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Diaspora Nuer South Sudanese Community Urges JMEC “Not to Compromise Peace Agreement Implementation”.

By Joseph Wuol

South Sudanese - Canadians in a protest call on the Canadian government to act to help end the South Sudan conflict (Photo: file)
South Sudanese – Canadians in a protest call on the Canadian government to act to help end the South Sudan conflict (Photo: file)

Jan 04, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- It is a vital reality that the implementation of the peace agreement is facing challenges that can not be overcome without dire intervention of key stakeholders to this agreement, namely, The African Union, UN and the US.

The people of South Sudan have suffered several decades of civil conflicts that made it one of the most undeveloped part of our planet earth today. The South Sudanese diasporas are very concerned should the recently signed peace agreement between the government and the opposition failed to get implemented in spirit and to the letter in this year 2016.

We, the Diaspora in Ontario, Canada like our diasporas in the US, Europe and Australia and elsewhere in the world are aware of inevitable miserable humanitarian consequences that could unfold from the failure of this agreement.

In the light of the far-reaching consequences of the apparent implementation challenges and particularly the recent government establishment order of 28 States and its subsequent appointment of Governors. It is our obligation and morale duty to condemned such a violation and appeal to the government to rescind the establishment of the 28 States because it is an unjustified violations of the peace agreement.

We do appeal to the two parties to show statesmanship to implement the agreement without creating other unnecessary blocks that could drag the already volatile socio-economic conditions into another devastating conflict.

The African Union in the body of IGAD-PLUS Five that has commissioned the former president of Botswanana.Hon.Festus Mogae to head the JMEC should play its critical role to ensure that the parties to the agreement, both the government and the opposition commit themselves to the implementation processes outlined in the deal without conditions. The UN role is critical to enforce the security arrangement and the permanent ceasefire aspects of the agreement that core to operationalize the agreement and particularly for civilian’s protection and functioning of the Transitional Government of the Nationality Unity (TGoNU).

The US, China and TROIKA countries should fulfill their commitment to end the past nearly two years of violent conflict in South and safeguard the fragile Horn of Africa region from plunging into quagmire of conflict.

People of South Sudan should have peace in this year of 2016. It is therefore our strongest appeal to the African Union-IGAD PLUS Five, UN, US and TROIKA countries to pressurize the two parties and particularly the government to drop its repetitive reservations and focus on the peace agreement implementation. The recent establishment Order of the 28 States is unpopular to all South Sudanese political and civil society forces and should not be a problem for it to be revoked and path of lasting peace pursued for the inertest of our suffering masses.

Long Live Unity of South Sudanese People for Peace and Democracy.

Nuer South Sudanese Community of Kitchener-Waterloo and Wellington, Ontario, Canada and The Nuer South Sudanese Women Alliance, Kitchener-Waterloo and Wellington, Ontario, Canada. Can be reached at josephwuol2014@gmail.com

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