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By Tut Kuany Kok,

An oil tanker which overturned in South Sudan's Maridi County killed over 176 civilians and left many others injured(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)
An oil tanker which overturned in South Sudan’s Maridi County killed over 176 civilians and left many others injured(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)

July 28th, 2019(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan has been over a half a decade in a state of anarchy with a shortage of countries trying to bring to the table the warring factions, for instance, the super state nations that comprise of TROIKA, Africa Union (AU) and IGAD (tripartite) are seemingly to end the ongoing civil war, dictatorship, sadism, corruption genocide, human right abuses, ignorance, poverty, diseases and the massive exploitation of the resources of the country by the outsiders but most of their efforts to finding a lasting solution to the South Sudan’s festering and peril problem hit the rock very hard with which their partial intervention to pause the civil war will not produce any progress. Therefore, the people of South Sudan are dying where their afflictions goes beyond, it’s 6th year since the eruption of the conflict in the year 2013-December between President Salva Kiir and his erstwhile Vice President Dr. Riek Machar who turned the main antagonist in the country, as a result, a good number of people were internally displaced in disarray condition while some are living along the rivers, swam and deserts for the fear of oppression, harassment and maiming from their own country men who turned wild against them. 

As a result of this feud, The people of South Sudan are in an intense destitution in which they need immediate help more than anything else for the fact that the wet season is approaching and it will be a thorough and complex condition to those living under trees and caves without proper shelters and food that could sustain their living hitherto Peace has come home and subsequent to their perennial problem it should be with tremendous satisfaction if the international community carry out the survey where the people of South Sudan are being displaced by the six years running feud while to squint nearsightedly the dread spectacles of pang of hunger, war-related starvation and diseases, hence, children are badly malnourished and there is apparent visible signs of malnutrition among children particularly among those who got displaced and there is also the rampant pneumonia among the children too and the aged. Overall, the condition among the displaced people look certainly fragile and it therefore call for the regional and international intervention through the humanitarian assistant.

Though, it’s with somewhat apathy to write on behalf of hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese who are living with grinding poverty, persecution and oppression instigated by their very own leaders. I, therefore, with disappointment, call upon the international donors to help in alleviating the vicious circle and traumatic circumstances the people of South Sudan are living in for so long, moreover, the vagabonds population who in a sense, anticipating their leaders to come into con-corded mutual and political atmosphere for their sake where each and every one could go to his or her residential area are now less optimistic since there’s no any single point which denote the seriousness of the leaders started from the government side and partially echoed by the antagonistic parties, the only thing remains for them now is little hope under afternoon shadow which extremely mean Revitalize Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCISS) and for it to be put into effect it will however be through recognition of their afflictions and starvation that they have been chronically undergoing in their long-term hideout,

Additionally. Oxfam, one of the non-governmental Organizations in the country firmly confirmed that 1.4 million people who are internally displaced are in dire need of help and another four million (including me the writer) are suffering in the neighboring countries as refugees. And apparently, this is because of the aggrandizement and state of bureaucracy of the leaders for which their sole and personal obsessional is to keep off one another from shining in the face of the politics in South Sudan, despite, the worsening of the situation in the country. With all of this, the world needs to take superb initiative that can certainly mitigate the long abject destitution which the South Sudanese have been encountering for a half of decade because without their entailment I do believe that the condition will deteriorate into another level where nobody can cease it

Furthermore, an indecent assault on women and girls is one of the rampant practices being use as a weapon of war in South Sudan by the government forces particularly in Equatoria and Upper Nile Region in which many cases of sexual harassment go unreported and I never heard of any soldier who committed such a heinous crime being so far indicted or arraigned in court and this never happened because the government of Salva Kiir over indulgent them to continue with the excruciating pain that robbed innocent women and girls of their dignity and self-prize, however, their intangible condition goes beyond description and it call for the Human Rights Watch to intervene sufficiently.

In reference and pertaining to R-ARCISS, it was then last year September-12 when the SPLM/A under President Salva Kiir, the SPLM/A In Opposition under Former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, the SSOA under Changson Lew Chang and FDs signed the last documents in Addis Ababa Ethiopia which officially base on Pre-transitional government of national Unity (T-GoNU) so that when the eight month interim period ended the all antagonist leaders could go back to the country to resume their duties but seven months have gone without any sign of breakthrough and progress in term of security arrangement, constitutional reform, number of States and release of detainees including Dr. Riek who undergone double confinement from his South Africa house arrest and to Sudan house restrictions, in so doing, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and its partners in peace need to re-look into what stand to be hindrances to the implementation of the above four factors that I have mentioned.

In fact, President Salva Kiir haven’t yet quench his thirst with blood of South Sudanese as his political tendency is to circumscribe his opponents, thinking that by doing so, it’s the only way that can sustain him in power he doesn’t put under consideration the hard time and critical period the South Sudanese are passing through at the very moment. With all, he is proud of how he turned the country into while he is not under any capitulation that can expedite the peace process through R-ARCISS until the recent involvement of Pop Francis through the Vatican “spiritual retreat”. Seditiously, as we have nearsightedly view how our country look like under our very own leaders whom we have long entrusted with the task and the same task that they have astonishingly turned into extermination of their citizens. I therefore, I believe this is the right time that we can take to streets and entail national expression albeit you’re on the government or the side of the antagonist this is time for us to bury the hatchet and understand our perennial fate and for once understand that we’re the one bearing the brunt of senseless violence that our leaders have put us into.

Moreover, the leaders aren’t immortal to do what they want against our own will but the country is immortal which will last for ages, in all, we’re the one suffering under their feet with which their own family are living comfortably in western world because of the money they have looted so far that made them financially capable, it’s time for us to call for unity, togetherness and reconciliation within diversity for our own good while allowing ourselves for once to pause the belligerent discrimination and, uprooting the seed of hatred the leaders planted in our mind and heart, I believe if this is done with care, wisdom and courage then we shall be likely to get purge of the bloodletting feud in the country, 

For we have long knew that the political sectarian of our leaders is something submerged into deep sea of blood. We then ought to diligently act to cease our festering problem of diseases, famine, and exploitation of our national resources by the intruders and alienation of one from the government. And for all of these things to be done, it therefore, call for us to put our act and responsibility together, let us not forget that the regional and international community’s intervention in solving our problem ask for something in return through exploitation of our resources and if we’re the one who sit down to understand our own fate and solve it amicably, peacefully and cordially then no resources that can be pillaged by the outsiders in the name of peace mediation and arbitration, 

However, it’s our very perquisite and responsibility to put to an end the politics of predatory for our own benefit as we were in the bush for 21 years when we liberated ourselves from Arabs North of Sudan and within those egregious years we therefore called ourselves brothers and sisters without distinctive.. Why not once again? Finally it’s our chance to raise up our voices together for the world to hear it and understand the situation we’re living in for a quite number of years without any comprises among our leaders who are being induces by the power-greed and wealth that we became a victim of,  as a pacifist, I’m writing this piece so that we the people of South Sudan should rediscover ourselves from the bondage of tribalism, despotism and the bad governance which plunged us into different sections and compartments that base on divide and conquer. 

Last but not least, the state of ostracism and usurpation is under our obligations for now as the people who shared the common bond if we then get rid of tribalism and it’s our responsibility to cease it because it has been causing us pain and nonstop wailing and in so doing, South Sudan is bigger than any individual and it’s bigger than anyone who deem it his or her own we all paid the high price with blood of our gallant heroes and heroic who perished during the 21 years of wars against Arabs for us to be having a nation which is made up of 64 tribes albeit small or big. Realistically, for us to recognize our fate and mess we then need to ask ourselves, where is South Sudan heading to or where should it be heading..? Looking back now it has not always been our wishes to see the country being devoted to destruction by the leaders whom we have trusted to lead us through but due to their bad political arena and stalemate, we then encountered the affliction they have thrown on us.

Eloquently, we need to critically think despite we’re in distinctive ethnic and political classes for the betterment of that country of ours because being under ethnic group won’t help us in fact; it will fan the flame of further destruction among South Sudanese. We lastly need to think of what might vindicate us from the shackles of impoverishment and persistent death of our innocent souls who know nothing about the politics and its endurance negative consequences and with this. I rather believed we will once again live in the country where pluralist administration should be the one to take over, with reconciliation and forgiveness to the one to take root in regardless of what happened in the past for which to let by-gone be by-gone although our leaders bungle the country to the last of its collapsing it’s our task to rebuild and put it intake where tribalism, hatred, jealousy, discrimination, cronyism, nepotism and schism can be wipe away.

In conclusion, to the recent meeting between the South Sudan’s leaders and Pop Francis in Vatican in the name of the “spiritual retreat” As this simply stands for “going back of our leaders into their normal friendly atmosphere”. Per my political insight, it’s quite hard for the Pop to succeed in bringing back the people who chronically been in the state of deep political hatred accompanied by the ethnic hue of “born to rule” or the prophetic whim”. Therefore, South Sudan’s chagrin problems is bigger than the earthly god’s intervention without the shared responsibilities of its people, for instance, Omer Albashir, who been in power for three good decades was recently ousted through the power of the citizens while the same scenario happened two week back in Algeria where the citizens themselves took it to the streets and dethrone their leader who insisted even on the wheelchair to rule the country. What I finally mean, pertaining to is that, the people of South Sudan are one who are going to solve their problems since the solution to its laid in their hand if they put aside their differences and looking forward to building a better paradise without tribal mindset.

May God bless South Sudan and its beautiful peoples.  

The author, Tut Kuany Kok, can be reached through his email at tutkuany7@gmail.co

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