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Poll: The Interim President of S. Sudan.

Source: Free South Sudan group.

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May 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) – The following poll results reflect an overview of a poll,  locally conducted by the Save South Sudan Group,  to see how various Government institutions and their citizens react to the recently suggested S. Sudan’s interim government.

Although the group did not specify their research methodologies and how they arrive at the results, they specified that the results are unofficial and the group is conducting a bigger poll.

For simpilicity, the results are converted to percentile without any loss of generality.

Begins the report ….

According to the polls of two leaders:

Riek Machar and Salva Kiir:

International poll:

United States favor Riek Machar by 87% to Salva Kiir 13%

Canada Favor Riek Machar by 94% to Salva Kiir 6%

Europe Favor Riek Machar by 86% to Salva Kiir 14%

North Africa:

North Sudan Favor Riek Machar by 75% to Salva Kiir 25%

Egypt Favor Salva Kiir by 55% to Riek Machar 45%

Libya Favor Riek Machar by 60% to Salva Kiir 40%

West Africa:

Nigeria favor Riek Machar 53% to Salva Kiir 47%

Cameroun Favor Riek Machar by 68% to Salva Kiir 32%

Ghana Favor Riek Machar by 67% to Salva Kiir 33%

Southern Africa:

South Africa favor Riek Machar by 61% to Salva Kiir 39%

Gambia favor Riek Machar by 56% to Salva Kiir 44%

Zimbabwe favor Riek Machar by 69% to Salva Kiir 31%

East Africa:

Ethiopia Favor Riek Machar by 65% to Salva Kiir 35%

Kenya Favor Riek Machar by 52% to Salva Kiir 48%

Tanzania favor Riek Machar by 74% to Salva Kiir 26%

Rwanda favor Riek Machar by 75% to Salva kiir 25%

Burundi favor Riek Machar by 61% to Salva Kiir 39%

Uganda favor Riek Machar by 52% to Salva Kiir 48%.

This is not a scientifically poll, it is a local poll conducted within two months around the World to see Governmental institutions and their citizens reaction into situation of S. Sudan’s interim period. It was conducted by Banja with help of S. Sudanese friends and Sudanese friends there is big poll that we are going to conduct, whoever wants to participate please email Banja.

Courtesy of Riek Makuach.

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