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Murle Youth Attacks On Lou-Nuer Areas Two Weeks After Taban Deng Gai Terrorized Local Population

By Chuar Juet Jock,

Gen. Taban Deng Gai, a First Vice President of Salva Kiir's Transitional Government of National Unity(Photo: file)
Gen. Taban Deng Gai, a First Vice President of Salva Kiir’s Transitional Government of National Unity(Photo: file)

Feb 2, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– Just last night, Thursday of February 1st, 2018, some areas were attacked in Nyirol County, Lou Nuer, South Sudan and which resulted in 30 casualties, 10s of wounded and a large number of cattle raided. However, the local civil defence forces managed to fight back and to defeat the culprits who are said to be from neighbouring Murle tribe. The White army also managed to recover the stolen cattle after two hours of fierce fight. Sadly, a lot of wounded civilians who mostly compromises of young children, elderly and women are still being treated in Langken town.

This attack on people of Nyirol County comes exactly two weeks after Gen. Taban Deng and Gen. Gathoth Hoth visit to several areas in greater Jonglei region including Yuai in the heart of Lou Nuer. The attack also came just a few days from Kiir recent reshuffle of Boma state governorship, from Sultan Ismail Kony to the bloody Gen. Yau Yau. It should be also well noted that Nyriol and Uror counties have been the centre of the most recent battles between SPLM IO and IG and the hot hub of serious violations to the recent ceasefire agreement signed by parties to the conflict in December last year. It seems that to avoid being sanctioned by IGAD, Taban and his stooges, are fighting a proxy war through Murle bandits and this doesn’t reflect any sort of smartness but the peak of cowardice at its ugliest form.

A keen observer to the events in greater Jonglei region wouldn’t also fail to note the relative peace and cessation of hostilities between the two neighboring communities, Lou Nuer and the Murle since 2012 and this due to their awareness and realization that cattle rustling, children and women abduction aren’t and will never be the best option to co-exist but only peace and mutual respect. But here we go again and the Murle are on it again. But honestly this time and around we must skip the exploited Murle and point the fingers straight to the criminal government in Juba and its agents from the sons and daughters of the greater Jonglei region and particularly the Lou Nuer. Since 2005, the Murle has been an effective tool of Juba government and its intelligence to destabilize and destroy the other communities in greater Jonglei. The regime intelligence has been the one supplying the Murle with arms, logistics and training which started after the signature of CPA in 2005. While at the same time, the regime was disarming the other communities and particularly the Lou Nuer and which shifted the power balance resulting in the massacre of 1000s of Lou Nuer people in 2006 through 2012. undoubtedly, the Murle issue isn’t about cattle rustling anymore and which existed before against the other region’s communities for decades back. But the magnitude of the attacks and, the deliberate targeted mass killings and the large-scale destruction has indicated clearly that the Murle are being used in Juba proxy war against some communities in Jonglei and behind. I don’t recall a single battle of the recent defected Gen. Khalid Batrous against Juba’s corrupt government since last year. What the hell is he all about?

Another strategy of Juba criminal government to destroy the Lou Nuer is the utilization of the divide to rule Lou Nuer people. Using the Lou Nuer from Mor section against Gon section and vice versa. Gon section against each and so also with Mor against each. Using positions, confusion propaganda, feuding clans, money and all the evil tactics to bring the powerful and strong Lou Nuer to weakness through disunity and clansism. They know they can’t face a united Lou Nuer face-to-face. It worth noting that, while the war has subdued in most of Nuer areas and other regions, Taban and his stooges have escalated the killing and the destruction in Lou Nuer area for many reasons known to their devilish souls. This is nothing else than a well-planned conspiracy with malicious objectives, which can be summed up in their evil desire to bring a total destruction of Lou Nuer area and the displacement of its people just like he did to Bentiu and other areas. But whether it is Gony Billiu, Majok Gatluak Thoa or the Murle, all these Taban’s agents won’t bring the mighty Lou Nuer to surrender to their master Kiir’s corrupt oligarchy. Our people will fight on until they uprooted the killer regime once and for all

In a nutshell, our brothers the Murle must not accept to be exploited by Juba criminal regime and particularly the stooges called Tabaneen because the immediate consequences are really high and which only Juba corrupts can dance upon and none of the two communities is a beneficiary. The Lou Nuer has nothing with Murle people but the desire to co-exist in peace and harmony. The Lou Nuer lost and greedy sons who are blinded by empty and fake positions must also know that regime of Mr Kiir and Taban has no future in South Sudan and that it is in its final days and what they are doing right now are but the last kicks of dying horses. Don’t kill your people for useless positions and valueless money. Above all the Lou Nuer people are undeterred and will defend their children, elderly and women in a rare bravery and as usual.

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Stephen Dak February 3, 2018 at 7:28 am

Dear ones, yes, it is a pandemic the communities conflict in South Sudan, all the more if South Sudan has an effective leadership these various challenges would be addressed but see at the top level the all thing is collapsed people are looking for rescue but find non. Civilians cannot be blame for keeping the woods on fire because this is the tactic the top level use to keep community apart. It had been said that when wicked reign people run to hiding. Yes, it is true they run to hiding until no place left for them. The truth is that bad lesson come first so that people would learn from it and not repeat any mistake afterward. You will be rescued from any tyrants who delight from people mistreatment and they will learn their own mistake.


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