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Revised: How politician like Pagan Amum can regains your trust?

By Lam Wuor,


Revised Version.

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May 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Political actors make past, but they do not do so in situations of their own making. Instead, they meeting constraints and are presented with opportunities configured by the institutional arrangements and the prevailing patterns political power which are the inescapable contexts of political action.

There has recently been a tendency to refer to these contexts of action as political opportunity structures which I observed from Pagan Amum writings and speeches , I review the development of the political opportunity or political process perspective, so can refers this situation into sociologists even political sociologists have inclined to undervalue the importance of political institutions, and it may be advantageous, particularly in comparative to current situation in South Sudan, to give more weight to the structural dimensions of the political contexts of collective action than sociologists have been accustomed to do.

Nevertheless, the usage of the term political opportunity structure has become clear now from those who called themselves clean groups while they are a part of political uprising, instead we confine it to those elements of the political context of collective action which are not genuinely structural that we called political elite or bureaucracy. However, we need federalism which will bring democratic system of which the people can exercise a controlling influence over public policy and policy makers, enjoy equal treatment at their hands and have their voices heard and also each state should manage its natural resources. Federalism is good because it will generate mechanisms exist to aid citizen involvement in decision making on institutional means to bring about positive change for all toward equality.

Earlier, this month the former secretary general has publicly shown us his true nature by saying that “ Killing of Nuer Should Not Be Used As The Mean To Fight” In this statement, has created a great damage, mix reaction and political mistrust so that many readers labelled Pagan as opportunistic politician that does not care about people. Now, the question is can anyone trust Pagan to lead the interim government? The answer is NO I believe a man has cut himself with sharpening object.

Therefore, Fake friends in politics are people, who deceive you and break your trust somewhere down the line. It pains me to read Pagan Amum’s article by saying “Killing of Nuer Should Not Be Used as the Mean to Fight” there is says all human are equal, but some human are more equal than others, is that what you mean? Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past. Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this.

If your intentions is seeks power entirely in the party, We are not interested in making a good relationship with others who are betraying us; we are not interested solely in power rather than fighting for people who murdered our innocent people. I asked myself why I should waste my time going out in coldest weather which was minus 50 in the winter to aware the world for his release.

If he is a man who will not value my contribution, I think politician like Pagan cannot rule the country too if he didn’t felt sad for the loss of thousands Nuer who were brutality killed with no reason .this statement convinced me and others that people like Pagan are concerning for the leadership not for reformation of country system if he has publicly used the insults words to victims’ families to undermining their respective morals in south Sudanese society. I believe that such unhealthy and sensitive article has given many people a low opinion on pagan‘s political future.

For me, I don’t understand how anyone could make such a political hurtful even after seeing many people were murdered of being burnt alive, some were ugly execute and women raped in front of their children.Mr. Former secretary many people felt very disheartened by the words you used.

I would say that fake friend is like a bad tooth ache, annoying and eventually you get rid them. Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. If your intentions is seeks power entirely in the party, We are not interested in making a good relationship with others who are betraying us; we are not interested solely in power rather than fighting for people those who murdered our innocent people. Moreover, there is incongruity between conceptual statements trust in politics, do you have confidence in the work he will do on your behalf?

Surprisingly, after independent kiir has created a hand-picked policy which introduces a division among people of south Sudanese, the policy of which the primarily beneficiary are from his own tribe. Instead of engaging in normal promotion the country runs through decree which has polarize the state into ethnic line. The president doesn’t know that he is working for people not people working for him.

As we speak, the Dinka Bhare El-Gazal government has shaped the disunity among the people south Sudanese, all institutions government and none governmental organization are occupied by Dinka Bhare El-Gazal the party and government remain under stage of no political vision and the country foreign policy has destroyed, you can hear the information minister speaking like a mad dog.

The author is a concern citizen of south Sudan. He can be reached through: lamjok7@gmail.com

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