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Muslim Gore calls on Equatorian community and Equatorian Youth leadership in (united states of America) to “organize” themselves

By Muslim Gore,

Muslim Gore and a colleague post for a picture after the welcoming of Dr. Riek Machar delegation in the United States(Photo: supplied)
Muslim Gore and a colleague post for a picture after the welcoming of Dr. Riek Machar delegation in the United States(Photo: supplied)

Oct 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I am hereby calling upon the leadership of Equatoria in diaspora.But most relevantly upon the leadership of Equatoria in united states of America to begin the process of mobilization – to organize the citizens of Equatoria for the upcoming most difficult, trials and tribulations of the upcoming political war which is in the process and diagnostic, that will take place in the heart of south Sudan.

It is most importantly that the Equatorian community begins to organize themselves for peaceful political battles, they should begin to mobilize the youth to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in Equatoria) the youth should participate in exposing the genocidal acts of the Juba regime, the youth should focus on exposing the economic failures and security threats that has been bestowed upon the citizens of greater Equatoria, the sudden disappearances of our political leaders, the unjustly killings of our youth particularly in western and eastern Equatoria) the youth should begin to expose the discrimination that the citizens of greater Equatoria is facing in their own lands.

There is massive amount of corruption taking place in the regions of Equatoria but it is the mission of the juba regime to bury and evaporate these predicaments from the public’s eye, it is the mission of the juba regime to keep the people of greater Equatoria in PERMENANT slavery, it Is the mission of the juba regime to continue the games of mind hallucinations, media propaganda and untruthful press statement’s upon the people of greater Equatoria. SO, When will we say, enough is enough Ya Equatoria?

Since 1983, when the SPLA was born in the heart of Greater Equatoria, You, the people of greater Equatoria have been at war. Your land is the battlefield for the SPLA Movement, but that is so not much of an issue to ponder on, but instead what YOU as a citizen of Greater Equatoria should ponder on is, What has the SPLA given you since 1983? What have they accomplished that has or will benefit the regions of greater Equatoria? And most importantly, ask yourself what are they offering You Now, as of this moment? What is on the table for Greater Equatoria?

The answer is nothing, because the Juba regime does not offer, but instead they are known as “Takers”. They take from you without consenting or approving, but when one asks, where are you taking my belonging? That individual is seen as an enemy to the Government.   So many have lost their lives in Greater Equatoria but the (SILENCE) of Greater Equatoria is the reasons behind these killings, corruption and unjustly acts committed towards us by this deadly regime. The longer you continue to watch, the longer and more difficult it will become for you to enslave free yourself from this genocidal regime that cares about nothing else but (Dinka) blood…. As you can see by example, what is happening now to your brother in upper Nile? Tell me what is happening? They are on the list of being extinct by the juba regime; do you care to know why? It is because they have said NO to SLAVERY, injustice and discrimination.

Equatoria, you are next in line and there is no doubt about that, what you need to do now is? organize yourselves and begin to mobilize the youth, for instance what does one do when preparing for a heavy storm? Pack your bags, equipment’s and let’s organize ourselves. The one who is preparing for a storm does not go out to meet the storm, he waits patiently for the storm to arrive….. But he becomes less fearful because he has prepared himself… Equatoria, you must do the same and prepare yourself for these long upcoming battles… but be careful, not allow the storm to strike you by surprise ) Because we all know when a storm destroys a home, it can take up to years to build it back.

So I am calling on the leadership of greater Equatoria to stand side by side, hand by hand to prepare to dismantle this regime from the regions of Equatoria….. If the SPLA is not in Upper Nile, then why should they be in greater Equatoria? I am asking the leadership of Equatoria to stand with the SPLM IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny who wants nothing but freedom to the people of south Sudan, our only hope as greater Equatoria is to stand behind the leadership of the first vice president of south Sudan Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Muslim Gore is an Equatorian youth Leader &

SPLM/SPLA National youth league (USA)

Secretary for External Affairs & Foreign Affairs

Contact @ GoreAdvanceAutoRepair@Gmail.com

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wedjuba October 15, 2015 at 11:20 am

Absolutely, we the people of G.Equatoria are now clinging at the edge of a cliff! Its about time to bundle our momentum, resharpen our forces and face reality. We are more than sick and disgusted from these acephalous, repugnant and ill minded looters, (the Jiengs and their council of evil) plus all their herds!!!. It’s time now for our intellectuals to zoom in and shape the fate of our beloved Equatoria and its wonderful people. The Security and existence of Equatoria is acutely at stake here!!!! We MUST take matters to our own hands, and make sure that what is taking place across Equatoria today never happens again in future. We MUST joint and support our Brother Alfred Lado Gore in any way possible.The war has been brought into our compound and things are now falling apart, it’s our duty to step up and restore what belongs to us!.
Equatorians MUST pull out the SEAL and wage a final WAR!!!.,academically, spiritually, physically, socially, politically and foremost precisely, making sure that our next generations remain proud of their legitimate ancestral land, THE EQUATORIA!!!

Muslim Gore October 15, 2015 at 2:52 pm


patrico pato October 15, 2015 at 11:28 am

For sure we equatorians now are just like slaves to those DINKAS,when will we stand farm as our parents are before?for how long are we going to live dinkas to rule us even in our own states killing our innocent brothers and sisters,fathers and mothers.please,please equatorians wake up and stand farm in your own country and those dinkas are trying to finish our people and we are just watching like these are not our own brohers and sisters.EQUATORIA ,EQUATORIA wake up and let us start for what we can.

Laku Modi Tombe October 15, 2015 at 11:44 am

Muslim Gore, your great and articulate article is a reminder and wake up call to brothers and sisters in Equatoria to get up and stand up for their right from the genocidal and tribal regime of dictator Salva Kirr. Keep up the good work in uniting our people against the oppressor Kirr and is backward Dinka Consult of Evil who are ruining our region. In unity and solidarity, Equatoria would never be slaves of Dinka KIngdom, come rain, come sunshine. If British and Arabs were unable to enslave us, Kirr and his immoral Dinka Council of Evils who came naked to our region, will not do it to us. Otherwise, if they didn’t change their behaviors, we will send them naked to their areas the way when they first arrived to Equatorian region.

wedjuba October 15, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I applaud the vigilance of our Equatorian communities in the US, UK, Australia, South Sudan and the region. “Keep the wheel rotating” WE MUST MELT TOGETHER and form an amalgam of consciousness and responsibility, just as our ancestors once set their firm feet against, the Belgians, Turks, Anglo-Egyptians and the Arabs. So we are now facing “The who wanna bees…Dinkas” trying to rearrange us, the fact is vise versa for christ sake!!! Please remember we have been poked, elbowed, spat on and called upon names by individuals you wouldn’t even look at twice, and all these b’cos we try to apply cognizance and humility to salvage the least for the common good.But still throughout ages and centuaries the coherence of Equatorians has been interrupted and perturbed by foes from afar and now from the vicinity. We have survived all these perils and still keep our heads up. But now we are on the same spot once again to defend our territories and natural savival. We MUST pay our ancestors dues and pick up our congenital skills and techniques and bite hard and deep. We didn’t chose this war, it was brought to us!

Today if you hitchhike in Arizona desert and misbehave on wild snakes, don’t blame anybody for the lessons to follow!!!.

Now, Africa today in its form and countries was disected in 1884-85 at the Berlin conference, known also as “Scramble for Africa” but before then the regions stretching from Nandi hills South West of Kenya, Kidepo Valley to kapoeta, Juba, Mangala going Westwards of Equatoria, were proudly inhabited by our ancestors.

Now, Nandi in Bari means “I say”, “nan adi”. The CRYPTID, the “Nandi Bear” is the ultimate Beast that confers powers and guides the Nandi people throughout challenges they encountered. The bear is also called Duba, I wonder if this has something to do with our present Juba? Its also called “Ngoloko”. We say, “Ngologo” something strong!!!.

To put it more clearer,…Juba would not have been the place and centre of Power and interest in South Sudan all these decades, had it not been for the smartness and courage of its native inhabitants.

Intruders come and they go, history has proven that.
So to those who are attempting to face us in our own territories with councils of evils and repression, they better get ready to taste the vengeance of the BEAST!!!

Lotara Charles October 15, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Equatorians, it’s now or never! For how long are we gonna be the victims of creative suffering, for how long are we going to allow these idiots (Dinka) to rule us with their slowly dying and faded so called government. Wherever you are, no matter what you do, let’s continue to work with believe that unearned suffering is redemptive. They would have a price to pay for what they are doing now. We will be out of this situation one day my people! Let them go to back to their desert where they know nothing but killing and stripping naked, we are tired of them! Muslim Gore I liked your perspective towards the suffering of our people, let’s all work together by all means knowing that, one day this situation can and will be changed, enough is enough!

Suha October 15, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Great Article Muslim……. ?

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ October 16, 2015 at 1:32 am

This is very great article. Keep on doing that for this is the only way to see Juba free from the jengelon. We have to get rid of the jce by joining Lado Gore because he will never let us Down. He is a great pro GENUINE FEDERALISM not the fake one of the 28 states. We do not afford any further division of our Greater Equatoria.

Mr. Muslim Gore, keep on and let us do it together so the our youth will have a voice in the coming Unity Government. We will kick the jenge and their cows out of our states.

My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ which means only time will explain………………..Now the time is telling us that enough is enough. Let us kick the dinka out of government by vote as we did to the mundukuru.


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