Dr. Oyet: Why Equatoria SPLM Big Guns Will Topple Kiir

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April 08, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — President Salva Kiir is not only a dictator but a fascist and a tyrant. President Kiir listens to no one but himself only.He wanted to make everybody stupid in South Sudan by his political mediocrity.

Up to December 15, 2013, there were calls from Cde. Dr. Riek Machar, Cde. Nyandeng and some of his colleagues whom he has arrested and others on the run to deal with corruptions, tribalism and nepotism in his government instead he called them coup plotters who wanted to overthrow his government.

He issued over 4007 presidential decrees including those dismissing elected governors and chief justice. The number of his decrees has now surpassed the number of articles of the constitution and acts of Parliament combined.

The current constitution of the republic of South Sudan is not legitimate and therefore, not pro-people because it was doctored by the president and his group.

First of all, South Sudan under the Transitional Constitution is not a federal republic but pseudo centralised system of government as of article 47.

The president stole more powers for himself and he derives his authority from his decrees and not the constitution as of Part (3) section (1) of the constitution.

He issued presidential decree to dissolve SPLM Party and stop some of its members from talking to people and enjoying freedom of movement.

How can people be naïve to belief that president Kiir is not a tyrant if he can dissolve all structures of the ruling party and leave only himself as the chairman, to chair what?

Look, since 2005, president Kiir has reshuffled and changed over eight governments.

In 2005, he dissolved the government set by late Dr. John Garang after  one month and replaced it with another one; then another one in 2007, then 2008, then 2009, then 2010 elected government, then 2011 post independent government; then 2012; then 2013 and now he is threatening another change soon.

His attempt now to raise a private army and use foreign mercenaries from Uganda, Egypt, JEM, SPLM-N and M22 has not only taken his dictatorship to another level but also taken power away from the people.

This means that with foreign backings, president Kiir has succeeded in securing flat form to do anything in South Sudan including the ongoing genocide and thinks he would get away with it.

He does not lead by consent now but by reign of terror.

Since he has turned the parliament into a rubber stamp and judiciary into kangaroo and pseudo courts there is nothing left in South Sudan except to resist and fight up to the last man.

We will fight to defend justice, logic and South Sudanese civilisation.

Kiir’s legitimacy in South Sudan

There is no legitimacy now being enjoyed by president Kiir. He now thrives on bribery and threats for support.

If you want to know that the president does not have legitimacy, look at how they struggle to justify that coup has taken place in South Sudan through the Crisis Management Committee (CMC) with no success, the international community has ruled out that there was coup attempt in South Sudan on 15th Dec, 2013 but that the president attempted to disarmed his body guards who were Nuer sparking of violence in his barracks.

No president can enjoy legitimacy after committing genocide against his own people, after losing support and control of the regions of Upper Nile, bigger part of Equatoria and part of Bar El Gazel.

In Equatoria and Upper Nile region for instance nobody has supported the genocide campaign of President Salva Kiir except those appointed to constitutional posts, nobody supports his policy of tribalism, nepotism, marginalization and corruption.

The crisis management committee is a total failure and serves as an organized syndicate to swindle national resources in the name of mobilizing the masses so that the president regains the lost legitimacy.

It is ill fatted, the committee operates an open budget together with national security and defense since the crisis began.

It is an open and another terrible financial scandal in South Sudan We will hold the managers accountable for huge loss of state resources and fueling genocide.

Position of SPLM/A in Opposition military wing

The government has lost support and control of the regions of Upper Nile, bigger part of Equatoria and part of Bar El Gazel.

The towns you have mentioned are the only sports where the government forces have a temporary presence and believe me, we can take them back now if we want.

The government is vulnerable we will soon strike them at their center of gravity and you will see its collapse.

A town like Malakal is a ghost town and inhabitable with no business going on there.

In fact the government has relocated to Renk after operating from Juba. There is nothing attracting us there now.

We have some more vital strategic military priority than those towns. We have presence in all the ten states; it is just a matter of few times that you will see our forces advancing to Juba for final victory.

Where do you think the 75% of the SPLA who defected went? They are still standing army of South Sudan already under our command and they are also well trained and well armed.

What we are doing now is to reorient our forces with national philosophy of liberty, equality and brotherhood and vision not only as revolutionary fighters but defense forces.

Tens of thousands more of fresh recruits are getting fresh trainings from all over South Sudan and from all tribes and regions.

If we want we can make life difficult for the people and government in Juba and other parts of South Sudan but we are calling for President Salva Kiir to peacefully step aside, his time is up and his legitimacy is over.

If he insists to remain in power against the will of the people, we will have no option but to unleash our forces against his illegitimate government and flash him out of power.

We are definitely coming to Equatoria where we have our supporters and revolutionaries.

A message to South Sudanese

We call upon all South Sudanese to dissociate themselves from president Kiir and his group.

They are pursuing sectarian politics. President Kiir and his cronies want to turn South Sudan into another Somalia by dividing the army into tribal forces and recruiting thousands into armed militia.

Through the help of states governors throughout the country there are training camps for militia being indoctrinated into hate and sectarian politics.

There are now many defense forces in South Sudan other than foreign forces, there are; Chollo (Shilluk) Defense Forces (CDF) under Gen. Uluonyi and Lam Akol; Equatoria Defense Forces (EDF) under the command of Clement Wani Konga, and Louise Lobong; Bari Defense Forces (BAF) under Vice President Wani Igga; Dinka Bar El Gazel Defense Forces (DBDF); Tofosa Gold Defense Forces (TGDF) under Louise Lobong etc.

We condemn in strongest terms possible the act of creating warlords and private sectional armies on the soil of South Sudan in the name of protecting personal wealth and power wielders at both national and state government.

South Sudan belongs to every tribe and not to Dinka Bar el Gazel alone. Attempt by President Salva Kiir to annihilate a particular tribe while denying others equal opportunity and treatment will never bring peace in the country whether private armies are created or not.

The current political crisis is a direct brain child of President Salva Kiir and his cliques.

He masterminded the genocide which has so far killed over twenty thousand of our people.

We call on him to step aside to save the nation from disintegration otherwise we will not hesitate to use violence to overthrow him.

Any attempt to maintain the current status quo which is responsible for the current socio political violence will lead to widespread and total war in the country.

President Kiir has made every South Sudanese who still listen to lies stupid.

He has effectively attempted to erase the legacy of South Sudanese people by placing the country under autocratic rule and ideology of survival for the fittest.

His underlying principle is first come first serve and discrimination which all South Sudanese fought against for over 50 years.

Those who say president Kiir is not dictatorial and undemocratic should help count the number of his decrees since 2005.

SPLM/A in Opposition is the only hope and guarantee for an all inclusive, embracing South Sudan as a Federal Republic not the illegitimate centralized system of president Salva Kiir and we will commit ourselves to fighting to prevent effectively any one person or group of persons from being masters of all or that a section of the people of South Sudan should enjoy special status and privilege over and at the expense of others by creating people with absolute wealth to live side by side with people of abject poverty.

The right to self determination has given all citizens of South Sudan the power to become masters of their own affairs and destiny we cannot trade this right for personal interest; oil and political power as does president Kiir.

We reject, both in theory and in practice, that South Sudan as a Federal Republic as a whole or any part of it should be the domain of any one person or few individuals, of feudalism, of war lordism, of vested interests of one kind or another, of foreign influence or of foreign domination.

We will fight, both in theory and in practice, the politics of isolationism in regard to one part of South Sudan towards another, and we commit to resist the forces of political apartheid anywhere in South Sudan.

We reject in total terms that once again our freedom should be in the hands of few people or other people, empowering them to use such to satisfy the greed of their own material lust, selfish and narrow sectional political interest, by creating and manipulating formal institutions such as parliament, government, judiciary etc and non formal public institutions such as tribe, ethnicity, kingdom, religion etc for their own advantage and we vow to fight thoroughly and relentlessly up to the end.


 Mr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino; Member of SPLM Party, Political and strategic Analyst;   Former Lecturer and Head of Department of Political Science,

University of Juba


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