Breaking: South Sudan’s Dr. Machar Talks To Donald Trump, US President Elect!

South Sudan's Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO on phone(Photo: file)

South Sudan’s Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO on phone(Photo: file)

Nov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Welcoming Mr. Donald Trump, the President-Elect of the United States on winning the elections on Nov 8th, 2016, South Sudan’s former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, welcomes the results – acknowledging that Mr. Trump won the election because he is transparent and honest to his people.

Machar believes that with such spirit, Donald’s administration, backed by the people, will make America great again.

“We trust that together with your people and working closely with other world leaders, who share the same ideals of Democracy, Justice, Human Rights and Economic Empowerment, your presidency would usher in a new order where honesty and transparency are the bases of relations.” Writes Machar, a former First Vice President of Transitional Government that has now collapsed.

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In his letter, Machar explains to Trump that his country has been hacked by a regime, under Salva Kiir, that has committed a genocide in December 2013 and plunged the country to a civil war that continues up to now.

“The country is now governed by a regime that has committed genocide in December 2013 and plunged the country into a war that continued up to date.” Dr. Machar states.

Machar, a philosopher and a mechanical engineer by training, was the first Vice President of the new nation when South Sudan attained her independent on July 09, 2011, until he was sacked on july 23rd, 2013.

Machar was sacked through a “cabinet reshuffle” by President Salva Kiir following an intense power struggle over the chairmanship and flag bearer of the ruling party, SPLM.

From December 2013, South Sudan has been engaged in a conflict that fits Machar’s supporters against the supporters of Salva Kiir.

The conflict has displaced more than 2 millions people while six millions others (more than 50% of the country’s population) face starvation and risk of famine.

According to Machar, the regime of President Salva Kiir aborted a Peace Agreement, signed in August 2015, and it is now engaged in killing, torturing, raping, looting and force displacement of civilians.

Machar, the chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/A-IO, assures President Trump that his faction is committed to a peaceful resolution to end the conflict despite that his opponents are pursuing a military solution.

The winning of Donald Trump, and the Republican Party, gives SPLM/A-IO hopes that the new administration will take a fresh look at South Sudan conflict and hopefully brings the conflict to an end.

“It is our hope that your new administration will have a fresh look and deal with it fairly as you stated, Mr. President Elect, in your victory speech” Machar said.

For Machar, who sees himself as a victim of both December 2013 and July 2016, fairness was compromised in Obama’s administration.

Notwithstanding that Machar has constantly presented his position as a victim of two attempts to silent the opposition in the young nation, Obama administration, at last, concluded that isolating Machar’s and his supporters could be the end game for South Sudan conflict; however, fighting and crimes rates have rapidly increased since the Opposition was forced out of Juba in July, 2016.

Within the same period, South Sudan’s economy has also deteriorated with inflation rate shooting close to 700%.

Although Machar has predicted Trump’s win and waited US election results patiently, it is yet to be seen if the Republican Party will restore South Sudan.

The Republican Party pushed South Sudan toward independent and President Salva Kiir enjoyed the White House at the courtesy of President George W. Bush who also introduced Salva to his famous cowboy hats.

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