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Press Statment on Military Confrontation in Maridi

South Sudan's soldier in high moral
South Sudan’s soldiers in high moral

June 18, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — On the night of 16th June 2015, the Patriotic forces of the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) successful conducted raid in Maridi town to rescue Maridi County Commissioner and the local population from well armed government allied Dinka tribal militia – causing heavy losses on both government forces (SPLA) and the allied tribal militia groups. The incident happened after the community of Maridi issued a press-statement on 11 June 2015 condemning the evil acts of the Dinka cattle keepers with backing of the Government forces (SPLA) whereas they burnt houses, killed innocent civilians and looted people’s properties between, 7-9 June 2015; where our brilliant forces intervened and destroyed SPLA’s production unit as per our press-release dated 9th June 2015.

The Maridi Community in their Press – Statement called for full implementation of Republican Order number 17/2015 issued on 8 April 2015 ordering the evacuation of all cattle from Greater equatorial, as well calling on the National Army (SPLA) deployed in Maridi to respect the constitution and provide protection to civilian without
discrimination toward some ethnicity.

Therefore before the departure of the Dinka cattle keepers, the armed militia group invaded the residence of Commissioner of Maridi County with intention to assassinate him and his family as well to massacre the population of Maridi. Our intelligence sources has obtained the information before hand and as they face military confrontation with the body guards of the commissioner, the Government forces (SPLA) attempted to join Dinka tribal militia group and our alerted brilliant forces intervened, and successful confronted both the Government troops and their allied forces. Our revolutionary forces killed at least 20 SPLA and their allied tribal forces and injured several others and were in control of Maridi town for Five hours before it tactical retreated.

REMNASA would like to remain our nation that, we as a nation have recognized the facts that, the evil practices and policies of the Government of SPLM has inflicted deep spirit of hatred in our society that is continuing to manifest itself in tribalism or tribal related conflicts nationwide. Thus we as a nation is decrying tribalism and in this regard, we would like to state that, the tribalism that we are against, cannot be addressed by tribalism but unity. We cannot use tribalism to eradicate tribalism in our society and therefore, we are imploring every South Sudanese citizens to refrain from tribalism or acts that will spread tribalism in order to save our national unity and coexistence.

Our brilliant forces will not identify herself with specific tribes against other tribes but will serve and save our citizens without discrimination. We will act within defined laws against those preaching and practicing tribalism in our society.

We also wanted to inform civilian population that, the Government forces and their alliance are our primary military targets and therefore, would request general civilian population to refrain from using military mobility as well to remain in demilitarized zones for safety reasons.

Col. John Sunday Martin;
Spokesman – REMNASA
E-mail: guerillalinks@gmail.com
Cell phone: +236-75172511

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