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Syria’s War: A Prelude To Aramagddon Or Third World War III In The Middle Eastern Region


By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

 2015-12-08 at 6.46.37 PM

Dec 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The most dangerous situation facing humanity in the 21st century is the ongoing Syria’s war and the continuous rise of international terrorism that need the international community to unite in order to fight it, to defeat it, to disseminate it and to completely annihilated it on the face of the planet-Earth. The current state and threats superimposed by international terrorism do not need a take-it or leave-it decision-making, but comprehensive action to save mankind and the civilization. Without any united front emerging from the superpowers, we are all doomed and gloomed and mankind could not escape the doomsdays or the obliteration of the mother-earth. The UNSC and the UN Secretary-General Office must and ought to exercise the uttermost responsibility as an institution entrusted with maintaining international peace and security, mutual understand amongst nations and peoples to undertake immediate ‘collective action’ on Syria’s war that has caused so massive suffering, internal displacement of millions and millions more seeking refuge in other countries around the world and the rising international terrorism worldwide that should be reminder to all mankind the terror attacks on Paris, France, and Bamako, Mali. We are all in this together because there would be neither superpowers nor the least developed powers to be saved from the terror actions worldwide.

The four-year old Syria’s war that has made many people to become internally displaced people (IDPs) and many died and many have become refugees globally has not only restricted phenomenon confined to the Arab Republic of Syria and the Middle East alone. It could be spreading like California gold rush in the 19th century, African and Australian annual wild bush fires throughout the region and beyond. The China, Russia, Iran, the French, the UK, the USA and its NATO allies intervention in the aftermath of the terror coordinated attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 reportedly killed 130 people and 368 injuries with 80-89 serious and then followed by Hotel Radisson Blu terror coordinated attacks on 20 November 2015 in Bamako Mali that killed 20 people has created new psychological and sociological fears, anxieties, apprehensions and the momentum in the war against terror ISIL and AGADIS, Caliphate [State] in Syria and Iraq.


The king of the North refers to modern Russian Federation that lies north of Israel. The Book of Ezekiel writes that

“And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, set they face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy, against him” (Ezekiel, 38:1-2)

The French and the British and other NATO allied powers unanimous intervention have created a compound complex situation that’s a prelude to the Third World War (WWIII) or the Armageddon or the Ezekiel’s war in the Middle East region. If the Biblical interpretations were true, the ongoing current events in the Middle East with emphasis on Syria and Iraq could trigger the Armageddon. In the Book of Ezekiel “Gog”- means the ruler, which literally means ‘the man on top.” The Verse in the Book of Ezekiel 38:1 tell us that “Gog” was the “chief Prince” of the land of Magog-that refers modern Russia. Could this be President Vladimir Putin? “The King of the North in ancient Hebrew means ‘Rosh’, which means the “head” of the Russian Federation that lies north of Israel. In my Nuer ancient Nuer religion, modern Russia- means “muon Rushanithaar hoa’ (the far north of the planet) (wiec moun). Hebrew Lexicon, Gesenius (1786-1842), the great Hebrew scholar, identified ‘Rosh’ as an ancient named for Russia. In his book The Destiny of the Nations, Dr. John Cumming said: “The King of the North I conceive to be the autocrat of Russia… that Russia occupies a place and a very momentous place, and the prophetic word has been admitted by almost all expositors.” The Book of Ezekiel puts emphasis on the fact that Israel’s great enemy would come from the “uttermost north” or meaning “thar hoa” in my native Nuer religious and social interpretations of the things to come before the son of God returns to judge the world or “A nguot Gat Kuoth ke ni bien ke hoo bie wic moun kum”. This is also mentioned in Ezekiel 38:6, and again in 39:2. The authentic Hebrew word that qualifies north means either “uttermost or extreme north. In 1968, General Moshe Dyan said: “The next great war will not be with the Arabs, but with Russia.” Could this prophetic statement come to be true given the current situation in the Middle East? Will the Russia Federation attack the State of Israel? I shall leave the rest of this interpretation to the theologians and academic scholars. In my political, ideological and philosophical thinking and neo-thinking, unless the superpowers and the UNSC undertake ‘collection action’ to halt this mess being posed Syria’s war, ISIL and AGEADIS and international terrorism, the WWIII is at our doors steps. This is my personal opinion that could come to be true.

Whether the world’s leaders and the UNSC like it or not, we are all at the brink of the Ezekiel’s war. The intervention of five permanent members of the UNSC is a new phenomenon and critical dimension that cannot create a coalition to deal effectively with the terror war because of diametrically opposing politico-military, ideological, philosophical and dialectic strategic differences in preserving vital national security interests. There cannot be one coalition, namely, Russia and the US and its NATO allies, including Turkey that has shot down the Russian jet fighter that killed two Russians pilots along Turkish-Syrian airspace recently. We should have big fears and real concerns that Syria’s War may escalate disproportionately. It would also give the terror and ISIL and other fundamentalist, radical and extremist to expand their causes around the world through terrorists avenues around the world. The current situation in the Middle East, however, needs a new awakening amongst all people, leaders and the world religious leaders before its too late. There would be no saved places and no more places to run and to hide. Unless the big powers that have intervened in Syria’s war do something spectacular or doing the right thing, the world remains in danger and the WWIII or Armageddon is eminent to be here with us. For the critics, go ahead and make my day!

In my capacity as an academic expert with firsthand knowledge of the Middle East and its cultures, unless Syria’s war is contained by the UNSC system, we are moving towards a Third World (WWII). The situation and the events in the world around it, including the conflict areas clearly resembled the same events that led to the WWI (1914-1919) and the WWII (1939-1945) retrospect to the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in 1932-45, anti-Communism–referring to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution–; expansionism in search of colonies and the control of natural resources worldwide; militarism; racism and racialism and xenophobia; the rise to power of Fascism in Italy and its invasion of Ethiopia in 1935-1942; Aeschylus- that was the annexation of Austria into Germany to create Pan-Germanism of creating a Greater Germany to include all ethnic Germans into one Greater Germany; the Blitzkrieg; and the Munich Agreement otherwise known as the “Appeasement” rapprochement with two logical flaws in the British and the French national thoughts were that the wide believe based on the First World War, that war has become futile, a fruitless mutual mass carnage. There were other assumptions related to the above-mentioned point and that the belief that Adolf Hitler can be appeased, that he (Hitler) will stop demanding more, that he too wants to avoid war, and therefore that war against Hitler’s of Germany can be avoided. These viewpoints were unrealistic in as far as Adolf Hitler of Germany was concerned. He had pre-planned for the war to reverse the defeat of the WWI Germany’s surrender at Forest of Compiegne (Carriage Railroad Train) in France in November 1918. In 1940, the Germans took out the shame of 1918 Armistice surrender by compelling France to sign surrender on the same Carriage Railroad Train in 1940.

Looking at it micro-macroscopically, Syria’s war, to some Western powers under the umbrella of the US and its NATO allies, including some regional powers wanted President Bashar Al-Assad to resign or to step down on the one hand and the Russian Federation, China and Iran plus others are not keened to yield to any political demands that President Assad of Syria should step down or to resign on the other. This is the diverging viewpoint rather than converging conflict of interests in the Syria’s war. Realistically, any changes that may make President Assad’s to step down or to resign would only come from the Syrian people and not from outsiders. So the assertion of pressure points on Assad to go would not material any soon than anticipated. Alawites community in Syria and others would not allow President Assad to go as long as there is still continuing ISIL and AGEADIS threats in Syria now and in the foreseeable future. This is the bottom line.

The current situations in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan, including the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia opposed by the Egyptian and Sudanese Governments are serious sociopolitical and politico-military developments that the UNSC permanent member states (China, France, Russian Federation, the UK and the US), including the ten (10) rotational member states of the UNSC should reserve the right to give them keen attention to these current socio-political and politico-military developments in the above mentioned regions. Failure on the big powers and the UNSC respectively, to resolving these issues, they could possibly create international tensions thus negating any concept of détente (reduction of tensions), return to the old East-West ideological confrontation or the Cold War, thus, negating further Chancellor Billy Brandt’s of Germany ostpolitik, peaceful coexistence, international mutual understanding, maintaining international peace and security and the prevention of this generation and the next from the scourged of war. The possibility of the East-West ideological confrontation or the Cold War could return is all possible cognizant of the ongoing situation in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, South Sudan, Mali, and the rising serious terror threats throughout Europe and in North America. The current situation in Syria is a prelude to the Third World War (WWIII) or the Armageddon. Almost all of the root causes of the WWI (1914-1919) and WWII (1939-1945) are interwoven in Syria’s war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Somalia and South Sudan. The last two, of course, have been failed states in Africa.

The political demands by some countries for President Basher Al-Assad of Syria to step down in Syria would not succeed unless it’s done by the Syrians people themselves. Any internal or domestic political changes in Syria could not ultimately be augmented by external pressure points. As long as President Assad’s remains the incumbent, it would not be easy for him to step down from power. Syria’s war could expand to Israel and Iran. Most importantly, if Israel should make any moves to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), it could become possible that IRI could retaliate with the Maximum collateral damage against Israel because Iran has the capacity to defend itself compared to Arab States being bullied by Israel retrospect to the 1948 War of Independence that led and the establishment of Israel has as a Settlers State for Euro-Jews founded on the tenets of international terrorism by the Orgun led by Meacham Began at the end of the WWII in Palestine supported by the United Kingdom and France, the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War followed by other wars in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Although Israel has already stockpiled 400-500 Nuke warheads, it could not deter Iran to warrant it to launch attacks against Iran’s nuke plants for peaceful purposes as agreed by 5+ 1. Any preemptive attacks by Israel against Iran could result in rapid or swift, precise and deadly retaliatory measures from Iran against Israel and Saudi Arabia. Of course, Libya would disintegrate and the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets would be blamed and those that sponsored it for that. In Yemen, the Houthizens would take over power and the Saudis would not be secured to give them a chance to rebuild Yemen as a democratic state. In doing so, Yemen could wage long term guerrilla warfare against Saudi Arabia, which could further threaten the entire Middle East region with a possible spillover to the Horn of Africa and beyond.

In the Horn of Africa, political instability, socioeconomic and political developments would not return to Somalia pretty soon as long as there is no direct negotiated settlement and power sharing between Al-Shabab and the government in Mogadishu. The impact of the Somali conflict would have a big bang impact on Kenya and the US-UK-Israeli backing proxy countries fighting in Somalia for the Western powers interests.

In Syria, it is now clear that Russia and the US are fighting a proxy war with Israel standing by enjoying the show or the fireworks that it started. The conflict in Ukraine compelled the US and the EU to superimpose economic sanctions against Russia that already transferred the Ukraine’s debacle to the Middle East and Africa’s conflict areas. The debacle in Ukraine has reached the critical watershed in the Middle East through Syria’s war and could soon spread to Yemen, the Horn of Africa and South Sudan. Already the Chinese weapons and the military advisors are in South Sudan and the Russian arms, pilots contractors, including Ugandan pilots and the Russian arms through Ukraine marketplace have reached the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), including the internationally banned bombs and biochemical weapons and Mustard Gas similar to the ones used in Syria’s war to the illegitimate Government of South Sudan (GOSS) against its own people and the international community has kept quiet about, gave it a deaf-ear and a blind eye or a ‘doesn’t-care- attitude’ compared to the outcry in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, including the Drones actions in the Pakistani Waziristan or the tribal areas, Yemen, Somalia, Mali and many other places in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The illegitimate government of South Sudan does not have the monopoly of the world’s arms marketplace at all. The guerrilla forces could offset by marching such weapons through the international black markets wheeling and dealings. The rebel forces have already captured large quantities of different types of weapons supplied by China, Russia, Ukraine, including Israelis made weapons. Therefore, it is not surprise that Israel has dispatched about 40 or so IDF and Mosad advisors to South Sudan to assist the failing illegitimate regime led by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir and ‘the rebels without a cause’ (JEM, SRF and SPLM/A-N) or acting like mercenaries (murtazaga) for Juba in the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan.


Russia’s presence in the Middle East would certainly create new realignments throughout the region. Russia would like to create new realignments in the region with particular emphasis on Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. It’s eager to have Egypt and Sudan on board because of their strategic locations and their proximity to the volatile Middle East, The Suez Canal, The Red Sea Port of Port Sudan and the Gulf of Aden en route to the Indian Ocean and beyond. It has an ambition to have Naval and military ports of calls, Choke Points and the Sea lane of communications to facilitate its movements in the area. This could become a new challenge to the waning US foreign policy strategy, footholds, bridgehead and the sphere of influence in the region. As one opinion puts it “Obama’s Catastrophic Syria folly,” President Obama has overturned or broken lots of promises on US foreign policy agenda. For instance, Guantanamo Bay remains open and would continue to be so until the US President Obama ends his terms of tenure of office in early mid-January 2017, the US is continuing with air war in Iraq again, at least this time around, contrary to the promises made in the past retrospect to withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2012. At present the President has sent a limited contingent of American GIs or ground troops to support and to advise the so-called ‘moderate rebel groups’ in Syria. Are we not now creating another like Vietnam quagmire in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? They sky is the limit.

The US should not play with Syria— this will surely increase intervention in Syria— is the most potentially ‘dangerous’ and ruinous foreign policy strategy of Obama’s presidency. As I see it, Syria could become the most dangerous ‘hot spot’ for America’s credibility and reputation in the Middle East. Further the US involvement in Syria’s war is pretty dangerous indeed and the American public should wake up before it’s too late. The Syria’s war could lead to the WWIII or the Armageddon or the Ezekiel’s war in the Middle East. It’s bloody dangerous gamble by even if by accident a Russian pilot shot down and killed or captured. This is now true with the growing tensions between Turko-Russian tensions when the former shot down the Russian Sokoi* jet fighters killing two crew members of the later along Turko-Syrian airspace in the past fortnight or so. It could escalate pretty rapidly like the case of Archduke Franz Ferdinand incident that was a prelude to WWI (1914-1919) and the historical events that followed thereafter up to the rise Adolf Hitler rise to power in 1932-1945, the German Re-militarization, Japanese militarization, “Aeschylus”- the dream of a Greater Germany and the Appeasement rapprochement of Adolf Hitler’s at Munich Conference by the UK PM Neville Chamberlin in 1939 as well as the rise of Imperial Japan in Asia and the Far East policy of occupation, colonialism, imperialism, domination and exploitation of the Chinese and Korean people in the aftermath of the invasion and occupation of Manchuria.

The US President Obama rapprochement foreign policy in the Middle East and in Syria in particular, has been a slippery-slope; a mixed baggage and has been weaker and certainly needs to be revamped to become stronger. Unless the US does something spectacular in the Middle East, the Sino-Russian-Iran Pact powers could tilt the US sphere of influence in favor or advantage of China, Russia and Iran to have stronger footholds and bridgeheads in the Middle East, including the Horn of Africa and South Sudan. Because of the Beijing’s demands the Nuer petroleum high quality oil and gas reserves in the Greater Upper Nile region, including its natural resources. Of course, China would not last long in South Sudan because it would be kicked out in the oil areas in Greater Upper Nile region for having taken side and supplied arms to the Nuer (Naadth/Nath) and the Shilluk (Chollo) children and women killers and murderers or the ‘President of death’ the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir. We would not allow China to siphoning or dishing out our resources at our own expense for that. All oil wells would be shut down until the Chinese would be out and their replacements would come in for that. We would also warn all oil workers and the Chinese in particular not to dare venturing into the warzone with purpose of reopening the caped oil wells since December 2013 in Unity State. As regard to Paloch oil production, we have given orders to our forces to shut it down and we would be ready for Machar and his bother-in-law on what to do after having accepted bribes for the Chinese oil companies in the last few months plus bungalows and skyscrapers for Machar’s family in Nairobi, Kenya. It should be known that both Dr. Machar and Taban have deposited the Cash in their names. For instance, Machar’s uses his son Teny* a businessman in Juba and Madam Angelina Riek Machar and Taban uses his brother James Pool (Puol)* as the caretakers of this money. We shall not fail to indict other figures that we do know behind this racketeering business. The PRC has lost the game in South Sudan for the time being and forever. Africans and South Sudanese in particular, do not need China because it does not do things right. This has been raison d’être that it lost many grounds and would continue to lose more in Africa until it’s out of Africa. African leaders should revisit their relations with China the Communist giant from the east Kany Cang) that nobody wants or needs to be in the African continent compared to the Western powers that have the long historical and human relations with the Africans. This is the bottom line.

The people of South Sudan, including the rebel forces opposed to the peace process would sooner rather than later kick out the Chinese and the Russian partners in South Sudan. The rebels would not let the Chinese oil companies continuing siphoning the oil until there would be a comprehensive peace and when the Chinese oil companies operating in the oilfields and gas field are out in the Greater Upper Nile region (Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile States) in South Sudan. China has become a death trap, rampant corruption and has become public enemy #1 because it has sighted with the dictatorship in Juba rather than remaining neutral in the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war. We shall avenge against the atrocities, genocide or democide and the targeted of the Nuer and the Shilluk nationalities for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Cognizant, that the PRCs supplied arms and its involvement in South Sudan domestic affairs now and in the foreseeable future, we shall have nothing to do with Communist China. It would be recalled that we still have fresh memories of the maltreatments of African students in China by the Chinese during the Cultural Revolution, including other blatant cool and continuing racial and social discrimination against Africans in China up to this time.

We have been killed by Salva Kiir with the Chinese arms that the rebels have already captured so many large quantities of them from the cowardice and weaker Dinka SPLA forces. The evaluation of our field commanders has been that the Chinese arms are ineffective compared to the Ukrainian, the Russian, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Israelis, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian and South African arms dealers. This act committed by China would not go un-avenge and they would be sued for supplying to the illegitimate government of South Sudan internationally banned chemical weapons, biochemical and committed massive oil pollution of the environment like the French CCI that excavated the unfinished Jonglei Canal in the late 1970s to early 1980s. We would sooner rather than later go to court in Paris, France, to file a lawsuit against the Campaigne Construction Internationale (CCI) in the French Court to seek justice for massive people displaced or dislocated from their habitat without compensations and the loss of property, including the cattle that fell into the Canal and the wildlife conservation and died. The locals must and ought to be compensated directly by the CCI and not through the big thieves and rampantly corrupt officials in Juba.

The Chinese oil companies would be asked to exit and they would be replaced by other oil companies ready to bring socio-economic, educational, healthcare and clean drinking water and agro-development to our people for self-reliance, self-sufficiency and food security rather than becoming “Dependency syndrome” when they have the ability to work and to give primary consideration for the protection of the environment. The Chinese are treasure hunters, thieves who came to steal the African minerals for their advantage rather than the Africans and South Sudanese in particular.

Comparatively speaking, the Chinese neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism are the worst compared to the Western world in Africa. At least, the Western oil companies exercise corporate responsibility, providing educational, socio-economic, socio-profitability and healthcare development to the locals compared to the Chinese who have zero-sum development strategies and believes in bribery and extortion. They have already bribed the self-imposed rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng Gai with the huge sum amount of $100-200m in the last few months to prevent the shutting down and the possible destruction or captured of the last oilfields and gas fields by the rebel forces in Paloch in northern Upper Nile State. This was one of the causes of the raw between Dr. Machar’s and the generals that have fought the war that led to the split before signing of the failed peace agreement in Addis-Ababa and Juba, respectively. Paloch oilfield production of more 150,000 barrels per day (bpd) has been reduced to 48% operational and production capacity by the rebel forces is not out of the woods yet, and those that banked on it should be prepared to embrace for the worst in the foreseeable future. The rebels forces would be determined to shut down all oil operation until the Chinese are out and their replacements would come in for that. This is a red line and a non-negotiable item.

Now, that Dr. Machar’s has become the VP designate in the illegitimate government in Juba, the non-SPLA rebel forces and the generals with their forces that have defected from the SPLA-I-O would reunite to continue with the war until peace will be achieved through strength, but not in weakness for that. We cannot beg peace from the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir who has been relying on foreign military forces to fight for him because the Dinka tribesmen in general are weaker and lack the courage to fight the Nuer and the Shilluk forces. They love power that they do not deserve and unless that power has been comprehensively shared equally and democratically, peace has got a pretty long and zigzag path to return to South Sudan. We urge and appeal to all non-Dinka and the Dinka SPLA forces to defect to rejoin their fellow rebel forces for the total downfall of Salva Kiir’s wicked regime for complete restructuring of the system; the reconstruction of the country; the establishment of democratic institutions for sustainable good or sound governance; socioeconomic development for self-reliance, self-sufficiency and food security and the eradication of rampant corruption, embezzlements, self-aggrandizement, oligarchy…etc. in South Sudan. For those who have sighted to be with the Dinka dictator, human rights violator, a child and woman killer and a remorseful less murderer, they should move to Warrap State for the development of the groundnuts less oil development. By now we hope that any Dinka persons that would seek employment in the oil fields and gas fields in Greater Upper Nile could be in big trouble because his/her security could not be guaranteed.

As for the non-Chinese oil companies, they must and ought to move their offices out from Juba to the Greater Upper Nile region in the foreseeable future. There is nothing in Juba because it does not have any oil for that. On top of that only the nationals from the oil rich Greater Upper Nile region would be given top priority for employment and training by any oil companies that would be operating in the oil fields and we would make sure that this equity is enforced or else they should pack to get the hell out. It would be a “take-it or leave-it” basis. Given, that huge sum amount of money received by Dr. Machar and Taban and the people are suffering on the grounds, Dr. Machar could be charged with Anti-Money Laundering, Narcotic and terrorism financing and the Grand Theft, bribery and extortions. We would also call on the international financial institutions to investigate for the authenticity of this case through cyber technology. Both Machar’s and his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai have constantly denied any financial wheeling and dealings with the Chinese oil companies in Paloch in northern Upper Nile State, South Sudan.

Nevertheless, people closer to them have made this story known and confirmed it, including the generals that he claimed to have dismissed from the SPLA-I-O. There are no laws, rules and regulations that could possibly dismiss guerilla generals by other guerilla generals that they shared only the political ideology and the objective that united them to fight for that. As a result, Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai have paid off certain individuals and the security personnel in XY countries to harass anyone wishing to returning to their habitat in South Sudan because of the fear of the unknown and they alleged that such individuals were going to set up military camps for General Peter Gatdet in Mayom County, Unity State, and have vowed to even to kill the generals or anyone that is opposed to Dr. Riek Machar. Our belief has been that Dr. Machar as totally and completely failed in the leadership, became absolutely obsolete, demised and it’s about time for him to go out of the political scene in South Sudan. He is by virtue of the peace agreement that he signed on 17 August 2015 in the Ethiopian Capital Addis-Ababa and was signed by Salva Kiir in Juba on 27 August 2015 he has been designated as the VP and the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM. Therefore, both Dr. Riek Machar’s and his followers are no longer rebels, but part of the SPLM illegitimate establishment in Juba. Concerning the non-SPLA rebels that allied with Machar’s SPLA-I-O and withdrawn from the alliance, would continue with the war until Salva Kiir would be defeated and a comprehensive negotiated peace would be convened for everybody to have their say, mechanisms for power sharing, democracy and social justice for all to decide the future of South Sudan whether to remain as one indivisible country or be partitioned like in Cyrus in 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied the northern third of Mediterranean Sea island nation of Cyrus to become known as Turko-Cypriots and the southern two-thirds plus became as the Greco-Cypriots and there is no centrist path on the island nation of Cyprus that everyone is identified as Greco-Cypriot or a Turkish- Cypriot. This could become tenable reasonable alternative solution to the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan. There would be compromised on this conceived idea of portioned of South Sudan into two or three states.

We would demand as a pre-requisite the afore-mentioned should apply to both Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar because neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Machar would have the capacity and the ability to reunite, to reconcile and to restraint the people from halting the fighting that begun as an internal political split within the ruling party. Succinctly, the war was not about Dr. Machar’s dismissal s the VP, but it was about the premature mass killings or genocide or democide and targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Furthermore, they have committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality as an indelible group by Tuoch Dinka Militias under the direct command of the President Kiir and his notorious Chief of the Staff General Command Paul Malong Awan and other generals. The Nuer-Dinka conflict would remain endless and they could not cohabit in less one state in South Sudan. Therefore the only alternative permanent and durable political conflict resolution would be ‘partitioned’ of South Sudan similar to the events in the Island nation of Cyprus in 1974 that has been divided into two, viz., Greek-Cypriots on the southern two-thirds plus of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the northern third of the Island nation of Cyprus, the case of the Somaliland (Punt land) in Hargisa after Somalia became stateless to statelessness in 1992, the separation of Abkhazia and South Ostia from Georgia, the re-annexation of Crimea to Russia via a referendum since it was voluntarily annexed to Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchev in 1954, and the case of the Christian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Anemia, including many other cases around the world. Succinctly, South Sudan cannot remain a unity country because of lack of trust and confidence building measures, and serious atrocities committed within a so short period of time that surpassed the North-South armoires during the war years. Any dream of a federal and Confederal South Sudan would become futile and imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. South Sudan should be divided as in Cyprus for each region to manage its own affairs for the right to self-determination or new Canton system like in Switzerland in Africa less a united South Sudan.

Presently, Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) has arrested for no proper reasons civilians accused by Dr. Riek Machar’s agents, namely, Brigadier Carlos Kuol and Brigadier-General Chiang Jiek who have been collecting information on anyone and to submit them the NISS to be harassed, arrest, detained or even to vanish such individuals per special agreements signed by Machar and Taban and the NISS personnel on allegations that such people or individuals were going to open training camps in South Sudan soil for General Peter Gatdet and his colleagues that have become a pain in the neck for both Dr. Machar and Taban. This is incredibly a false premise and not true. The people dragged out of the buses on the highway were civilians’ period.

Let’s assume that they were soldiers or even if they were civilians for that matter, nothing of any military nature that was caught in their possessions that could be used as an evidence to proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they were soldiers. Alternatively, if they were soldiers, wearing civilian clothes and have their possessions in their luggages or bags, the law would also consider them as ‘traveling civilians’ that pose no national security threats to the national security interest of the Republic of Sudan (ROS). This lacks of sufficient evidence alone under the law could become inadmissible in the court of law because of lack of sufficient evidence and material witnesses. In fact, two of the civilians had been shot by the NISS Officers and had to be operated to remove bullets in their bodies and many more battened, tortured and humiliated in gross violations of their basic fundamental human rights. There is still continued harassments, arrests and detentions on many South Sudanese accused by the above-mentioned personalities. Many of them remained under arrests and detentions without charges. As a matter of fact, all fingers have been pointed towards the NISS Directorate, Dr. Machar and Taban Deng and two of Marcher’s intelligence officers attached to the NISS by the Nuer Community in Khartoum, Sudan. Many people are quiet and fearful because the NISS may lock them up and possibly waste most of them per orders of Dr. Machar and Taban Deng in particular. As a regards to peace, there is no peace now or in the foreseeable future in South Sudan. The war will continue ans as a result, more deaths would surely occur.

Furthermore, the act was a deliberate and willful violations of the Four (4) Agreements inked in March 2012 and ratified on 28 September 2012 that guaranteed to all citizens of the two Sudan sister states to have the right to Freedom of movement, Freedom of residence, Freedom to dispose of property and Freedom to undertake economic activity. Hence, this alleged story of building training camps inside Sudan could become a hoax and the biggest lie of the century. Nevertheless, whether Dr. Machar and Taban like it or not, it is inevitable that the generals and politicians that departed from them would rise again. This is a promise and it will be done and the international community will understand this in the foreseeable future. We have nothing to fear except fear itself. For those who have done wrongs to others, they should also reckon that there are some things that they have done would go on around them and will one way of another would be entrapped. They should know that “to error is human.” In fact, both Dr. Machar and Taban have purchased for themselves big villas in Kaffouri, Khartoum North, including in the neighboring countries, purchased 3-4 12-Seaters Cesena Airplanes in Kenya and live luxuriously through the blood and sweats of their suffering and dying people and the rebel soldiers shot in the fighting that have no access to medicine and dying of gangrene and lack or the absence thereof of daily rations. They have become “war traders” or the “warlords” rather than liberators. Shame on them!

The US is still fighting in Iraq, Libya, Somalia and supports South Sudan dictator Salva Kiir, child and woman killer that committed genocide and targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The US President Barak Obama even welcomed this child and woman killer to the Oval Office following the genocide of hundreds of thousands of unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality in South Sudan that became the beginning of the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war, Uganda dictator Yuri Museveni got involved in the US-UK-Israeli sponsored proxy war in South Sudan; forced a peace agreement through the surgical knife on the throats and the gunboat diplomacy that would not work unless certain conditions have been fully met.

Peace, per se, would not return to South Sudan because it has been externally superimposed, non-comprehensive and un-inclusive of all parties to have their say, and above all, it was a means to reunite the Communist and the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A to continue ruling South Sudan as it was prior to the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war with no end in sight or no light in the tunnel. The superimposed peace agreement has already divided by the government and the opposition. The welcoming of a killer and a murder into the White House was un-American, a travesty to American democracy and the human rights violations. President Salva Kiir of South Sudan is no human, but a remorseful less human compared only Adolf Hitler that targeted the Jews and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group during the Second World War (1930-1945). This was the same intended plan by Salva Kiir’s regime that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. He would leave a terrible legacy to the Dinka leadership in South Sudan and they would face it has an indelible group amongst many, one, or one, amongst many in South Sudan.

A small group of job seekers led by the weakest, paranoid and disorganized Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng Gai would go to Juba and the overwhelmingly majority of the rebels led by the generals who fought the war and parted way with Dr. Machar, including the intelligentsia remained calmed and already declared separation from Dr. Machar. This large and potent force could create political havoc and instability in the country and surely there would be a need for future peace negotiations with the rebel factions excluded in the peace process that were deliberately and willfully intended by the IGAD and the TRIOKA (USA, UK and Norway) with different demands that could surpass the demands already inked in the controversial and the unusual the so-called Addis-Ababa Peace Agreement inked in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa on 17 August 2015 by the self-proclaimed rebel leader Dr. Machar and inked in the South Sudan Capital Juba on 27 August 2015 by the Dinka dictator and the ‘minister of death’ or the ‘President of death’ Salva Kiir Mayardit. For those that are dancing and beating the drums of peace, they should wait a bit and should not count their chickens before they hatched because the basket or the basket that they are or the baskets that they have been in or are scattered could fall like a jet plane over the sky to the ground in the fields and all could become broken or destroyed.

As far as I can see it, the WWIII is getting closer and pretty closer in the Middle East. So there would be no escape or no place to run to hide for mankind. Unless the UNSC undertake its responsibility in maintaining international peace and security and the prevention of this generation and the next from the scourged of war, we are all in this together. When Russia, the US, the UK, France, Russia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) unleash off the bombs and the nukes blitzkreig, we should all kiss goodbye to planet-Earth with no exception. We should all say our last words to Jehovah the High and exalted One, Al-Shahddai and the creator of all thing, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible,…. Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him” (Colossian 1:26). We should give diplomacy a chance in the Middle East before it’s too late.

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Gat.darwich December 8, 2015 at 9:02 pm

Dr. De Chan,

I thought your article focuses on analyzing the war in Syria and the possibility that it might trigger a third world war-because most super power nations have taken sides and are actively fighting proxy war.

Doctor, how can you logically and reasonably connect your hatred of Dr. Riek and Gen. Taban to the Syria war ?

You’ve clumsily and stupidly combined four to five completely unrelated topics in this article, Professor/Doctor !

De Chan, Professor/Doctor, you are without a shadow of a doubt, an embarrassment to all the Professors and the PHDs holders period

Piece of advice, please hire a secretary/writer who can meticulously edits your articles before posting them on social media.

Good Luck Professor/Doctor !

Warrap December 8, 2015 at 9:52 pm

Rr. Writer please go back to your drink, these is baseless allegations, I just consider you as a fool who’s motivated by external people, with some food as you are food lover.

Beek December 9, 2015 at 1:25 am

I feel ashamed when he call himself Professor/ Ambassador because politicians in the West are leaving politics to go and teach and Professors in South Sudan are leaving teaching and become boring Ambassadors. You can get more money from teaching at Universities and bring our people out from illiteracy. Most of us didn’t finish our education because we have no support. De Chand article look to me like that of Salman Rushdie writing. Do you believe that the so-called ISIS is exist?

Madong Kuoth December 9, 2015 at 3:19 am

The question is, Prof. David de Chan sits in Khartoum for long time,but he claims about Nuer since war started in South Sudan on December 15,2015 so Nuer civilians suffered beyond. My question when Prof David de Chan comes up to recuse them? Otherwise, it seemed that emptiest claimers. If he is thinking Dr.Machar and Gen.Taban Deng failed then where are you than?

Makur Ajac January 8, 2016 at 4:38 am

Madong your question isn’t meaningful, and completely gibberish! you better go through your question before you are rated to the so called Professor David de Chan.


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