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STEVE PATERNO: Your “Riek Machar Treacherous Journey” Is an Offense to the Victims of South Sudan Salva-Crisis

By Elbow Chuol,


Steve Paterno: "They just found themselves, committing the same crime, hence, they are forced to run and hide together", Paterno's Picture of Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.(Photo: Supplied)
Steve Paterno: “They just found themselves, committing the same crime, hence, they are forced to run and hide together”, Paterno’s Picture of Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.(Photo: Supplied)

August 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Alongside the shoreline of River Nile, hundreds of south Sudanese were derelict. Many indeed threw into the Nile other covered with grasses and further made sure scratch into pieces for nobody will ever ascertain their whereabouts. Upon this communal chore of executing this vulgar human right infringement that consequence to mass butchery of innocent children, helpless women and harmless young people included olds and adults alike. I hypothetical contemplate any person with sense of reasoning thinking critically would feel misfortune and massively condemn in the sturdy tenure this excruciating heartless practice in the history of south Sudan.

Deteriorating to see this fact and tries desperately to censure it unto some people or someone you naturally hate due to your natural hateful spirit can definitely amount you to psychiatrist cronies, the last kind of futile self.

In what I ponder as unfortunate day which I came across a piece of what many would infer to be educative and a mature article from someone groomed himself as a self-patriotic citizen of third world country or wherever he may be from, made me fall short in glory to read it with keen interest. It was pretty waste of time, resource, thinking and destruction of my personal learning system which for the last five years or so consider making good use of things that are benefiting both to environment and social development to my well being as well. It’s healthful to think and express without umpiring.

To be literally sure by the virtues of this piece of article unknowingly found its way to media through undecided channel which I think is parcel to “write without thinking” version is enhancing to be unambiguous and analyze the quandary I found significance noticing.

Steve Paterno your critique published by www.sudantribune.com on 20st this month titled; Riek Machar Treacherous Journey with its subtitle; from plotting a failed coup to ending in foreign land has four main imperative points I really necessitate to discuss here with the likeminded south Sudanese and other well wishers. Steve who claimed anonymously to be a pro-developed world democrat scholar failed to see things in the right context, perhaps he wrote it extremely dreaming. I guess now you may wake up. Here I quoted, “The violence that Machar unleashed, plunged the country into abyss. Worst yet, there is no any viable political ideology behind that personal ego, which caused this carnage”. The problem here is straightforward. How did Machar on your perception of seeing things plunged this realm into abyss? Is it because he has an ambitious to run for the presidency or how did he do it? Could the problem be that because he is from Nuer as you perceived Nuer to have no political ideological right for any of their kind to stand tall in the midst of born to rule avers without development or the intuitive to rule is gluing your system in responding to things in a better perspective?

The avowal above option suggesting that, more than 16, 000 Gelweng privately trained for the period of six months that carried out mass ethnic cleansing under the order of Salva-crisis was stratagem all by Dr. Riek Machar who was on the night of Dec 16 busy running for his dear life to wherever possible he could find a safe sanctuary for himself. Some things indeed sound pretty strange. May be from his stance, killing of innocents south Sudanese wasn’t the reason the war escalated or he is trying to tell us “even if these people are killed nobody should bother responding to this mass atrocities committed by devil himself. After slaying of these innocents souls, their relatives in rural villages retort and took sticks, spears and pangas that they uses for cultivation to defense themselves. Possibly if president can kill countless of these innocents’ civilians there are no poles apart between them and those in the cattle camps. Civilians are the one fighting this war. In his own words he revealed this war as instigated by Riek not his uncle who murdered countless of these defend-less citizens.

In the morning of Dec 16 last year (2013) someone from nowhere was shooting a gun at me an innocent who never appear in TV, radio station or even write an article, never seek a Job in Kiir administration either. But because of I was a Nuer it was necessary to cleansed me once and for all. I doubt he was serious about his writing. Is somebody here symptomatic of those killed their relative should not be responded or what? Is somebody somewhere telling me that, the innocents’ souls sacrificed for political greediness by Kiir is nothing but noise? Shamefully he went further and threw some unrealistic proclamation thinking he was criticizing Riek. “So, to sustain the blood thirst, Machar embarked on “ideology of revenge” as a tool to mobilize his tribal Nuer militia also known as the white army to avenge and kill on his behalf”.

Logically reasoning Steve Paterno was mocking the relatives of those they killed in Juba which I ought to say is a particular way of making this situation more badly than we thought. He is mobilizing thousands of thousands to fight Kiir for war to continue in south Sudan. Between him and Riek I find him more egocentric than Machar due to the fact that the best way to incite an individual to fight for his or her dignity is to mock him or her in that milieu where his or her dignity insulted. I think now I am pretty encouraged to continue the battle for my dignity. How some people affront the dignity of south Sudanese and claims to be a peace lover who blame others of mobilizing people is perhaps unfortunate thinking. Machar who by then before he step a foot in Bor over 50,000 south Sudanese wage war to topple Kiir out of power. How did he collects all these people while he has no phone to calls the families of thousands of thousands of Nuer to fight for him. This is pretty real contradictory.

By blaming Riek conceivably he was trying to overshadow the gross human right violation committed by his uncle Kiir. In 2011 the entire Shulluk Kingdom was burnt down and their King killed alongside countless innocents’ children, women and all. The event didn’t satisfied president but go ahead in 2012 he wage war against Murle tribe killing thousands of them using Spla to fight civilians. Like nothing has happened. In 2013 thousands of Nuer got massacred in the very eye of international community by the same man whose duty for the last 40 years in history of south Sudan has been just killing and betraying the movement which almost finishes south Sudanese.

There is verity on the ground making me believe the outlandish character of the writer. He never follows the right history of south Sudanese. Overnight he woke up and fix on to ruin his reputation which I doubt never exist from the beginning. Any sensitive person with ability to think clearly cannot supervise to utter this colossal unsatisfactory article to readers. I have heard enough of your kind who preaches of being the worse enemy of south Sudanese while the man actually brings you the self-determination kind like you enjoy.

Kiir invented this war and plunged the country into unimaginable war that will never be forgotten in the history of south Sudan. This is an insult to the victims of Salva-crisis. The best way to honor them is to see the man who planned to exterminate their kind out from south Sudan one and for all. It’s a shame both to human voice and reason altogether for some people trying hard to avoid telling the truth in the midst of human injustice.

To remind the readers in future to be careful reading this man inciting articles. He tried to substantiate the calls for federalism by the opposition as something existed before. Yes, federalism was being discussed before the current crisis in fact by our ancestors. Steve in his own very words insulted his aptitude to see things from the right angle when he blazed on Dr. Machar a man he naturally hates most by powering his pen to shoulder everything unto him. Here we go again. “When some quarters within south Sudanese intelligentsia started discussing ‘federalism’ as an alternative to the current ‘centralized’ system of government, Machar quickly jumped in a bandwagon, claiming that, ‘federalism’ is actually the real ideology behind his rebellion.” Lets us be reasonable here. According to the sequence of events in this crisis, I never heard Machar in person claiming that his resistance was because federalism is never accepted. Let me ask you readers, have any of you by chance ever heard opposition talking of this conflict as initiated because the calls for federalism were rejected by dictatorial tendencies of Kiir government?. Wait let me answer it myself, no.

As a person who went to school and history student also having little understanding on how Medias broadcast the situation in south Sudan. I heard opposition suggesting that, federalism indeed could heal south Sudanese and bring them development to their doors which was never and can never be achieved by born to rule avers without development. This country will never be stable by this thinking and war will always be on. Machar in person has been busy touring countries presenting his version of truth that this war was being imposed on south Sudanese. Where on earth Machar or those who believed in federalism ever claimed this is the root cause of their resistance?  Due to this truth, opposition put federalism first to divert the attitude of south Sudanese whose their relatives were killed in Juba that, let’s not reprisal but battle for federalism to avoid such occurrences happening in the near future. This is the people who always put south Sudanese first. Trying to forget their deceased for the sake of this country and lean on to calls for federalism as the only way to keep this anger in check. This resistance movement is fighting for the second liberation of south Sudanese from dictatorship tendencies, interesting in nothing else but looting, killing, corrupting and guess what?, mass cleansing of Nuer tribe.

Let us ashamed the devil. Thinking he conquered Machar by attacking his character, ‘overly ambitious’, he on the way exposed the government he suppose well structured for her policy of cleansing ethnic is the best way to run a country.  So, in real sense the government is not interested in bringing peace to south Sudanese but thinking to use the help of Yoweri’s tactic of kicking Acholi out of northern Uganda for good and now should be tried on Nuer of south Sudan. Perhaps you should read few pages about the history of south Sudan and the Holy Book in Isaiah 18: 1-7. Nuer were the only Nilotic tribe in Africa which was never colonized by European magic.  They fought the great British kingdom killing their governor and commissioners along their wolves dressed in sheep clothes. They helped fought Italy in the battle of Adowa in 1896 resulting in liberation of Ethiopia earning the title of Africa lion, the lion of Judah indeed. My great grandfather carried spears and shovels from central Nuer to western Ethiopia of Gambella early December of 1895 before the war kicked off months later to help fight the mighty presumed king of Europe. If this is the thinking, opposition is far from the horizon to put down their guns. Many of them have been oppressed for a very long time in the country they fought for. Let us be clear here. Government is not interested in peace but war. If you think I am lying here is stated by one of her agent. “First, the government will maintain in theory the Addis Ababa talks for diplomatic cover as well as delaying tactics so as to score military victory as a result”.

No doubt, this is true. Thanks anyway for making us sentient. Considering the little I researched about you, think again Steve and be very careful of what you throw into public. But remember in the end, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fool do so”.  Benjamin Franklin.

Elbow Chuol is reachable through elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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