake will be a huge mistake to the entire South Sudanese people, because most of the resources in South Sudan are located in our local area and without hesitation we can at least make a deal with any body in the world including the enemy of South Sudan, let that be clear. Yes, marginalization is a hell of a lot more common across South Sudan than we like to admit because we are not allow to report what is real happening in the country, and certainly, this pseudo get a special award for his abusing of power of an endless goal and taking advantage of little guy must stop once and for all.

Santino Aniek is a concerned South Sudanese in Upstate New York, U.S.A. He can be reached at santino.aniek5@gmail.com and find me on Facebook, on Skype and on twitter @saniek.

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