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Dok Community in Uganda Calls For The ICC To Indict Top Commands Perpetrating Atrocities In Unity State

By Pal Ngundeng,

Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar's home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)
Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar’s home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)

31st Oct, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We are calling the International Criminal Court of justices to give especial tribunal to members of government of unity state for the war crimes they continue to commit.  As enshrined in the Roman Institute and in the outlawed Transitional Constitution of South Sudan that the consent of relatives of the victims must be given a due consideration, we are appealing to ICC to consider our concerns.

Genocide in Juba

We rejected the reports of Africa Union’s Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan’s conflict for saying that there was no genocide, while there was mass killing, of one ethnic (Nuer) group.

According to the International Law any general killing with the intention to kill all the group of the people or one tribe, discriminating them from other people is a genocide.

AU contradicts its reports saying that the war in Juba was well coordinated, and was a “State policy” targeting one ethnic group but failed to give it a name.

And if it was planned by top politicians in the State they could not say no genocide, it must be genocide.

Serious Crimes Were Committed

The government of unity state, whether or not they committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, general destruction of properties which is prohibited by the International Law, militias were directed by Bul generals and elders who are loyal to government in juba which provides them with supperior weapons in order to carry out government objectives of mass killing in Unity State.

Separate Indictment For the Unity State government

Yes we are calling upon ICC to give especial tribune to the government of unity state to be separated from other atrocities committed in South Sudan because they commit serious crimes, crimes against humanity which were never committed by any criminal group in the world but Bul militias did it. They are the most extremist group in the region.

Venue Indictment Not in Africa, Only ICC in Hague

In this matter, such crimes shall not be tried in Africa because the continent does not have the capacity to handle those war crimes and crimes against humanity. How many States in Africa commit war crimes and they were not prosecuted or given any warrant of arrest or given punishment? Therefore, because the judiciary systems are not independent in Africa States, South Sudan case must be transferred to ICC. African states divided themselves in South Sudan conflict, and also they will divide themselves in the Hybrid court in support of perpetrators of serious crimes and no justice will be served.

Hybrid court will never success to try those atrocities committed in South Sudan’s conflict because there are high interests in South Sudan and therefore the regional tribunal will not be independent for accountability to take its course. Accountability supports national reconciliation and healing of the pains in our hearts. Accountability is the only hope for peace in the youngest nation and therefore it must be done without favor and prejudice.

The Most Wanted Commanders in Unity State Atrocities

All commands who were in charge, discriminating innocent civilians, moving from county to county hunting their owner civil populations base on where they come from, must be liable for mass killings. Because above the command they have leaders who were expected to protect any harm that endangers the lives of innocent people in Unity State. All those commanders are aware of activity carried out by their militias and therefore they must answer for their deeds.

ICC must indict five Top Commands in Unity State

  1. Thayip Gatluak (division 4 commander)
  2. Mayoat Mayizol (division 4 operational commander)
  3. Mathew Pool Jang (division 4 Administer)
  4. Bapiny Maytiul (The link who supply weapons to Division 4 for the operation)
  5. Nguen Maytiul (caretaker governor of Unity State who always give instructions to commanders for operation), and others several seniors commanders, commissioners and Unity State Top politicians.

However, for the people of Unity State above criminal Top Commands must be brought before the court for peace to come back. All perpetrators must appearing before the ICC in Hague not hybrid court in Africa.

Long live South Sudan

Long live –IO

Long live –DR. Riek Machar

Dok Community in Uganda;


Signed by the chairperson;

Email; Palngundeng43@gmail.com

Phone; +256782990990

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Tolio November 1, 2015 at 5:30 am

Indict them your selves.

Gatdar.wich November 1, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Do Not Worry GaatDok !

Thayik Gatluak, Mayoat Mayizol, Matthew FoolJang, Bapiny Minytuill, Nguen Minytuil, and Mabek lang Bilkuey, will and shall be eminently CASTRATED and CREMATED in Lich State before being taken to ICC in Hague. Their castration and cremation ceremony is near. Eye for an Eye catastrophic operations on these treacherous thugs period


David Wadajebel. November 1, 2015 at 10:18 pm

Mr. Pal, i felt so discouraged after having read your article in which you generalized our people. The issue of BUL NUER needs us to reacted with care because not all BUL are on the side of Government but some of them are standing with entire Nuer community in all these difficult time we all went through. The BUL NUER on the side of SPLM-IO have never betrayed the cost of NUER suffering since then.

In regards to our suffering civil populations from Leer County, it is not one man his concern, it is our major problem as Nuer communities regardless of our clans, and sub-sections. ”i quoted this part of your article which says, any criminal group in the world but Bul militias did it. They are the most extremist group in the region”. i said no to this and you mus adhere and refrain from community’s generalization when there are pertaining issues which need our effort as youth.

Gatdar.wich November 2, 2015 at 11:46 am

David Wadajebel,

Bull in general have treacherous blood in their veins. David, for your validation and confirmation, search for the historical facts regarding the Bulls’ political prostitution and traitorous records in Sudan, South Sudan, Bentiu, and in NuerNation.

You might rightly argues about the Minytuils sons, Puljangs, Thayip Gatluaks,
Mayoat Mayizols, and others well known Bull militants, that are busily implementing the Dinka’s extermination of Nuer, being the snakes in this topic, but evidently, pal, you are definitely a scorpion in the SPLA-IO, and can, will, and shall turn into a snake when time warrants.

Bulls in general, have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are evil-spirits possessed, and only the process of TREPHINATION(cutting/drilling holes in their brains can undo or treatment that chronic disease).

pal ngundeng November 2, 2015 at 2:50 am

i do mean those militias under direct command of governor, pooljang.i do believe that not all Bul are killers.
but those who commit atrocities.


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