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Ugandan Police Commissioner, Fred Yiga, currently commissioning the UNMISS police, has been the chief technical adviser for the South Sudan’s interior minister and inspector general of police. (Photo: UNMISS)
Ugandan Police Commissioner, Fred Yiga, currently commissioning the UNMISS police, has been the chief technical adviser for the South Sudan’s interior minister and inspector general of police. (Photo: UNMISS)

Dec 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudanese security intelligence in collaboration with Uaganda police interrupted the commemoration of the December of 15 memorial event, according to a reliable sources.

Speaking to Ujum Deng Chol, Mr. Deng believed the whole thing was politically motivated and it saddened the entire Nuer community and other South Sudanese in Kampala. In his terms:

“The leadership of Nuer Community in Uganda under the Chairperson Stephen Gai Kak Gai, inform all Nuer community world wide that, the community in Uganda has organized the commemoration of 15 December in Kampala, Uganda at Shine Hotel Kansanga near Wonder World but was interrupted.”  Ujum Deng Chol said

But in the mid of mourning:

“The Embassy of south Sudan in Kampala in connection with Mr. Nyoat Beliew Babuoth who claimed to be chairman of some Nuer community who are supporting the illegitimate government of Salva Kiir came in and cancel the commemoration program and threatened to arrest the entire community members and its leadership.” He added.

Kampala being one of the close allies to Juba, several other sources that were reached by Nyamilepedia Editorial Team verified the threats and the majority conclude  that the event didn’t take place on the schedule date due to intimidation.

Speaking to Bouy Bouy on Skype, a student in Kampala:

“For that reason the Uganda police (Captain) came to shine Hotel and closed the gate and tell people that they received a call from military attaché in south Sudan embassy by the name Gai Chatim Pouch who told them that the date of 15 December has been changed to 16 December which is in their claimed, was the day which the “failed coup of Dr. Riek Machar was controlled-.”

This according to the community was the reason why the whole process was to be stop on 15 but allowed to take place the following day.

The community accused Mr. Nyoat Biliew of being a government agent as an  employee under Juba in the ministry of wildlife and Tourism.

Observers believe that Mr. Nyoat is employed by his uncle Toang Baboth Biliew who is Director General for Administration and Finance in the ministry.

Stephen in his capacity as a chairperson formed a committee of 9 members to meet with his counterpart and settle the whole thing peacefully but his request was turned down. The following were the member of committee formed to meet with Nyoat.

Tek Chan Nhial, Chuol Tuong, Keak Lam Mayiong, Tuach Gorden Gathuoy, Wiyual Pal, New land khan, Gatluak Kang, Ojum Deng Chuol, and many other.

Despite the efforts to meet Mr.Chatim to settle the case amicably for the community to move on with the commemoration, Mr. Chatim refused instead threatened the members.

Mr.Chatim in the meeting held with him at FangFang Hotel admitted it that he cannot help Nuer Community to go on with the commemoration because it contradict the objectives of the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit that termed the event as a failed coup which must be in 16, Dec.

“Nuer community in Kampala who are supporting the visionary leader C-in-C and Chairman Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon has strongly condemn this interruption during the mourning of more then 28,000 Nuer civilians who were massacred by the regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba.” Ojum said.

The community furthermore condemned,  “This is b’coz the 16 Dec commemoration contradict the death of our beloved ones and should be entertained by any mean.”

Efforts to contact Mr. Nyoat and Mr. Chatim to commment on the issue were fruitless.

This report was complied by Elbow Chuol, a correspondent for Nyamilepedia, who can be reached at elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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