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A Very Merry Christmas, A Sad Year Again for the IDPS In the Camps:

By David Lony Majak:

It’s December once again and Christmas is just around the corner. I collected some great-looking Christmas wallpapers in widescreen format. Christmas is the most looked forward to holiday of the year for the young children around the world. Although this holiday is celebrated by many nations, each of their cultures have created their own traditions, making Christmas celebrations in a particular country different than the Christmas celebrations of another. Anyway, Cherish the joyful spirit of Christmas Festival with these beautiful Christmas wallpapers...

Dec 25, 2014, (Nyamilepedia) – A very Merry Christmas and Happy prosperous New Year 2015, a sad year again full of miserable events in South Sudan. May God bless all South Sudanese around the world and especially to NUER IDPs in UNIMSS, United Nations Mission in South Sudan camps in South Sudan? This is a second year for Nuer IDPs to be in the Camps where they faced a lots of challenges in different capacities, no doubt that PEACE has failed to prevails itself in South Sudan since no one cares for its existence again. South Sudan Government and IGAD-Intergovernmental Authority Development and other political stakeholders have failed to resolve the on-going conflict in South Sudan just because of political briberies in the Peace process.

South Sudan Conflict (SSC) has caused a complete Human destruction in which Human beings have subjected to killings and human suffering on no grounds, South Sudan Politics is been played by hopeless politicians with no human ideology. May GOD almighty oversee those against human lives in South Sudan and elsewhere in the world, wishing all of YOU a protectorate and respectful xx-mas Eve. I know most of Naath community around the world will celebrate this Christmas with tears dropping from their eyes because a half of Nuer population in South Sudan is living in unconditional shelters in their own country, despite the facts that; quarter of Nuer people are also situated in Refugees camps from neighboring countries, Kenya, Uganda and The federal Republic of Ethiopia.

This year 2014, we will not celebrates Christmas Eve because of happiness as usual but this year, we will celebrate it just for the sake of thanking the heaven GOD for having protected the remaining NUER civilians whom quarter of them have been killed during Juba Genocide last year 2013 December. I believed in my own understanding that; there will always be some fear when I speaks and writes in public about Juba genocide but it is normal, victims of victims, the fathers of deceases, the brothers of brothers and the sisters of the late sisters shall still join their hands with me in future to air out the voice of voiceless groups in the Republic of South Sudan and around the world. Am not against anyone or groups but it takes a longer time to get rid of fear of public speaking in events of no longer at ease, Nuer people have not yet forget the bereavement sessions of remembering Juba Massacre of 15, December 2013 where 20,000 perished with no cost on the hand of South Sudan’s president.

The Author can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com

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