SPLA battle Machar forces in Malakal area

johnson_uliny_the_rebel_leader_talking_with_journalists_upon_arrival_at_juba_international_airport_13_6_2013_bonifacio_taban_1_Former rebel leader, Johnson Uliny, one of the generals who sustained wounds fighting alongside government troops when the town was retaken by anti-government forces one month ago.(photo Bonifacio Taban)

March 17, 2014 (Nyamilepedia)-– South Sudan’s army battled opposition forces loyal to Riek Machar in the area of Malakal, capital of Upper Nile State on Sunday.

The city has not seen major fighting since it was captured by Machar loyalists a month ago. It is not clear whether the latest clashes were significant or only skirmishes.

Last month the SPLA forces in Malakal were pushed across the river and to the north. Many of the government troops still remaining in the state are defending the oil fields around Paloich.

Commissioner of Fashoda County Morris Adiang said, “Yesterday the security personnel told me that there was a battle between SPLA and the rebels who are inside Malakal.”

The battle did not last long, he told Radio Tamazuj, claiming that the opposition fighters were pushed to the southern side of the city while SPLA forces are on the northern side around the airport area.

“Our army soon insh’allah today or tomorrow will push those people out from the city,” he explained.

Fashoda County secure

The commissioner said the security situation is good in Fashoda County, where many people have arrived from Panyikang and Makal areas. Most of them are staying in the areas of Lul, Ajak, Kodok.

“They don’t have food, shelter, mosquito nets, and they’re medicine. In the last few days there were a lot of illnesses including diarrhea, stomach infections, and so on,” he said.

But there are now some skilled health workers in the county including doctors who fled from Malakal, he noted.

Adiang reported also that relief officials in Juba were afraid to send aid to Fashoda County because of fears of insecurity. He affirmed, “The security here is fine and our airstrips are fine.”

Radio Tamazuj

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