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Pagan Amum: Killing of Nuer Should Not Be Used As The Mean To Fight?

By Puot Jock,
Revised Version.
Pagan Amum, the former political detainee(Photo: via still Sudan)
Pagan Amum, the former political detainee(Photo: via still Sudan)
May 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The current war in south Sudan costs a lot of lives and great destruction throughout the main land of greater Upper Nile. This suffering and destruction is caused by lack of leadership from SalvaKirr, backed by his kinship with tribal mentality to kill Nuer in thousands, cutting the heads of people, burn the dead, and order the Nuer kinsmen and women to feed on the dead bodies of their people. Even Khartoum government that fought south Sudanese for a long time never did that to the Nuer people.
As we know the SalvaKiir war that broke out in December 2013 targeted the Nuer people because of the following reason :

  1.  He wanted to humiliate Nuer in south Sudan to restore the plan of the Dinka Elders that needs the Dinka to rule south Sudan for ever.
  2. .Nuer are the strongest and most skillful fighters to resist Salva Kiir dictatorships in south Sudan. They liberated South Sudan from the Arabs without any help from Ugandan UPDF.
  3. Nuer would never say yes to Dictators like others tribes in south Sudan; that is why Dinka Elders led by Salva Kiir says for the Dinka Kingdom to exist lets us all kill and humiliate Nuer in South Sudan and chase them to Ethiopia and Sudan.

These plans of Salva Kiir failed because Nuer is a nation, created by God to live and rule in their lands like others nations of south Sudan. Others tribes and all people of south Sudan have admitted that the Nuer ethnic group were massacred in a genocide by murderer Salva Kiir.  Even Pagan Amum after he arrived in Addis Ababa, he has admitted that the Nuer were killed in a genocide.

But we question Pagan’s statement that Killing of Nuer people should not be uses as an excuse to fight, shamelessly claiming that this is a senseless war, a cruel war that is threatening South Sudan to collapse into chaos and disorder, or basically into a failed state.

Pagan must know that this is not a senseless war. The Nuer community will never be silence while the blood of their brothers, sister, fathers and mothers bless people like Pagan Amum’s greed for power. Pagan will never rule this country.  To claim that Nuer should not fight murderer Salva Kiir that kill ours people is a betrayal of freedom fighters who liberate Pagan Amum from death sentence.  We will counts such people under the genocidal regime of Salva Kiir because we will not betrays our people if others nations in South Sudan will betray their people.

Nuer and others freedom fighters fight to liberate South Sudan from Killers, brutal genocidal government of Salva Kiir. The freedom fighters are committed  to bring democratic change that will ensures freedom, equality, peace, and prosperity for every south Sudanese. The freedom fighters are not fighting in orders to revenge the merciless killing of their beloved ones by a man they trusted to lead them but to restore the promise made to our people during over 50 years liberation struggle.

The SPLM-in oppostion and freedom fighters fight for freedom and equality for every south Sudanese that will be implemented through Holding Together Federalism as a mean to solve the differences in the country. This system will ensure the right of every national in this country because that is what it means to have self-determination. This system will respect the rule of people and the unity of our country.

Tyrants Must Go

May God BLESS south Sudan

Sincerely; Puot Jock Guek, Freedom Fighters Activist. puot.jock@gmail.com.

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Tuach Lew Thot May 25, 2014 at 11:08 pm

Nuers fight because they were killed intentionally by Government in Juba, no body use it as mean to fight

Mark Mmading January 3, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Puot or whatever you called yourself, lying will never add anything to who you are. Where did Nuer liberate South Sudan from Khartoum? Isn’t it the same Khartoum you Nuer have gone to? Call spade a spade than mixing reallities with truth. The fact is, there was killing of Nuer civilians in Juba, but to the extent of 20, 000 as you people can exaggerate and not the extent either of cutting off their heads and forced other Nuers to eat them. What would you benefit in lying Puot? Am not even a fan or supporting the so call Kiir’s goverment because the government is the cause of all messes in South Sudan. Tell the truth and it will set you free. Now look, you need not generalized all Dinka if you really have sense. If you go to Rumbek, there are 15،000 Nuer IDPs living there. All communities of Lakes state refused to be recruited to fight Nuer simply for the reasons known to them. How can you stupidly said Dinka Kingdom when in fact other Dinkas are being targeted by the goverment? If you Nuer are fighting just of Dinka than regime change, then you will never win that war.

tangal Kun Goar January 5, 2015 at 12:11 am

killing of nuer by Dinkas government of will be retailated even if the change has come

Nhial Puok Gai January 23, 2015 at 12:32 am

As per your statement Mark, i know not all dinka maybe planned that killing of nuer in Juba. I appeal to every mindful person whether Nuer or dinka to the fact that salva’s govt and his people will never bring peace to s. sudan. i call on every youth of s. sudan to boldly fight for the injustice brought into our country by fucken illiterate Kiir



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