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ASSD Condemns Illegal Creation of 28 States without Citizens’ Consultation and Calls on President Kiir to Reverse the Order

Map of the 28 states decreed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit
Map of the 28 states decreed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit

Jan 04, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- The Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) protests the illegal imposition of establishment of 28 states in South Sudan without citizens’ consultation. ASSD believes that such a move is a direct violation and derailment of the signed peace agreement whereby only 10 states were the basis of shared governance between the two warring parties and we believe that this is done to reinforce the tribal solidarity agenda.

Given the latest development from Juba led government in appointing 28 state governors, it is obvious, President Kiir does not care about the lives of innocent South Sudanese and ASSD believes that the priority for South Sudan and its suffering citizens is peace and stability and followed by decentralization of powers in promotion of developmental initiatives at local levels. ASSD believes that having a big government is not the answer at this point given all credible data of human suffering across South Sudan with millions relying heavily on the mercy of humanitarian agencies and good will of faith-based organizations.

ASSD calls on IGAD countries, United Nations, Troika countries (USA, UK and Norway), China, Australia, Canada and Russia to intervene in safeguarding humanity as President Kiir has failed to protect and serve the interest of all citizens. ASSD is concerned and would like to inform the world about the invisible hands behind President Kiir’s mismanagement of South Sudan with an agenda of silencing and control other minority tribes in South Sudan.

ASSD squarely blames the current mess in South Sudan on the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE-Dinka) and rogue, semi-retired commanders who helped recruit the tribal militias who were responsible for the onslaught of the innocent South Sudanese in Juba and beyond. We believe that JCE primary objective is to establish a tribal state whereby Jieng interest surpasses collective interest of all South Sudanese. JCE was formed in mid-2013 with 77 representatives from all the Dinka clans to further tribal interests and directly protect the presidency by misleading innocent Dinka civilians at the state levels by instill fearing on them that Jieng Interest is at crossroad and also use past tribal conflicts as recruitment tools and solidify tribal cohesion.

ASSD urges all caring and concerned citizens of South Sudan in the United States to call out President Kiir and JCE to protest and show their discontentment with Kiir-led government in Juba, South Sudan by calling on the world to urge President Kiir to implement the signed peace agreement and reverse the recent decree that was passed without citizens’ consultation and input.


This statement is released by the Department of Information and Public Affairs of The Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD). Contact: Tel 202.285.5881, email info.assd@gmail.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/assd121513 and Website: www.alliancesouthsudanesediaspora.org

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Tollio January 5, 2016 at 12:32 pm

The government is the only known legitimate authority in South Sudan.It is a representative of all citizens. It makes decisions on behalf of all citizens. If a citizen is a not a public servant, he/she has the government official in the public office who represents his/her interest in a constituency. If there are concerns regarding the created 28 states,the concerned citizens should talk to their local representatives in the area.

Recruiting people for protest in countries like the US and asking the United States government for backing is off the walls. Those people could simply resolve their concerns with their South Sudanese members of parliaments in both central government and state levels.

Since some South Sudanese in the US hold American citizenships over there,I wonder if there has ever been a time that the US government has ever consulted them or involved them in policy making processes which impacts every American citizen like them,as far as their being citizens are concerned? presumably, the answer is no. I have never come across any article about South Sudanese Americans who have ever been consulted when the White House does things or protested because they were not consulted by President Obama. No South Sudanese Americans have ever called on British, Russia and China to put more pressure on President Obama for not even presenting them in American government,although they are citizens and ethnic minorities over there.. Doesn’t this mean they are dominated in America and if the South Sudanese over there see that as an issue,shouldn’t they be calling that an illegal imposition on them,since they are saying the same thing about 28 states in South Sudan that have never shot,killed or displaced our citizens ?

People in Western nations are racially diverse. They have federal states but they were not partitioned or created so that a majority race can dominate minority races. They have federal states in America and every citizen is free to travel,live and work in whichever state he/she wishes with out discrimination because of his/her race,ethnicity, religion or state of origin. South Sudanese such as those in diaspora who wrote the article above should learn these examples from multicultural countries like the US .South Sudan shouldn’t be an exception because of the so-called tribes being used as a barrier.

Tell me if there is any race or ethnic groups who own the lands of which states in America? I have never been to America but my guess to that answer is, no particular race or ethnic. You can probably rent or buy a house in any neighborhood from housing companies in any state.

The 28 states belong to all South Sudanese regardless of their tribal backgrounds or religions. Foreigners can travel to those states and reside there for some durations.

Unvulu Olorogo January 5, 2016 at 7:56 pm

Tollio, Your likes are disgrace! You have blindfolded by tribalism and Jieng born to rule agenda. If your logic is true tell why did we fight close to 50 years to obtain independence from the Jellabas?? Just now go back and think of the reasons we fought the Jellabas, has your Jiengs imposed them on other South Sudanese but even worse? As Sudanese the Jellabas could live anywhere isn’t it? As Sudanese dictators, the Jellabas could move any boundaries without consultation with stakeholders, so why on earth we needed a separate government?

IN democratic systems, the MP and governors are elected by the people and have their mandates to act on their behalves, if they makes decisions that their electorates are in disagreement with, they can be recalled or loose elections next round, that is the check and balance in place. While in South Sudan, even Kiir, has stayed passed his mandate, therefor they do not have rights to act leave alone unilaterally. If the MPs have Mandate, even then for their decisions to be legitimate they must follow rule of laws in keeping with the constitutions but in South sudan, this did not happen.

You have a twisted logics. For you to understand better, just imagine if the powers in the country where to be in the hands of say Murle, Mundari or Toposas and they do exactly what the Jiengs are now doing will you still say the noises you said above or you will be shouting like what we are now doing?

It is an oppressions, it is a dinkanizations agenda and it is an ethnic cleansing but the news is no any group of people have succeeded doing that anywhere and south sudan will not be an exceptions! We defeated the Jlabas, it took us 5o years and we shall defeat the Jiengs they insist on doing evil instead of being brother, South sudden shall stand no matter how long it will take.


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