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SPLM (IO) Youth League Applaud UN Secretary General

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Ruot,


Jan 30, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– The crisis in the Country has killed, displaced and forced many to starvation and the region has been in a mute button or deep sleep for long.

None amongst the most closes friends and  neighbors of south Sudan/ south Sudanese ever, has the temerity to point his finger to President Museveni whence he first sent his UPDF to terrorized the citizens via the used of chemical weapons nor President Uhuru Kenyatta the kidnapper and deportee of SPLM  (io) Cadres.

Today, there is someone inline with Ambassador Nikki Helley who has been on the lonely stage in her quest for human rights , freedom and dignity of the people of South Sudan.

H.E Secretary General  Mr. Antonio Gueterres clearly said the region is doing little to bring a lasting and genuine peace to South Sudan.

This acknowledgement alone at least shows admittance and acceptability that IGAD is the major factor leading  to the deterioration and possibly the  derailing of the ACRISS.

For that reason, We the SPLM Youth League in opposition applaud his bold decision to single out the regional leaders who have been playing behind the curtain for quiet sometimes now.

It took the UN, Troika, International community and AU nearly 3 to 4 years to figure out exactly that the Kenya and Uganda are the one fueling the crisis in the Country.

Perhaps, the universe, in this juncture, must now know the differences between warmongers and real mediators. IGAD has failed and it must be substituted for peace to prevail in South Sudan.


Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Ruot – SPLM  (io) Youth League – Spokesman.

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