Fighting Continues in Warrap State!


February 18, 2014 [Warrap] — The Deputy Governor of Warrap state says forces loyal to Dr. Riek Machar have attacked two counties of Warrap state.

Yesterday, the Deputy Governor, Aketch Tong Aleu, told Eye Radio that organized forces were on high alert at the boundary with Unity state after being told of an imminent attack by forces loyal to Dr. Machar.

Mr. Aketch told Eye Radio this morning that fighting erupted in Tonj East and Tonj North Counties between government forces at the boundary with forces loyal to Dr. Machar.
“The attack started yesterday in the evening, but until now we did not get any full details because the commissioner is there and forces are also engaged in that fight,” he confirmed.

Mr. Aketch said there has been little communication with authorities in Tonj East and Tonj North Counties because fighting is continuing.

Photo File: Homesteads, locally known as ”tukuls”, burn in the centre of Abyei, 2011 || Credit: Reuters/Stuart Price/United Nations Mission in Sudan/Handout

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Augustino Deng February 18, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Can people of Warrap State Tackle this fight properly to avoid civillian causualities? where is this place burning? is it at the centre of the county?


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