SPLM/SPLA Nebraska Condemns the killing of unarmed civilians in Mapel

One of the ex-combatant (right) hands over a gun to an SPLA member (Left) as the SSDDRC officials witness [©Gurtong]
One of the ex-combatant (right) hands over a gun to an SPLA member (Left) as the SSDDRC officials witness [©Gurtong]
April 28, 2014(Nebraska, USA) — SPLM Nebraska, an SPLM chapter that declared their loyalty to Machar, has strongly condemned the killing of unarmed civilians in Mapel and Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal state. SPLM Nebraska believes that the newly appointed chief of staff has ordered the incident.

“New Army General Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan ordered government troops to kill unarmed Nuer trainees at Mapel Military Camp in Mapel, Western Barh El Ghazel.” reads report.

The source believes that over 200 unarmed trainees were targeted for their ethnicity. The report has strongly condemned the killing of families of these victims.

The chapter calls on the human rights groups and United nation to take any necessary action to rescue these vulnerable civilians. Sources confirmed that those trainees who escaped the indiscriminate shooting in Mapel ran in different into the bush, however, it is yet to be verified if the unarmed civilians have been rescued by those who broke ranks with loyal forces in wau, following the incident in Mapel.

The report, below, accuses the government for targeting specific tribes, especially the Nuer tribe.

Begin the report …

Nebraska statement No. 2

South Sudan New Army General Chief of staff Paul Malong Awan and president Salva Kiir Mayardit ordered the killings of 220 unarmed trainees’ who mostly Nuer tribe in Military Training Centre at Mapel, Western Bahr El Ghazel, South Sudan in April 25, 2014.

April 27, 2014. The office SPLM/SPLA Nebraska Chapter is strongly condemns the unjustified killings of unarmed trainees mostly Nuer tribe and others are being hunt down in the bush where they went for hiding. These horrific killings of particularly tribe who are evenly still sighting with the government signified that Salva Kiir Mayardit himself has a president of South Sudan is exercising the tribal war in South Sudan.

The families of those trainees who were gunned down at the military training center were resided in Wau town. Other students from Nuer tribe studied at Bahr El Ghazel University after they heard their love ones were murdered by government troops wanted to enter to UNMISS compound for their safety, but were denied access by the local authorities in Wau, South Sudan.

The office of SPLM/SPLA Nebraska Chapter/USA like to inform Human Right Activities, UN personnel, and International Red Cross to quickly take an action to rescue those vulnerable Nuer civilians who are resided in Wau, and other cities in Greater Barh El Ghazal Region and take them to their birth towns where their lives would be less danger. The Government of South Sudan has become a tribal government and security is out of control people who are resided outside of their birth places their lives are in risk at anywhere in the country especially Nuer tribe.

Keak Lam Kierkok

Head of Communication of SPLM/SPLA Nebraska Chapter/USA

Can be reaches at keakkierkok@gmail.com

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Lieng Jang April 30, 2014 at 10:11 pm

the incident of killing 800 Nuer recruits Mapel was a clear genocide beyond reasonable doubt.again there is a clever game those who came from prison are trying to play that game will politically finish them in south South Sudan politic. they thought the interim leader will be from them this is the card they are using and if that is their plan then they are playing then they will not achieve it it. non will be be given it will be given to someone like Alfred Ladu Gore.they are opportunist using Nuer blood to fight for the change for their benefits.


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