Where is South Sudan as a country heading

By Panom Khor Chagai,


Panoum Khor Chagai, Australia  WA-Perth(photo credit: Panoum)
Panoum Khor Chagai, Australia WA-Perth(photo credit: Panoum)

May 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First of all, when someone like me who seem to be caught in the midst of concurrent conflict, issues relating to your beloved country, and most importantly the atrocities committed by the very same people who meant to lead as an example of ‘a’ good leader gets my mind scramble to conclude or justify the logic reason behind all this. Historically, South Sudan before its independence to which over 97% of its population overwhelming voted to succeed from Khartoum regime under the current leadership of Omar Hassen Al-Bashir was a noble peace vast fertile land habitat by healthy and loving people blessed with wildlife and unusual plants you could ever find elsewhere. This particular blessing was under threat politically, economically, and socially given the fact that more and more leaders, and individuals (critics) and the international communities seem to have their own views and ideas on how South Sudan should be governed.

Secondly, the majority of the population liked the idea of living side by side hence there are over 63+ ethnic communities living in South Sudan. Equality is one thing every person dread in South Sudan particularly when you have a government that favours one ethnic group than the other. The big question still remain to be answered as to ‘where is South Sudan’ heading as a country in modern 21st century where violence, injustice, corruption, and nepotism against your own people is considered evil and lack moral reasoning beyond reason of a doubt. This lead to question myself ‘is my country by birth’ South Sudan heading the right direction knowing all the mentioned above issues still exist in a country known by the international community as a democratic state that suppose to uphold democracy principles?. Again what is going on with the system that runs and rule the country?.

SPLM/A the liberating armed wing of South Sudan fought for independence from Khartoum regime subsequently turned to be a recognisable political party at the same time hold the same authority over country army and controlling security forces is something that raises eyebrows. The ‘December 15-18 2013’ conflict that is known as the ‘systematic massacre of Nuer’ ethnic group soon before even the national liberation council conference officially concludes sparked off in Juba the capital city of South Sudan was morally wrong and shine the spotlight to the very government that is the current ruling party. This sort of behaviour prove concrete evidence that SPLM/A is in big trouble and need restructuring from its grass roots. The current government is corrupted and many reason behind its corruption is lack of vision, lack of good governance, control of internal government institutions, not following South Sudan Transitional Constitution among other things.

The very first person as head of the state is responsible to make sure everything runs smoothly, that being said, responsibility is not always on that person in this case, the (president) H.E Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit who exercise his duties under the legal power vested on him as the leader but also, the sharing of national interests and agendas with his high ranking advisors and officials. His responsibilities are but not limited to:
1. To oversee country performance,
2. Build a bridge that would unite every citizen in the country
3. Keep an open eye for any external threats and be prepared to act swiftly as the head,
4. Make reform when needed, and
5. Consult with your high ranking officials from every department when necessary among other possible duties. These critical steps and stages were absent from day one since attainment of independence not saying everything is achieved straight away but at least show a sign that you are on the right path.

To wrap it up, I as a concern citizen of South Sudan is pained to see what my country endure, what every innocent child, mum, dad old and young went through from the recent crisis that shocked the world as every eyes is upon the world new youngest nation to see what will come out of it. We fought for our rights and rights of others from the harsh undemocratic state of Sudan under Sharia Law that South Sudanese could not except and we won and got rewarded for a new country (The Republic of South Sudan). Now, the battle is at home and everyone is fighting everyone because the government is leading the country the way they want it not according to everyone hope and dream. Equality is what everyone after that the current government under Salva Kirr Mayardit failed to provide and resorted to massacring its own people and destabilising the country as a whole. Government duty is to uphold democratic principles which they totally failed as an example the intimidation of media personnel and not authorising people to speak freely. After all, I wish for this conflict will give hope and every leader or futuristic and hopeful leader to see this recent conflict as a sign, a warning that sound the alarm bell for better leadership, fairness, good governance and social living among Southern Sudanese.

Panoum Kor Chagai is a concern South Sudanese born residing in Australia WA – Perth and can be reached via panoumkor@yahoo.com

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