Political and Military insidious of President Kirr

By Chuol C. Puoch,


president Salva Kiir(Photo: via RTE)
president Salva Kiir(Photo: via RTE)

June 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Wholeheartedly, I appreciated The Almighty father for giving as this nation after so many beloved comrades sacrificed themselves for it. In this article, I would like to briefly and bravely outline the grave misconduct of Gen. Kirr Mayardit as the president of South Sudan throughout his leadership. I am aware that we judges mistakes and problems in different perspectives. However, the below stipulated points are solely my own observation and understanding and doesn’t represent any group, person or institution. Be aware that Salva Kirr has made numerous disgusting political, diplomatic, social and leadership mistakes which, sincerely, cannot comprehensively be summed up in one article by one person, and I mean it. Here we go!

Diplomatic and international trance of South Sudan under President Kirr

You must have known the status of South Sudan in the eyes of international community through reports, international rating of Countries and so on which shows South Sudan among the failed states in the world. It is the four most failed states. Well not to move far from here, you may ask how did this happen? How would it be true though it happen? What is its effect on South Sudanese? Then, what can we do?

As I stated above, I am not representing any group, person or institution, my observation and analysis are impartial and, indeed, true and realistic base on experience as a common citizen of South Sudan. The process of rating a Country as a failed state is done through its economic growth, political and social stability, international contribution and support, physical developmental progress and above all, leadership strength and transparency, none of the above mentioned happens in South Sudan. This is something we cannot deny whether we are loyal to President or any other party in South Sudan. We are living hand-to-mouth in our resourceful Country with absent of road networks; no clean drinking water, no basic health and educational facilities leave alone talking about electricity, and other things like security, freedom, human right practice, capacity building of youths, transparency in leadership and the list goes on. These are the contributors to failure of a State.

The effects of the entire above mentioned are severely encountered so far by almost all the South Sudanese citizen with partly exception of their (corrupt leaders) families whom they send abroad. Talking about the above mentioned in this Country has victimized most of our beloved brothers/sisters of this Country. Topping the list is Late Diing Chan Awuol (Isaiah Abraham) who was murdered in 2012 in Juba. In the other hand, it affects the greater population of the Country and indeed many victims and survivors are already numbering more than a million. In this situation, It should rightly be noted that, failure of a Country victimize both the vocal members and the entire population in one way or another.  Still in the point, the families and relatives of those corrupt leaders who are residing outside the Country are not proudly living with no pinching from their hosts. Bullying and embarrassment is their daily bread from those Countries. That is an abomination!

What can we do? Simple answer is that; let’s change the leadership of our Country. In short, let’s remove General Kirr from leadership and we transform and recover our Country from fragmentation and insidious. Or else, he will freak and insolently damage us and our Country permanently.

Melancholia in my days under Salva Kirr as my president

First and foremost, remember that Salva Kirr has introduced a new leadership maintenance trick “Making self-coup” and it would be very unfortunate if any other African country attempt to adapt that trick. The best outcome of struggle for independence is only when you achieve your goals and objectives of having your Country; however, once the objective and goal is accomplished, the military commander turns to political [commanders] and they do best in ruling rather than leading a Country. That is exactly the scenario in South Sudan. He (Kirr) is leading the Country through military tactics and tricks rather than policies and political aspiration.

To avoid too much reading as it is also boring and abominating discussing the insidiousness of Gen. Kirr, I would prefer taking a quick look at his political and military performances from late 2013 – 2014 just days before the very unfortunate massacre of Nuer innocent civilians in Juba by his DOT-KU-BENY gangs on 15 – 20th of December 2013.

After the suspension of the current chameleon pagan call Pagan Amum and the dismissal of the current SPLM/A in opposition (rebel) leader Riek Machar simultaneously in late 2013 by President Kirr, a political instability and hostilities tilted in Juba. Kirr insuperably wanted to get rid of Pagan Amum and Riek Machar. However, the move was applauded and favored by few individuals opportunists around Kirr’s Tukul in Juba and in state lebel but, was seen as an insidious and blunt move by the entire citizen of the Republic of South Sudan. President Kirr planed his move for more than one year; he brought in his home state youths and placed them under military training near Juba purposely for the execution of his move (Killing of Riek Machar and Pagan Amum).

On December 6th 2013, Dr. Riek Machar, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Pagan Amum and the rest of the top SPLM members came out ardently and made a press conference to clarify their stand in the SPLM affairs and their motive to change the leadership and democratization of SPLM party. It now seems to be a forlorn but we are still confidents anyhow.

From that press conference, a grave and hot stichomythia among the loyal members of both group started. Then, Salva and his group sat to select a day for their self-coup and they finally agreed on December 15 as it’s easy to pronounce rhetorically. Then they made their self coup and ended up for Nuer cleansing in Juba after Machar escaped. From there a curfew was declared to keep citizen in their homes from running to safety areas like UNMISS, then from there, MASSACRE! Unwanted killings and ethnic targeting went on in the other parts of the Country after the news of Juba incident. That was and still a sorrowful period in my life as human being. Indeed, it’s a very historical melancholia! We may forgive Salva Kirr but God will never forgive him.

Now our Country is not only failed but also in severe mayhem and has seriously fragmented itself and it will take us some more good years to restore the little we did since 2005. Why don’t we just say “Kirr step down”? It’s really disgusting seeing people advocating for chaos tribally.

Social and tribal frustration during the leadership of Gen. Kirr

Let’s first of all understand that we do have some social and tribal explanation of whom we are and who we think and pretend to be. Well whether we are born to rule as Dinka says or we are the bravest tribe in the world and no one would defeat us as Nuer says, all of them are humbugs and fragmenting.

We do have tribal differences, social inequalities and disrespect. And above all, we do have insuperable tribal believes created both by intellectuals and the local leaders. Kirr has shamefully failed to acts like a leader. Melodic! The only solution to solve all these difference and rescue our country from trance is regime change. We would only get out of this melancholia once the current regime is removed and we, as South Sudanese, decide and pray to have a good leader. Well, you may tend to think contrarily to my point, what I mean is only the “regime change” and not the replacement. I don’t care who take over the leadership of the Country but at least, I care about how it is going to be handle by that person. Good lucks!

In conclusion; I wish the SPLM-IO a success in achieving democracy in South Sudan, I hope they are not chameleons? We want the word “dictatorship” out of South Sudan English forever! The newly SPLM humbuggers, also known as G12 should immediately decide their fate. One of the suggestions given to Pagan Amum by John Adoor Deng, which really would be very terrific for him, is to join the civil society and have his voice heard there. Or else, Mr. Wrench would be considered as “MAROOM” (deceased). I would also advice the SPLM-IO to talk to their ground comrades to shut their mouse. One or two spoke persons are enough. You are still in the odyssey and some of your warlords are humbugging insolently on tribal line.

Chuol C. Puoch is an upcoming political figure; believeing in social justice, political transformation and rule of law. He is reachable via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com

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