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Produce Joseph Bakosoro Whether Dead Or Alive

By Dak Buoth,

Western Equatoria State Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro addressing the 29th SPLA anniversary celebrations in Yambio. [Photo: Joseph Nashion/Nyamilepedia]
Western Equatoria State Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro addressing the 29th SPLA anniversary celebrations in Yambio. [Photo: Joseph Nashion/Nyamilepedia]
Feb 01, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On behave of the South Sudanese downtrodden at home and in Exile, we write to inform all the proponents and defenders of Human and Peoples’ Rights that we’re robbed in broad day light of our basic fundamental freedoms and we let you aware that our future is under siege.

The present regime in our country has backtracked and it is now perpetuating what we undoubtedly call an ‘invisible terrorism’; and hence the world cannot deal with this criminal Act selectively but rather collectively.

We call on all democratic stalwarts to come to our aide and help us stop this continuing onslaught against our freedoms. Our political sovereignty is facing assaults from all fronts and we need concerted efforts to have these cabals dethrone.

We urge you to lend us your physical and moral support in our campaign against these indigenous oppressors who are trying to emasculate and smother our inherent civil liberties.

His Emperor Haile Selasie was correct when he told the League of Nations in 1936 while pleading for justice in Africa, he said ‘it is us today, it will be you tomorrow’’

We come out today condemning in strongest terms possible the unlawful and arbitrary arrest of an elected and the only South Sudan legitimate Governor H.E Joseph Bakosoro of western Equatoria state.

He was arrested and detained without trial since last year August 17th 2015 by Salva’s autocratic forces. Neither the nation nor his family knows his where about.

We hereby demand for his immediate release because we believed he is innocent; and if there are claimants, who accused him of any wrongdoing, let him be brought before an impartial and competent judicial institution to answers such accusations.

We call on Salva Kiir and his Government to do everything within their powers to produce Governor Bakosoro (Habeas corpus) whether dead or alive within 48 hours. We believe the President will heed these voices of reason before our patient got faded.

In the first place, we would have directed this call to the South Sudan head of Judiciary which have unlimited original jurisdictions to determine the question whether a right or fundamental freedom in the Bill of rights has been denied, violated and or threatened.

The High Court in South Sudan can take it upon itself to make orders or give directive it consider appropriate to ensure fair administration of justice in this case of Governor Joseph Bakosoro; but we deliberately by passed them because we know the Judiciary is toothless body that operate in the mercy of Executive arm of Government.

Joseph Bakosoro’s continued detention without trial is a grave attack on our hard fought democracy and the rule of law. And we the custodians of that nascent democracy will not stand-by and watch while our senior citizens like him are being humiliated in view to intimidate and convert ordinary citizens into robots and to live in their mercy. We would not allow these run away merchants of impunity to go Scot-free. We must ensure the long arms of the law will get hold of them.

It is crystal clear that Governor Bakosoro is being targeted because of his developmental tract records and because of the respect and confident bestowed on him by the people. He was overwhelmingly elected in 2010 poll where he vied as an independent contestant thrashing then ruling party candidate in Western Equatoria State. Governor Bakosoro is peoples’ watchman and therefore any attack on him is attack on the people.

The Transitional Constitution of South Sudan is very eloquent particularly on how the legal Rights and Freedoms of an individual including an accused person should be respected and safeguard.

Article (19) subsection 4 decreed as follows: A person arrested by the police as part of an investigation, may be held in detention, for period not exceeding 24 hours and if not release on bond to be produced in court. It is only the court that has authority to either remand the accused in prison or to release him or her on bail.

Unless one is living in planet Mars he know, that the SPLM government is trying to replicate all sort of Hitler’s Nazi tactics to further their dictatorial objectives by taking temporal advantage of our people’s illiteracy.

At first, they went for Whistle blowers, opinion leaders, writers and Journalists like Isaiah Abraham and recently they shot dead Eye radio’s reporter Mr. Moi. Still people said these guys were victims of their recklessness and disrespectful to government.

On 15th December 2013, they came for Nuer ethnic group and killed 20,000 plus en mass and forcefully displaced 2.5 million of them and converted their homes into militias Barracks. Right now there is no single Nuer child going to school in the all of South Sudan. Some novice fellows whose naivety is beyond believe still argue saying; the Nuer are just very rogue; and we wonder how could the all society be that naughty at the same time?

Now they are systematically weeding out innocent Equatorians citizenry who are peacefully expressing their despondency. A few are still saying these Equatorians have inclined the Nuer habit of insurgency and or that they are being lured into armed rebellion which is eating the breadth and length of our country like wild fire.

They dismissed any elected leader such as Joseph Bakosoro whom they view as having the backing of the people and replaced them with bootlickers and sycophants.

Notwithstanding; we have a revolutionary history of fighting all kind of dictatorships; our forefathers battled unwaveringly against all Arabs monolithic rules until we achieved our independent on 9th July 2011 and thus this latest SPLM regime is not the one we can be worried much about. It is just a matter of time before we oust them and usher in the new dawn in our country.

The author, Dak Buoth, is the Chairman of Congress of South Sudanese Patriots in Kenya. He can be reached at eligodakb@yahoo.com

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GatNor February 1, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Yesterday the same governor was watching many wrongs done to others by a government he was representing as mention in this article yet the same governor had buried his head all with many equatorians falsely believing that it was a Nuer problem or that it was an individual problem between citizens and the evil government of South Sudan. How this writer had the nerve to quote Salasie in relation to this case is nothing more than drawing attention to one case. On behave of a man who not long ago could have been told to read this quote and look the look around him to see who will be next in line as the victim. It would have never occurred to him that he will be the next victim because he the was an important tool of the same government committing crimes against humanity in front of him without taking side of the oppressed.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 2:20 pm


you better study who Bakasoro is before opening you mouth full of underrating words against him. Those who supported or mcommitted crime in this governement are those who you call good people and are rewarded by your government. Those who are against committing crime are the ones you and jenge rule hate most (this is in case you are a jenge (dinka). And if you are a Nuer, remember that Bakasoro hate tribalism, nepotism, land grabbing, massacre, corruption and rapping. This is why he is arrested. Do not complicate matters. The people of Greater Equatoria did their best by hiding some innocent Nuer in their houses in Juba during the dirty carried by your neighbors who are the jenge. Remember Bakasoro won elections as an indepndant candidate. He is always an innocent person. Get me right now, what goes around always comes around. Imprisoning or killing Bakasoro can not stop people of Greater Equatoria from calling for reforms. It is too late to silent the 63 tribes of this nation. I tell you things will never be the same. Changes are around the corner. Locking in politicians is not the solution.

GatNor February 1, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Jin dual-dual Nyam-nyan, Dingit Na Coward. Hear me clearly I have no sympathy for any government tools or dogs whose master has turn wild and deadly against them. Such is the case of this man Bakosorrow.

On the other hand my main concern is not personal nor tribal but general as per case bases. He B.sorrow represents the very government to date and look what is happening to him that have already happened to many including many from his own constuetiency. Oh he is special? You can tell me he as a leading son off Equatorial has not directly and or indirectly contributed to the atrocities done to the people of Equatorial as a whole by not cutting ties with such an oppressive regime. The problem here is that a lot of you idiots have not predicted or foreseen this tribal government turning on its own agents. You like many in the Nuer group of sub clans have help nursed this tribalistic animal (Jaang’s Tribal Government) become strong to what it is today in one way or the other. So please stop crying and deal with your own making. It was Nuer yesterday and today its Equatorians day with chemical weapons, and the next is the chilluks and Murle.. Are you the suppressed tribe too stupid to unite your forces and tell the Jaang to go to hell? Oh I forgot your cowards. Remember this, No guts no glory.. Ask one of the JCE member as that phrase. He will tell you yes its true that as a matter of fact would tell you that he own a plot of land in Equatorial because he believes in the phrase. In pagaak you pay to own a land. That’s the difference. Go screw yourself.

Kiirendeazele February 2, 2016 at 7:19 am

Gatnor, I am an Equatorian and I must without denial agree with you and you are right. How can a killer enemy of the people kill a group of women and children and the rest of us turn a blind eye and say, oh it is between the Victims and the Killer? Is that not what the rest of us did and the Equatorian in particular, when our fellow Citizens were slaughtered helplessly like chicken in the nations Capital that is now defiled?

I saw somewhere else some one said and I agree that this mindset was implanted in south Sudanese even before the Nuer Killings in Juba, You all can recall the Madi were being roughed left and right by both Kiir and his agents the likes of JJ but everyone kept quiet including the Nuer saying such is the responsibility of the Madi to defend themselves. Many actually call the Madi cowards, despite of the proven history of the Madi people, for not taking up arms. So when December 2013 massacre happened the same shameful mindset continued and it was the classic divide and rule. We let our Nuer Citizens face the state weight along with international mercenaries all by themselves. Guess what this mindset is still continuing in Fajulu, Azende,Muro and Azende land.

So Gatnor , truth be told and yours is a bitter truth and we must all swallow it if we like it or not. If we shall one day and hope not too late come together as one people to get rid of Kiir. There are Patriotic Dinkas who realize the need to get rid of Kiir, but although he is illiterate,he is crafty, surrounded by the Devil Council of elders.

GatNor February 2, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Like you said “truth be told”

Thank You

GatNor February 2, 2016 at 2:50 pm


On a second thought the few of you Jaang on the side of Oppositions are patriots and a whole Heep of them are sabatuers waiting to see Nuers leadership stumbled. We are at war declared upon the rest of South Sudanese tribes by you Jaang. At this point forward there is no need to patronized me in hopes to sooth and or convince me that peace, unity is possible to normalcy. No, South Sudan of course will never be the same. How one translate that depends on one’s understanding of the severity of the state of affairs. Having said that, I am with those that are convinced that Jaang have declared war and other tribes specially the Nuer just need a different leader who is ready for the task of waging war against Jaang. That leader will be my leader of choice sadly its not Machar or else White Army members would be dancing in the western South Sudan man-hunting coward kiir.

GatNor February 2, 2016 at 2:27 pm

Whatever my coward Nyam-Nyam brother, I didn’t mean to burst your your bubble. Yes, you can have your Bakosorrow, dead or alive & yet still valueless. Two places in the world I have no interest in nor would I go out of my way to go there are that of a known land of coward Equatorian and Bar El Gashit the land of natural born looters(Jasng) I would give up my citizenship if forced to have to live there. Meaning I want nothing to do with you. I would easily support any calls for territorial occupation should the three old Southern Sudan region becomes countries somedays

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 3:52 pm


DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 2, 2016 at 4:29 am


it is you to fuck yourself. We never asked for your help. If there is any help from you, you could have not let your mother slaughtered in Juba, Your wife raped in Leer, Your uncle lost his both legs in Bentiu. Get my clearly, We never celebrated the massacre in Juba. Former GREATER EQUATORIA GOVERNORS Clement Wani Konga and Bakasoro stands by the innocent stand by the Family who lost their loved ones. If you talk ill of Governor Lobong of Eestern Equatoria, I can stand and support you to the end. But talking ill of Bakasoro or Clement Wani is not accepted.

We People of Greater Equatoria do not support Our leaders blindly. Like the case of James Wani IGGA, he is gets his blame from any Citizen of greater Equatoria. We are not Nuer or dinka who support their leaders blindly.

gatpöt, no any South Sudanese can take you urguement for real because they know who is Bakasoro. You are just an angry wounded cow like kiir, malong, benjamin marial, wani igga etc. To us Bakasoro and Clement Wani are People who have both heart and tongue.

gatpöt, I tell you am not crying and if I do it is bcause I love this country and the Nuer killed in Juba are like my own people. We know the dreams of People like you. You thought you will turn to us when you come to power. Do not try because we will add more scars on your head additional to the ones your father gave you. There is nothing common we share with you than the second liberation of this country from the dinka just like the first liberation of this country from the Jalaba. Instead you have common behavious like your uncle malong or kual. What are you trying to tell us? You idiot gatpöt lujutet lo ‘deken.

Gat.darwich February 2, 2016 at 5:56 pm


Very commendable call bro!,

The highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir, the Jenges warlord, Nyanlong Awandit, and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges Council of Evils, must promptly release Gen. Bokasoro unharmed or legally charged him with crime(if at all any) period


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