Kiir Moves to Kick Out UN For “Hiding Rebels”

The newest member state of the United Nations, South Sudan wants to sideline the world body over their “activities” during the ongoing war in the troubled nation.

Written by Honeywell Dickens Okello

kiir_pixs-2-63910Salva Kiir Mayardiit.

January 20, 2014[JUBA] — According to sources in the government, President Salvatore Kiir in consultation with a neighbouring head of state, wants an overhaul in whole activities of UN and its auxiliary United Nation’s Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and a fresh review due to various accusations of directly or indirectly supporting the rebels led by former vice president, Riek Machar.

“A fresh review of their (UN) activities and starting from zero is inevitable now and the government is looking forward. We are independent nation,” a government source told us.

Addressing the nation today in Juba, Kiir confirmed the above when he described UNMISS as a “parallel government” operating alongside the World’s youngest nation now devastated by “a tribal conflict and political immaturity”.

“I did not know that when the UNMISS was brought, that it was brought as a parallel government,” Kiir said in his Monday address.

The Information minister, Michael Makuei, has asked for a written apology from UNMISS over his manhandling at the body’s compound in the Jonglei capital of Bor and being denied entry, the accusations he made on Sunday. On Sunday, also the UN issued a statement condemning the forceful attempt by the government forces with guns into their compounds where they are keeping thousands of refugees seeking shelter from the war.

ban-ki-moon_stressed“The Secretary-General is particularly disturbed that United Nations staff were threatened by South Sudan military when they refused to allow armed soldiers to accompany civilians to visit the UNMISS protection site today. The Secretary-General condemns the threats made against UN personnel and demands that all parties to the conflict respect the sanctity of UNMISS protection sites,” part of the statement reads.

The government has on many occasions accused UNMISS of accepting rebels with their guns at their compound which are later used against the government, a charge which the body rejects.

A short statement from UNMISS says they are aiding the rebels and some of their labelled vehicles used by the rebels were forcefully hijacked from them. Hilde Johnson, head of UNMISS   The government of South Sudan also wants to take action against the UN special representative in the country and head of UNMISS, Hilde Johnson.


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