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Breaking: South Sudan Rebels Keep POW from The Battle of Kaka, Upper Nile!

Government POWs captured by the rebels in Kaka payam on 14th June, 2015(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

June 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan rebels in Upper Nile have spared at least six government prisoners of war (POW) from the latest battles at Kaka Payam of Manyo County.

According to our correspondent in Shilluck Kingdom, the prisoners of war were captured on Sunday when a combined unit of government troops launched major offensives on the rebels’ stronghold at Kaka Tajaria on Sunday, June 14th, 2015.

The military journalist confirms that four of the six POWs, who hail from the Chollo [Shilluck] Community identified themselves as members of Tiger Division under the overall command of Ayuok Ogat, and the other two, who are Nuer by ethnicity, as members of Division(1) and Division Seven(7).

The military source identifies the POW as follow:

  1. Lt-col Paulino Yak Abar Ador ( Tiger of Ayuok Ogat)
  2. 1st Lt Manya Thot Nhial (Division 7)
  3. R.S/M Mahmoud Sabino Merjak (Tiger of Ayuok  Ogat)
  4. Capt. Joseph Othow Atong (Tiger of Ayuok Ogat)
  5. Capt. Paulo Arnes Tipo (Tiger of Ayuok Ogat)
  6. Capt. Makur Duol Warar Wek (Division One )

The source further reiterates that many government troops were killed, and military equipments were captured in a battle that last for more than three hours.

The allied troops, who occupy two of the five payams in the county, according to the County Commissioner, have reportedly retreated to the administrative headquarters, Wedakona, which the troops captured from the rebels for the first time in March this year.

The Opposition regained control of Kaka in April this year after a Major General defected the government in the region.

Speaking to a military intelligent of SPLA-IO at Kodok, the administrative headquarters of Shilluck Kingdom, the SPLA commander, who received the POWs in the area, commits to protect the prisoners, saying they are “well taken care off”.

“Yes they are all alive, it’s me who brought them here yesterday”  The M.I added,

According to Manyo County Commissioner, Rajab Deng Ajak, the rebels attacked the government position at Daba area after which the troops pursued them to Kaka.

Deng believes that their forces suffered many casualties in Kaka after they felt into an ambush from SPLA-IO forces.

“The rebels attacked us and then we pursued them until Kaka, but in Kaka the rebels used their steamboat coved with straw in the river, and we didn’t know that there was a steamboat in the river. That’s why we retreated back to Kaka Marou,” he explained.

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