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PETITION: Seeking Revocation of Illegal Sanctions Against Gen. Peter Gatdet!

Congress of South sudanese patriots

Oct 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On or about Tuesday June 2014, the Us Treasury Department imposed a random and unsubstantial economic sanctions against freedom Fighter Major General Peter Gadet who reasonably rebelled against the outrageous government of south Sudan followed the latter’s Order to exterminate thousands non-combatants in cold blood based on their ethnicity or perceived political allegiance on 15th 16th 17th and 18th December 2013 in capital city of Juba. In line with this uncouth ruling, they claimed to have frozen any of his Assets in the United States and further blocks US people or Companies from dealing or interacting with him.

The grounds under which this decision was reached includes inter alia; that he personally commanded troops that killed 200 civilians in Unity States capital Bentiu in April 2014, and that he was an impediment to peace in the country.

Secondly, on or about July 2nd 2015, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issued another sanction on him and five other renegade Generals on both sides of SPLM warring factions; this followed the ‘‘Amnesty international report’’ which i have the copy, that soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir Mayardit and affiliate Militia gang-raped and burned alive women and girls in and around our areas of Leer, Koch and Guit counties in unity states. The imposters further subjected him to travelled ban and asset freeze. Unlike in the first case, there was no single reason given why Gadet’s name was included when the Amnesty international report on human rights violation only implicated the South Sudan government forces for abuse of human rights in Bentiu.

It’s however important to note that, since Peter Gadet launched armed resistant against Juba regime 18th December 2013, he never step foot anywhere near Bentiu where the alleged killings of dozen civilians was said to have committed by him. In fact when that incident took place; he was at certain place within Jonglei State. We just opted to withhold the name of that place where he was for the sake of the security of those who are still there right now.

In addition, at that time of the incident he was not in-charge of the overall operation of the opposition forces, as such, there was no way he could command or instruct forces unfamiliar to him from a distance. His appointment as Overall deputy chief of staff of Operation in SPLM –IO came in early January 2015, one year after that incident was already reported. The soldiers who were perceived to have committed the offence were led by different commander to whom UNSC should investigate and find out how and where exactly that incident took place with view to get the real culprit.

It is common knowledge that General Gadet revolt on broad day light four day after the all world learned with shock that the government of republic of South Sudan was slaughtering section of its citizenry after the false coup attempt. In his conscious reaction, he considered it a civic and constitutional duty to take a stance against it. As some of you may be aware, anybody who keeps quite in the face of injustice against children and women is supporting the status quo of oppression, nepotism, bad governance and dictatorship, and Peter Gadet has refused to tolerate such circumstances that led our people down. However, to retract and said we sanction him for standing up against such vices is poor judgment beyond lunacy.

I want the world to open up its Ears, to know and recall that before Peter Gadet began his attempt to match to Juba, he already made sure all civilians in Bortown and its environs had first taken camp in Various United nation’s centers. He does this in his capacity as responsible leader to avoid any civilian being caught in the cross-fire. He made a prior campaign informing people whose relatives were targeted in juba, to forbear revenge attack and they adhered to it.

This gesture was received with applause across south Sudanese communities because it served to prevents the potential recurrent of the 1991 incident where hundreds of our innocent people were equally massacred on the bases of their ethnicity and perceived political allegiance. In fact it was this demonstration, ladies and gentlemen that informed our decision to believe that the conflict was not purely versus Nuer and Dinka though some elements could still be establish to justify it.

His unsuccessful attempt to overtake Juba was solely on ‘‘rescue mission’ while the government forces were on ‘extermination mission’’ in and around the capital city resulting to tragic loss of over 20,000 lives.

Were it not for the Uganda army (UPDF) who abruptly intrude and use cluster bombs because they were not able to stop him and his gallant forces, we believe the number of the victims who perished in Juba could not have reached more than 20,000, and thus we shall always lay blames on the Uganda people for this massive irrecoverable loss of our dear ones.

It is my honest belief that the Uganda army could not interfere in South Sudan and went as far as using ban weapon of mass destruction without the permission from the US. I believe they were directed to quickly intervene and stop Peter Gadet from overtaking Juba on mere assumption that there was going to be genocide worse than that of Rwanda in 1994. The fact that they are now going back scot-free without anyone condemning them for using cluster bomb is an evident that they were told to come and fight and use cluster bomb if need be. The Uganda armies were in south Sudan a week before the crisis erupted, and this fact lead us to ask million question, if really they came to arrest or curb the eminent and looming the situation devoid of any ulterior motive, why didn’t they stop the massacre in Juba which was being done in their direct watch, instead of going to fight Peter Gadet and company in pretext of preventing killing which have yet taken place?

A midst July this year, when his erstwhile comrades defrocked him arbitrarily from the SPLM-IO’S ranks, they stated quite eloquently, that General Gadet had no forces loyal to him across south Sudan. This testimony perse is enough to have him exonerated of any wrong doing; that mean his former colleagues agreed to shoulder all credits and woes which occurred during the twenty one months old conflict. And IGAD seemed to have subscribed to this view because they have rushed to conclude the agreement as an SPLM deal without factoring in the opinion of people likes Peter Gadet whom they verily knew was the first commander who shot the first bullet in protest against state sponsored terror that was launched on 15th December 2013.

I have no knowledge about other aforementioned individuals who have also been sanctioned alongside Peter Gadet, I got no substantial fact to rebut or challenge their sanctions, and thus we withhold our opinion about them for now. I’m only concern with justice for the victims, survivors and their defenders like Peter Gadet who stood by their side during their hour of tragedy devoid of any hypocrisy.

I would like to remind you of known legal maxim that says ‘‘it’s better to set free thousand guilty persons than to convict innocent one’’ Forthwith, I demand revocation of this sanction not because I had knowledge that he soon wish to travel to United States nor I’m aware that he had any money in any bank account that have been frozen, I only seek to protect his inherent and inalienable rights that have been breach while he was pursuing a justice cause.

In my view, I look at this random sanction as pure defamation intended to lower his reputation, making him to be shunned or avoided as right thinking member of global community; it’s a misrepresentation of justice.

It t is absolutely nothing but an affront to natural justice; it is manifest of political hegemony which we were born into. Its conspiracy against us and the likes of Peter Gadet who long to resist and change the wrath of this stooge regime that has vowed to stay put.

It is purposely meant to frustrate and intimidate warriors of our times, if that be the case, it’s an effort in futility. Cesar Chavez said ‘‘once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducated the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore

  1. The sanction was purely based on mere imagination and not on any credible findings linking him to atrocities that have been done in south Sudan
  2. He was not link to any of the alleged human rights violation
  3. He is not an impediment to peace as allege but proponent of peace justice and reconciliation
  4. He wanted SPLM leaders who are privy to this war to be sideline in the transitional government of national unity
  5. He wanted a capable and neutral group to lead the transitional government of national unity and to partake the course of reconciliation in the country
  6. Gadet was fighting in defense of Justice and inalienable rights to life of south Sudanese which is in line with democratic principles that south Sudanese and world yearn for
  7. The sanction was belittling and meant to tarnish his reputation and to portray him as criminal in the eye of the international communities
  8. He has carried out his rebellion with utmost care and respect for civilian rights as he demonstrated in Bor and therefore does not deserve unjust punishment
  9. The issuance of this sanction exhibited ignorance and lack of knowledge about the situation on the ground
  10. The sanction against Gadet is total provocation and betrayal to the victims and survivors who Gadet had stood up for
  11. The sanction serve as double standard on, and affront to peace and justice needed in south Sudan.
  12. The sanction cast doubt on the integrity and credibility of this institution
  13. The sanction is bias and lack no reflection of truth and natural justice

In view of the forgoing i urge you to swiftly consider revoking this sanction so as to allow justice, peace and reconciliation to take its course. If there would be credible findings that implicate him, such as the AUCISS reports whose finding are yet made public, Peter Gadet is ready to prove his innocent before any competent court of law or tribunal.

SWORN BEFORE ME this 30th day of October 2015

At the City of Nairobi, Kenya,

Signed by DAK BUOTH

Address to:

  1. United Nation Security Council (UNSC)
  2. Department of foreign Asset, United States of America (OFA)
  3. The European Union (EU)

Copied to;

  1. Africa Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC)
  2. The Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD)
  • President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Chairman of Africa Union commission of Inquiry on south Sudan Conflict 2013
  1. Ms. Nyagoa Tut, South Sudan Researcher, Amnesty International
  2. Mr. David Deng, Chairman, South Sudan Law Society

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goweng Torbaar October 31, 2015 at 8:36 pm

Why he left the rebellion?

Tolio November 1, 2015 at 5:27 am

A lot of crap I have ever heard.

Gatdar.wich November 1, 2015 at 7:32 pm

Generals Gatdet and Gathok ,must immediately and unreservedly rejoin the SPLA-IO for their military careers survival. But it’s seems like convincing these erratic-habitual defectors to reconsider their decision is nothing more than trying to explain a calculus problem to a six-year-old child. You will definitely lost the child at X. What a dilemma !

Gatdar.wich November 1, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Changson Chang, the skillful Banker and Business minded man, the leader of the General Gatdet’s and General Gathok’s visionless movement, will eminently present a calculus problem-worst derivative problem–and will and shall definitely lost these battle-minded Generals!

Dr. Riek Machar, General Lado Gore, and General Taban Deng, unknowingly lost General Gatdet and General Gathok in the heat of explaining the derivatives in the peace agreement between Killer Kiir’s Genocidal Regime and the SPLA-IO.

Big problem when you have a huge gap in reasoning abilities among the key leaders in the Movement-SPLA-IO !


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