Government Officials Found NO Evidence For an ‘Attempted Coup’ in Juba

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Army Brigadier General Atem Benjamin told the court he has evidence that former vice president Riek Machar led the uprising that started December 15 in a Juba military barracks. Machar, who has denied the accusation, went into hiding when the violence erupted.

But under cross-examination, Benjamin said he did not have any evidence to implicate the four men who are on trial in the attempt to topple the government of President Salva Kiir.

The other witness, Major General Mach Paul Kuol, who is the director of military intelligence, accused former Unity state governor Taban Deng Gai of being involved in the plot.

Kuol said he found the phone call suspicious and informed his superiors.

But he also said he has no evidence that the four men on trial were involved in the alleged coup on Dec. 15.

Gai fled South Sudan when the fighting broke out and is the lead negotiator for the anti-government side at peace talks for South Sudan, being held in Addis Ababa. The government has said it has enough evidence to charge him and Machar with treason

ead prosecution attorney James Mayen said his team is trying to present a complete picture of what happened when the fighting erupted in Juba in December. Not every prosecution witness will present evidence against the accused, he said.

Mayen said he was satisfied with the way the prosecution’s case was proceeding. The prosecution has called six witnesses so far and will call another six before the defense presents its case, he said.

Defense lawyer Monyluak Alor called Benjamin’s and Kuol’s testimonies a victory for his side, and a blow to the prosecution case, which he said “is getting weaker and weaker.”

The special court in Juba began hearing the case against earlier this month.


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Ter Manyang Gatwech March 27, 2014 at 1:30 pm

By,Ter Manyang Gatwech from Kampala,Uganda.
There is no coup at all and also there is no strong evidence for that case. If there is a coup, then coup can be plans in ten states not Juba alone. If I may ask why supporters of President Kiir does not understand the causes of coup in Africa Continent. Go and read Modern Africa Nationalism is where you are going to get causes of Coup in Africa. President Kiir is not president, he is ”projects” of other presidents. Proverbs say ”Better be the head of a dog then the tail of a lion”


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