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Nuer Community In Bor PoCs Site Welcomes Arrival Of Freedom Fighters To Juba

By Gatluak Luk,

April 03, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Our humbly happiness goes to the forces of the SPLA/SPLA in Opposition who have been airlifted to Juba to take over the security as per the security arrangements, they deserve congratulations a billion times! The Nuer community in Bor PoCs site compliments SPLM-IO leader and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon for his commitment to bring about peace and stability and brings this senseless war to an end so that the suffering people of South Sudanese people can realize peace and harmony again.

The members of Nuer community express their gratitude and happiness to the entire leadership of People’s movement for his sacrifices and his firm stance to fight for reforms; justice freedom and equality, and democracy prevails to all over our nation.

Nuer community in Bor UN PoCs site celebrating peace signed between GRSS and SPLM/A-IO (Photo/Nyamilepedia).
Nuer community in Bor UN PoCs site celebrating peace signed between GRSS and SPLM/A-IO (Photo/Nyamilepedia).

Accountability to be implemented: The Nuer community in Bor PoCs calls up on international community to install the hybrid court as soon as possible so that those who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including those South Sudan army criminals who attacked us in UN protection site in Bor town in April 2014, must be brought to justice.

The recent attack on UN Pocs in Malakal by Gen Chol Thon Balok, the Governor of so-called Eastern Nile State is the worst war crime ever launched at innocent civilians un the protection of UN in the history. All PoCs site all over the country have been attacked by the government forces, the vulnerable groups such as women, children, elderly and the sick were killed.

No actions taken by the international communities although strong condemnations poured in. The Nuer community takes this rare opportunity to appeal to peace loving communities and peace partners to support peace with all whatever it takes to make it happen. We request  peace makers to allows hybrid or accountability for the atrocities made during two years of war to be  brought to book and face so that the culprits from both sides face.

We are the victims of the war who face more assaults during this tribal war. People have been forced to eat other people’s parts and flesh, horror carried out by forces loyal to the President Salva Kiir, not our previous enemy in Sudan. Once again, congratulations to Dr Machar for his efforts giving awareness to the entire Eastern African countries to spread the message of peace to the peace loving nations. A way forward in the process of implementing the peace is the only the country can come together again after these two long painful years. Coming of SPLM/A [IO] to Juba as per security arrangement is a good sign that TGoNU will be formed soon and will be implemented to the letter by both leaders to the conflict.



Gatluak Luk represents Nuer Community in Bor PoCs Site, he can be reached through gatluakluk@gmail.com

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Bol Gatjang April 4, 2016 at 4:08 am

Of course, Iam sure,Gatlauak, you are the most victims groups to celebrate this milestone in Bor POC.You have address a crucial issue regarding your freedom which became eroded due to all these atrocities committed in country.


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