SPLA-Juba Plans New Offensives In Upper Nile

An SPLA Tank captured at the front line by the members of SPLA-IO, the Freedom Fighters(Photo: file)

An SPLA Tank captured at the front line by the members of SPLA-IO, the Freedom Fighters(Photo: file)

March 24, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —–Latest reports from Upper Nile State indicate that government troops are on campaign in Manyo County to attack new territories, under the command of SPLA-IO’s Division 7.

According to Capt. Paul Malith Koang, the military spokesman for Division 7, their intelligence intercepted unusual movement of government forces toward their new base at Gabat.

“We have acknowledged that the government troops comprising of SPLA-loyal to Salva Kiir, JEM, SPLA-N, Ugandans and Agwelek forces of Johnson Olony are on their way coming to attack us, but our forces are fully prepared to receive them” Said Capt. Koang Riaw.

The rebels’ Division 7, which controls most parts of Manyo County, is commanded by Brig. Gen. Joseph Gai Gatluak. After losing its headquarters at Wedakona to the government forces last week, the 7th Division has moved its base to Gabat, while threatening to recapture the headquarters.

Gabat, a village in Manyo County, has been the temporary base for the rebels as war continues to escalate in a county that has been quiet calm for the last 13 months.

Capt. Malith emphasized that they have noticed with clear evidences that the government forces are planting landmines and also using chemical weapons. which might have long term effect on the civil population and its natural habitats including the wild life.

Malith, however, believes that their forces have gained momentum and are fully prepared to repulse the government forces should they attempt to expand their territories beyond Wedakona.

Malith stresses that their forces will fight in self-defense but urges the international community, IGAD and peace loving South Sudanese to take immediate measures on South Sudan government for obstructing peaceful means to restore peace in the country.

In other reports, SPLM-IO and SPLM-FD are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, to consolidates their commons and strategize their positions before the new next rounds of IGAD-led mediation began.

Following the collapse of last round on March 6th, IGAD and partners promised to formulate new mechanisms that would help the warring parties bridge their differences and achieve peace in the shortest time possible.

In other reports, the former Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai, is closely monitoring the issued arrest warrant from undisclosed location in Nariobi, Kenya. Related News from Juba speculates that Gen. Pieng Deng, might be accorded more protection in Juba to avoid falling into footsteps of his colleagues, who fled to exile.